Spells overview – Everything to know about this type of Spell Cards

Spells are the type of cards that don’t summon any character in the fight but give effects such as buffs, debuffs, healing, or damage.

Note: Cards from this list are leveled up, so they don’t show stats for lvl 1.

Common Spells

Acromantula Venom

Throws a bottle of Acromantula Venom, causing continuous damage and slowing all enemy units within the area of effect.

Cost: 4

Essence of Dittany

Creates a small area that immediately restores a large amount of health to friendly units within the range, then continues to restore health for a short time.

Cost: 3


Sends a howler to the designated spot. After 2 seconds, it will cause damage and fear all enemy units in the area.

While feared, the enemy units will move uncontrollably within the range of the spell, unable to cast spells, and take 45% increased damage.

Cost: 4


Casts a spell to bind enemy units within the area, immobilizing them, then pulling them to the center and dealing some damage.

Cost: 3


Summons 6 small birds to fly around you.

When there are enemy units nearby, they will dive into them and explode, dealing damage.

Cost: 2


Summons a portkey, in the shape of a boot, and any unit that touches it will be teleported and shielded.

Non-player units will be teleported to a random location on the enemy’s side of the field, and players will be teleported to a random location on their side of the field.

Cost: 2

Protego Totalum

Casts a shield at the target location absorbing damage for friendly units inside and blocking some enemy spells.

The shield loses a certain shield value every 4 seconds, and it disappears when it reaches 0.

Cost: 5


Sends a projectile in the specified direction, causing the first enemy unit hit to take damage and a significant knockback.

If this enemy unit collides with any other unit, it will stop moving and both units will take damage and be stunned for a short while.

Cost: 3

Swelling solution

Throws a bottle of swelling solution to increase the size of friendly units in the area, increasing their movement speed and attack speed.

Cost: 2

Rare Spells


This is a channeled spell, spraying a total of 10 water jets in a straight line in front of the caster.

The caster can move during the cast but cannot change the direction of the spray.

Every time the water jet hits the same enemy unit, the damage increases.

Cost: 5

Atmospheric Charm

Casts a thundercloud, periodically and randomly dealing damage to one enemy unit within the range.

The cloud will move toward the nearest enemy.

Units damaged by this spell will receive reduced healing for a short time.

Cost: 4

Bewitched Snowball

Creates a snowball that rolls forward. It will explode after hitting an enemy unit or reaching the maximum distance, dealing damage. The damage will increase as the distance increases.

After the snowball explodes, a snowman will appear, and enemy units around the snowman will be continuously slowed down.

Cost: 3


The caster will continuously heal the target-friendly unit. The channeling can be interrupted by any control effects other than immobilization.

Cost: 3


Creates a sandstorm at the designated position which, after 1.3 seconds, knocks back all enemy units within range and deals damage.

Cost: 2

Side-Along Apparition

After some time, you and surrounding friendly units will be teleported to the target location and receive a small heal. Your next move card becomes Apparition.

Cost: 3


Casts a piercing ice bolt, which will cause damage to enemies and create a slow area around it.

After some time, any enemy unit still in the area will be stunned and take additional damage (stun duration is reduced by 40% on players).
A maximum of 8 units will be damaged.

Cost: 5


Inflicts damage to enemy units within the range and causes them to inflate into the air for 4 seconds, preventing them from moving and breaking the channel.

The duration of the control is reduced by 40% against players.

Cost: 3


Summons thick fog to envelop an area.

All units in the fog will become invisible and recover some health when the fog appears, and twice more over the duration of the spell.

As long as there are enemy units in the fog, the invisibility effect will be canceled.

The invisibility will also be canceled for a short time when a unit takes damage.

Cost: 2


Ride the flying broom, removing any slow and immobilizing effects. Fly to the designated position before returning to the starting spot.

The first enemy unit hit by the flying broomstick takes full damage, and enemy units along the way take 45% damage.

During the ride, the character is considered an aerial unit and cannot use cards.
(Being aerial protects you from any damage that only targets the ground)

Cost: 2

Epic Spells


Pulls the first enemy hit toward the caster, causing damage, and immobilizing it.

On the battlefield with a separation, Accio can only pull player units to the center line of the battlefield. There is no such restriction on other enemy units.

Cost: 4


You hit the Bludger in the specified direction, hitting enemy units on the way, and then return, causing damage again to all enemy units in its path.

You can catch the Bludger by moving on its path, sending it back toward a random enemy unit, up to 5 times.

On the last hit, the Bludger will cause high damage and knock back all enemy units in its path.

Cost: 4


Send a projectile in the specified direction that, after hitting an enemy unit, will bounce at other random enemy units up to 7 times, creating small areas that explode after a short delay, dealing damage.

Cost: 5


Inflicts damage and disarms the first enemy unit hit for 4 seconds. This is reduced by 40% against players.

A disarmed player cannot use cards for the duration of the spell.

Cost: 3

Glacius Maxima

Creates a straight line toward the designated position, starting from the caster, and from any companion or your future selves created by Time Turner.

After 1.5 seconds, sends ice toward the target, causing damage.

Anything hit by multiple lines at the same time will be frozen.

Cost: 6


Creates a round tempest of fire, causing continuous damage to all enemy units within range.
Enemies close to the center of the spell will take extra damage.

Cost: 4

Legilimens (Not yet available in Global Soft Launch)

Randomly copies one card from the enemy player’s hand as your next card.

The copied card has the same level as the Legilimens Spell, and costs 4 less mana, but can only be used once.

If there are only non-player units in the range, you will get an “empty head” card, that restores 2 mana on use.

Cost: 0

Priori Incantatem

Copies the last spell card you used and increases its mana cost by one.

The level of the copied spell card is the same as the one of Priori Incantatem.

Cost: 0


Send a projectile in the specified direction, cutting the first enemy unit hit, then bounce between nearby enemy units, causing damage up to 4 times.

Cost: 4


Summon a Tebo Warthog that charges up power before dashing forward, knocking back enemy units along the way and causing damage.

The longer the charge time, the higher the damage caused, up to 200% additional damage at full charge.

The Tebo Warthog charge causes full damage to the first enemy hit, and reduced damage to anything else.

Cost: 4


You call a “future” double of yourself to fight with you.

The double move with you and has the same normal attack damage and on-hit effects as you.

The double will lose health with every basic attack.

Cost: 5

Transfiguration Curse (Not yet available in Global Soft Launch)

Casts a transformation spell. After hitting an enemy unit, it will bounce randomly among nearby units, up to 2 times.
The enemy unit hit is transformed for 3.5 seconds.

Enemy units cannot attack during the transformation period, but they can move. They also take increased damage. Players are instead slowed, and the damage they receive is increased. The transformation will end after the target receives a certain amount of damage.

The player’s auto-attacks will not trigger the damage bonus, and the duration of the transformation spell on players is reduced by 40%

Cost: 5


You cast a strong hurricane in a wide line, causing damage and knocking back enemy units in its path.

The spell deal 200% additional damage against shields.

Cost: 4

Weasleys’ Wildfire Whiz-bangs

Creates a large area dealing continuous damage around the targeted point.

At the end of the spell, a giant firework dragon explodes, dealing heavy damage.

Cost: 7

Legendary Spells

Avada Kedavra

Casts Avada Kedavra dealing damage to the first enemy unit hit. Each enemy unit destroyed by Avada Kedavra increases the Curse’s initial damage by 25%. After it has destroyed 4 enemy units, it can directly destroy its next targets.

Cost: 6


Attacks enemy units, dealing damage and stunning the unit closest to the center of its area if effect. Each subsequent attack with Crucio on the same enemy unit deals additional damage equal to 100% of the initial damage, stacking up to 3 times.

Casting Crucio on a player only deals half the damage and doesn’t Stun.

Cost: 5


Summons a Thunderbird that casts 15 random bolts of lightning to strike enemy units on the battlefield. Lightning damage increases by 10% for each enemy defeated by lightning, up to 5 times. After defeating 5 targets, each lightning strike will hit all enemy units on the battlefield.

Units that take lightning damage receive less Health from Healing effects for a short time.

Cost: 6

Orb of Water

Casts an Orb of Water that draws in all enemy units in the area, dealing sustained damage. Players will be unable to move, and other units will be Stunned while in the orb. At the end of the cast, the orb will explode, dealing high damage.

Cost: 6