Best Cards to Trade for



Hello everyone. Here is a guide on the best cards to trade for. As long as you are in a Social Club, you will be able to trade cards with your clubmates. By collecting Trade Tokens, you will be able to trade some of the duplicates of your cards for other club members’ duplicate cards.

You can use this to your advantage and trade away cards you aren’t using much for some of the more useful cards.

Card Trading

Once you join the Social Club, you can enter the club room from where you can access the Card Trade interface. Alternatively, you can access this interface from the social UI as well.

card trade

Once you open the Card Trade, you will be able to select the card you are looking for. After that, you can pick up to six different cards you are willing to trade for it. These cards need to be of the same rarity as the card you are looking for. Bear in mind that whoever wants to initiate the trade can only pick one of the six cards you offered, so it is generally a good idea to put as many cards as you can here.

In order to list your trade, you will need a Trade Token of the same rarity as the card you are trading for. Thankfully, if no one trades for any of the cards you offered, they will be returned to you once the trade offer expires, and any tokens you used will be returned to you.

Best Cards to Trade for

In this section, we will go over some of the best cards you should be trading for. We will mainly go over Legendary and Epic cards since these are the ones that are key in many builds.

Legendary Cards


Thunderstorm should be your top pick for trading, especially if you are playing Hermione Granger or Bellatrix Lestrange decks. This is one of the most powerful spells in the game, and you should use every opportunity you can to trade for this card.

hermione granger

Hermione Granger Companion Card should also be your top priority for trading. This card is used in many decks and perfectly synergizes with Thunderstorm, so you should be trading for it if you plan to build Hermione Granger deck.

baby antipodean opaleye

Antipodean Opaleye is an extremely powerful summon card, especially if played in Hagrid decks. Given that Hagrid decks mostly revolve around one powerful summon card, you should aim to trade for this card at any opportunity if Hagrid is your main deck.

piertotum locomotor

Piertotum Locomotor is another powerful summon that fits well into Hagrid decks. Unfortunately, it is much easier to counter than Antipodean Opaleye, but it works remarkably well against certain decks, so if you enjoy playing these stone soldiers, it is much easier to trade for them than for the Antipodean Opaleye.

Epic Cards

boomtastic bomb box

Bombtastic Bomb Box is one of the most powerful summon cards in the game. On its own, it doesn’t do much, but if placed strategically whenever you have a lot of units on the field, it can do tons of damage to your opponent and their summons. This card is essential for any summon deck, so if you are playing one of those, you should use every opportunity to trade for it.


Confringo is one of the most powerful area-of-effect damage spells, and it works remarkably well against summon-heavy decks. Because of that, it is recommended to trade for this card as much as possible, because it fits well into most decks.


Incendio is another great card for doing solid area-of-effect as well as single-target damage. It can quickly eliminate cards like Bombtastic Bomb Box or Lotte Turner (which are quite dangerous if left unchecked). It can also work with most decks, so trading for it is always a good option.

cassandra vole

Cassandra Vole is one of the best Companion Cards for countering enemy summons. If you place her correctly, your opponent will have to invest a lot of MP to eliminate her and allow their summons to reach you. She fits well into most decks, and trading for her is highly recommended.

frey twins

Frey Twins are great for putting extra pressure on your opponent. They work well with most summon decks, and they can even be used with some spell decks. This makes them exceptionally useful, and you should trade for them if you are planning to use them in your deck.


Grawp is another Companion Card that can be used to put a lot of pressure on your opponent. Because of his high HP, your enemy will need to invest a lot of MP to eliminate him. Because of that, he is another great companion to trade for.

time turner

Time-Turner is a must-have card for any Snape deck. While it isn’t as useful in the Dueling Club, it is one of the best cards for Forbidden Forest Team Explorations, and trading for it is highly recommended if you like to play Snape.


Sectumsempra is a powerful spell that works great against certain decks. It can almost instantly eliminate Fwoopers (which are used to counter summons), and it is great against Bombtastic Bomb Box too. Because of that, trading for it is generally a good idea.

stack of monster book of monsters

Stack of Monster Book of Monsters is a summon card that is used in almost every Bellatrix Lestrange decks. If you are playing one such deck, you should trade for this card and level it up as often as possible.


There are many different cards in the game, and some of them are more useful than the others. Because of that, it is important to be wise about your card trades in order to level up the cards you are using the most.

Hopefully, you found this guide helpful. Thank you for reading and see you soon with more guides for Harry Potter Magic Awakened.