Companion Cards – get your trusted sidekicks on the battlefield and win


Daniel Page

Summon Daniel. When Daniel enters the field, he will heal all friendly units within the range, and then consume his health to heal friendly units.

Kevin Farrell

Summon Kevin, and Kevin will record your normal attacks.

When your number of attacks reaches 24 or after Kevin is defeated, Kevin will provide you with a buff based on the number of attacks he recorded, which will increase your attack damage.

Robyn Thistlethwaite

Summons Robyn. Robyn immediately hits a bludger to the designated location to cause area damage and will continue to do so for a while.


Brothers Frey

Simultaneously summon Fisher and Colby to attack the enemies from a long distance.

Cassandra Vole

Summon Cassandra, when summoned Cassandra will create a thunderstorm around her.

That storm will randomly attack an enemy unit within range, knocking it back and doing damage.


Summon Grawp who will charge a random enemy unit on the field, causing a lot of damage.

Grawp is immune to control effects during the charge.

After crashing into an enemy unit, Grawp will fall to the ground. After a while, Grawp will get up and charge the enemy unit again.

Rubeus Hagrid

You ride on its motorbike sidecar, get five additional movement cards, gain movement speed and smash into enemy units along the way causing damage.

Hagrid’s motorcycle will take damage in your place, but cannot receive benefits such as healing and shielding.

Ivy Warrington

Summons Ivy. She immediately casts a Vanishing Curse on the target and makes it disappears.

The Vanishing Curse cannot destroy player units and some boss monsters, instead, it will only cause a certain amount of damage.

Lottie Turner

Summons Lottie who will immediately restore 1 point of mana to you when she enters the game.

Lottie then consumes her own health to restore 1 point of mana to you every 5 seconds.


Malfoy Gang

Summon Draco Malfoy, Gregory Goyle, and Vincent Crabbe. When you Stun, Freeze or bind an enemy. Malfoy marks the unit with Serpensortia, and the trio attacks the target together while gaining an Attack and Movement Speed Bonus. When any of the three is defeated, the other two will run away from the battle.

Harry Potter (Not yet available in Global Soft Launch)

Summons Harry. He will create a protective bubble around him that repels any enemy within range.
When he knocks back enemy units, he will consume his own health.

Every 5 seconds, Harry will remove the control effects from all friendly units in the area.

Hermione Granger

Summon Hermione. With every Spell Card you use, Hermione will cast the same one, the Level of which is the same as Hermione herself. This effect has a 10-second cooldown.
Hermione will not cast: Priori Incantatem or Legilimency.

Minerva McGonagall (Not yet available in Global Soft Launch)

Professor McGonagall casts the Transfiguration Spell on all enemy units when she comes into play. Non-player units will be Transfigured into small animals that cannot move, take extra damage, and change back after taking damage. Player units are Slowed and take extra damage; the effect ends after some time or when they take damage. After that, for each subsequent Card played, she will Transfigure a random enemy unit. Upon casting the Transfiguration Spell 8 times, she will summon a bewitched Stone Soldier.

Ron Weasley

Summon Ron. Ron charges, taking up to 20 enemy units into a chessboard, Transfiguring them into chess pieces and causing damage. The damage is reduced by 10% each time, and damage reduction is capped at 60%. He then rushes at the enemy player, dealing AoE damage and Stun. For every 6 enemy units defeated on the chessboard, Ron summons a King piece.

Luna Lovegood (Not yet available in Global Soft Launch)

Summon Luna Lovegood. When you use a Spell Card, Luna will cast a random Creature Card that costs 1 or 2 MP less than the Spell Card played. The Creature Card Level is the same as Luna’s Level. Luna Summons a Thestral after you use 20 MP on Spell Cards.

The Thestral creates a tornado vortex that deals continuous damage to enemy units within range and pulls them towards the center. The final damage dealt by the tornado after pulling in the units destroys non-player units in the range of less than 30% Health.