Best Decks for Rank Climbing



Hello everyone. In this guide, we will go over some of the best decks for rank climbing in the Dueling Club. This generally applies to new players who want to take part in the Dueling Club.

Rank Climbing Decks

While climbing ranks, it is extremely important to have a deck that is quick and relatively simple gameplay-wise. Your goal is to play as many duels as possible while having a good win rate.

Here are some decks that are pretty decent for rank climbing.

Newt Scamander Deck

Echo: Newt Scamander

Cards: Niffler, Centaur, Bombtastic Bomb, Ashwinder, Cornish Pixies, Matagot, Monster Book of Monsters, Incendio.

Companion Cards: Lotte Turner, Frey Twins, Grawp

This deck contains several low-cost summons to synergize well with the Echo of Newt Scamander. Your playstyle is fairly simple – keep summoning creatures to overwhelm your opponent, and you should easily be able to win most duels while climbing ranks.

As for the extra cards you receive from Newt, you should always save at least one Teebo and use it whenever your opponent summons a Bombtastic Bomb Box. You can also save up some MP, and then use several summons at once to overwhelm your opponent.

Keep in mind that sometimes, you want to space out your summons to prevent the opponent from taking them down with area-of-effect spells such as Confringo or Incendio.

This deck doesn’t contain any legendary cards, which makes it very good for new players who are looking to climb ranks in the Dueling Club.

Rubeus Hagrid Deck

Echo: Rubeus Hagrid

Cards: Piertotum Locomotor, Cornish Pixies, Swelling Solution, Thunderbird, Bombtastic Bomb, Confringo, Monster Book of Monsters, Niffler.

Companion Cards: Frey Twins, Lotte Turner, Cassandra Vole.

Similar to Newt Scamander deck, this deck also focuses on summons. Your main summon is Piertotum Locomotor, and you have several ways to empower it.

The Echo of Hagrid will significantly increase the attack speed and survivability of stone soldiers. Swelling Solution and Bombtastic Bomb Box will make up for the main disadvantage of Piertotum Locomotor, which is slow movement speed.

Your Cornish Pixies will help deliver Bombtastic Bombs, and the Monster Book of Monsters can be used to reveal the enemies hiding in Nebulus fog.

The only legendary card this deck contains is Piertotum Locomotor, so it is relatively new-player-friendly.

Harry Potter Deck

Echo: Harry Potter

Cards: Expulso, Expelliarmus, Oppugno, Broomstick, Stupefy, Nebulus, Confringo, Three-Headed Puppy.

Companion Cards: Cassandra Vole, Lotte Turner, Frey Twins.

This deck focuses on using many low-cost spells to deal damage to your opponent. The Echo of Harry Potter will significantly increase the potency of any spell that costs 3 MP or less, which will allow you to do a lot of damage to your opponent.

This deck also contains Confringo, which should help you if your enemy is using a lot of summons. It also has the Three-Headed Puppy, which synergizes well with the deck.

It is also worth noting that most of the spells in the deck require precise aiming. In other words, if you miss your opponent a lot, you might end up losing the duel.

One advantage of this deck is that it doesn’t utilize any legendary cards, which makes it very new-player-friendly.

Hermione Granger Deck

Echo: Hermione Granger

Cards: Incarcerous, Weasleys’ Wildfire Whiz-Bangs, Confringo, Incendio, Inflatus, Broomstick, Oppugno, Three-Headed Puppy.

Companions: Lotte Turner, Frey Twins, Grawp.

This deck contains a good mix of high-cost and low-cost spells, which synergizes well with the Echo of Hermione Granger. It also has some decent control spells, such as Incarcerous and Inflatus.

These spells will allow you to successfully land Weasley’s Wildfire Whiz-Bangs and deal massive damage to your opponent.

The deck also contains several area-of-effect spells, to help you deal with opponents who are playing summon-heavy decks. It also has the Three-Headed Puppy, which synergizes well with spell-heavy decks.

It should also be noted that most of the spells in this deck require careful aiming, so you want to make sure you are hitting the opponent with them.

Lastly, this deck doesn’t require any legendary cards, which makes it very good for F2P and new players.


The decks in this guide are mainly tailored for new players, and they don’t contain any legendary cards (aside from Piertotum Locomotor Card in the Hagrid deck).

The decks are relatively easy to grasp, and you shouldn’t have much trouble winning most of your duels while ranking up.

Hopefully, this guide will help you increase your rank in the Dueling Club. Thank you for reading and see you soon with more guides for Harry Potter Magic Awakened.