Best Builds for Forbidden Forest Team Exploration



Hello everyone. As most of you already know, the Forbidden Forest Explorations are the main way of obtaining Echoes and potion ingredients. Because of that, being able to clear the highest possible levels of these explorations is important since that will net you the best rewards.

In this guide, we will go over some of the best builds for exploring the Forbidden Forest. While these aren’t the only builds that are viable, they work exceptionally well, which should increase your odds of successfully clearing the explorations.

Time-Turner Build

This build focuses on enhancing your basic attacks to do as much damage as possible. The Echo used here is Severus Snape, and the key cards are: Time-Turner, Priori Incantanto, Swelling Solution, and Episkey.

The goal of this build is to create as many Time-Turner copies as possible and to boost your basic attacks with spells and enhancements.

Whenever you can, select all of the enhancements that boost Time-Turner and Episkey. Time-Turner enhancements will reduce its MP cost and grant you bonus attack speed whenever a Time-Turner is used or when one of your copies exits the field. It will also cause the copies’ attacks to hit multiple enemies, which can help when dealing with multiple enemies.

Episkey enhancements will allow you to cast the spell without channeling it. The spell will also last longer and heal for more while providing linked targets with bonus attack speed and damage. Lastly, it will link to one additional target, and if you use it on yourself, it will link to all of your Time-Turner copies, which will significantly increase their damage.

When it comes to passive enhancements, the best one you can get is the Double Hits. The ones that are also useful are the Attack Speed increase and Overflowing Power.

team explorations enhancements double hits

Other useful enhancements you can pick are Inflatus, Stupefy, and Sectumsempra. Inflatus and Stupefy will significantly increase the control potential of those spells, as well as their damage, and Sectumsempra enhancements will synergize well with your basic attacks.

While playing this build, you want to summon your Time-Turner copies very close to yourself. That way, you can easily buff them with Swelling Solution, and it will be much easier to avoid enemies.

Be mindful to always use Priori Incantanto to copy the Time-Turner in order to maximize your damage.

Support Build

This build specializes in supporting the team and controlling the opponents. The Echo used for this deck is Hermione Granger, and the key cards are: Episkey, Stupefy, Inflatus, Confringo, Swelling Solution, Ventus, and Priori Incantanto.

Whenever you can, upgrade Episkey, Stupefy, and Inflatus. When upgraded, Episkey will not only heal your teammates but will also grant them increased attack damage and attack speed.

Both Stupefy and Inflatus provide massive control against enemies and are crucial for preventing them from reaching your teammates. Upgrading Confringo is also not a bad option since it can help your team with some AoE damage.

You can also use Ventus to prevent enemies from reaching your team. Lastly, use the Swelling Solution to boost your teammates’ attack speed. It synergizes extremely well with enhanced Episkey.

Passive abilities that are good for this build are: Wandering Niffler, Niffler Attack, and Magic Overflow. Additional Nifflers will grant you more MP to use, and Magic Overflow will duplicate your control spells when you cast them at full MP.

team explorations enhancements wandering niffler

By using this build, you won’t be doing as much damage as the others, but you will immensely help your team by controlling the field and preventing enemies from doing damage to your teammates.

Spell Damage Build

This build focuses on doing as much damage as possible with spells. The Echo used for this build is Hermione Granger. The key cards are: Cruico, Thunderstorm, Confringo, Expulso, and Priori Incantanto.

The key cards to upgrade are Crucio, Thunderstorm, and Confringo. Enhancing Crucio will significantly increase your single target damage. Confringo enhancements will grant you a lot of AoE damage potential. Thunderstorm enhancements are decent for nearly all situations.

Passive enhancements that are good for this build are: Mobile Caster, CQC Expert, and Sharp Shooter. Mobile Caster will increase the damage of your next spell after using a movement card, which works well during explorations. CQC Expert and Sharp Shooter will both increase your damage based on the distance between you and the opponent.

team explorations enhancements cqc expert

The way to play this build is fairly simple. Use Crucio to deal high single-target damage, and use Confringo to clear large groups of enemies. You can use Thunderstorm to further increase your damage.


There are many different builds one can use for Forbidden Forest Team Explorations. Hopefully, the builds presented in this guide will help you have an easier time there.

Thank you for reading and see you soon with more guides for Harry Potter Magic Awakened.