Deck Building – How to Make a Good Deck



Hello dear witches and wizards. Here is a guide on how to make a good deck. There are many different cards in the game, but you can only use 8 of them in your deck. So the question is: “Which cards to use?”

There are several important things to consider when making a deck. Firstly, you need to know which game activity you need the deck for. The deck you use in the Dueling Club won’t be the same one you use in Forbidden Forest explorations, or in classes.

Secondly, you need to decide which Echo to use in your deck. There are several different Echoes for you to choose from, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. We’ll go over all of them later and suggest how to build your deck around them.

Thirdly, you need to select eight cards for your deck. These will heavily be influenced by the choice of your Echo and the in-game activity you are participating in. In general, you want to select the cards that synergize well with your Echo, your Companion Cards, and one another.

Fourthly, you need to choose three Companion Cards. These cards can only be used once, and you’ll have to use them in order you placed them into your deck. Some of the Companion Cards are immensely powerful, and can vastly improve your deck if used correctly.

Building Your Deck

In this section, we’ll go over the deck-building process and explain how to create a good deck. We will go over each one of the Echoes and suggest some of the cards that synergize well with it.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter will enhance spell cards with an MP cost of 3 or lower. The enhanced spell cards will gain a significant bonus to their damage and a decent bonus to their healing. Because of that, cards like Broomstick, Oppungo, Bewitched Snowball, Incarcerous, Expelliarmus, Stupefy, Expulso, and Inflatus work well with Harry.

Another two cards that synergize extremely well with Harry Potter Echo are Three-Headed Puppy and Ashwinder. The cost of Three-Headed Puppy will be reduced each time you cast any spell card, and given that you’ll be using a lot of cheap spells, you’ll quickly be able to reduce this summon’s cost. As for the Ashwinder, it will summon a small snake whenever you use another spell or summon card while it is active, which synergizes well with this deck.

The Companion Cards that synergize well with Harry are Grawp and Lotte. Grawp will keep your opponent occupied, and it will be easier for you to land your spells, while Lotte will provide you with extra MP, which you can use to constantly cast low-cost spells.

Overall, the decks centered around Harry Potter Echo are quite powerful in the Dueling Club, but you can also use them in other activities. The best part about this deck is that it doesn’t really require you to have any legendary cards, so it is very beginner friendly.


Dobby will provide you with additional movement cards, and will also replace every second movement card you use with Apparition, which will allow you to immediately teleport to your destination. This will help you quickly reposition during the battle and avoid some dangerous spells and attacks.

Cards that synergize well with Dobby are those that require you to move a lot, such as Bludger and Blast-Ended Skrewt. Additional movement cards and Apparition will allow you to maximize the damage of the Bludger card and to reduce the cost of Blast-Ended Skrewt.

The Companion Card that synergizes well with Dobby is Hagrid. He’ll provide you with even more movement cards, which is great for decks centered around Dobby.

Decks that use Dobby as their Echo are good for many aspects of the game, but they shine particularly well for Forbidden Forest explorations. In Forbidden Forest, you will often encounter difficult bosses where you’ll quickly need to avoid dangerous attacks. This is where Dobby truly shines. Thanks to the Apparition ability, you’ll have a much easier time avoiding the damage, which is really good for Forbidden Forest explorations.

All things considered, you have a lot of freedom with customizing your deck with Dobby, which makes him decent for pretty much everything.

Rubeus Hagrid

Hagrid will greatly enhance the attack speed of your highest-cost summon card. He’ll also heal that summon every time it takes damage equal to more than half of its total health. Because of that, Hagrid is best used in decks that center around one powerful summon card.

Cards that synergize well with Hagrid are high-cost summons, such as Fiendfyre, Piertotum Locomotor, Baby Antipodean Opaleye, Stack of Monster Book of Monsters, and Norwegian Ridgeback Egg.

Other cards that work well with Hagrid are Essence of Dittany, Swelling Solution, and Bombtastic Bomb Box. With Essence of Dittany, you can provide additional healing to your high-cost summon. Swelling Solution will increase the attack and movement speed of your summons, and Bombtastic Bomb Box will throw bombs at your summons for extra damage.

One of the best cards to use with Hagrid is Fiendfyre. If you have that card, you can add Matagot, Spiders, and Cornish Pixies to your deck. All of these cards will summon multiple creatures, and whenever any of them gets defeated, Fiendfyre will increase in size and attack, which is a great synergy.

Companion Cards that work well with Hagrid are Lotte Turner and Daniel Page. Lotte will provide you with additional MP, which is handy since your deck is centered around a high-cost summon card. Daniel will provide additional healing, which is particularly handy in case you are using Norwegian Ridgeback or Fiendfyre.

Decks centered around Hagrid Echo can be used for nearly all aspects of the game. However, they work very well in the Dueling Club and Forbidden Forest team explorations (especially if you get the buff that increases the damage and health of your summons).

The biggest downside of decks that center around Hagrid is that the best summon cards are legendary, and they aren’t easy to obtain and level up.

Weasley Twins

Weasly Twins Echo will lower the cooldown of your Companion Cards. You will also receive one random Companion Card from your deck whenever you run out of Companion Cards. This effect can be triggered up to three times.

There are two very effective Weasley Twins builds. One is centered around Glacius Maxima, and the other is utilizing low-cost summon cards.

Glacius Maxima is the card that synergizes extremely well with Companion Cards that summon multiple companions, such as the Frey Twins and the Malfoy Gang. Whenever you cast Glacius Maxima, your companions will do the same, which opens up some powerful combos.

However, to fully utilize Glacius Maxima, you’d want some control spells in your deck, such as Incarcerous and Inflatus.

Another playstyle involves using many low-cost summon cards as well as some damage-dealing companions, such as Robyn Thistlethwaite, Frey Twins, or Grawp. Ron Weasley also fits very well with this deck. You can also add the Bombtastic Bomb Box to the mix for some additional pressure on your opponent.

Overall, the Weasley Twins are great for decks that center around Companion Cards. However, some of the best Companion Cards are legendary, which can make it harder to build the most optimal deck.

Newt Scamander

Echo of Newt Scamander will add a 1-cost Erumpent, Tebo, or Thunderbird to your hand after you use a certain number of summon cards. Because of that, low-cost magical creatures work extremely well in decks that center around Newt Scamander Echo.

Some of the cards that synergize well with Newt Scamander are the Monster Book of Monsters, Ashwinder, Cornish Pixies, Niffler, Centaur, Spiders, and Bombtastic Bomb Box. It is also recommended to have at least one high damage area spell, such as Incendio or Confringo in your deck.

Companion Cards that work very well with Newt Scamander are Lotte Turner, Frey Twins, and Ron Weasley. Lotte will provide you with extra MP to continuously summon creatures, Frey Twins will create extra pressure on your opponent, and Ron Weasley will help you deal with the enemy summons.

Decks centered around Newt Scamander Echo can be used for most in-game activities, but they work exceptionally well in the Dueling Club. You won’t need to rely on any legendary cards to build this deck, which is very good for new players.

Severus Snape

Echo of Severus Snape will enhance your basic attacks. They will gain increased damage, and every second attack will bounce to another target. Because of that, cards that interact with your basic attacks work very well with Severus Snape.

Cards that synergize well with Echo of Severus Snape are Time Turner, Priori Incantatem, and Swelling Solution. Also, control cards, such as Accio, Incarcerous, and Inflatus work well with Snape since they’ll allow you to drag your opponent closer and prevent them from escaping.

A Companion Card that works extremely well with Snape is Kevin Farrell. He can significantly increase the damage of your basic attacks, which works great with Snape.

When playing Snape, you want to use Kevin to gain a bonus to your basic attacks, and then use Time Turner and Swelling Solution to deal damage to your opponent. You can use Priori Incantatem to cast another Time Turner. Lastly, control spells will help you keep your enemies in place so that you can constantly attack them.

Decks built around the Echo of Severus Snape can be used for every aspect of the game, but they shine particularly well in the Dueling Clib and Forbidden Forest explorations.

It is also worth mentioning that you won’t need any legendary card to build this deck, which makes it very beginner friendly.

Hermione Granger

Echo of Hermione Granger will halve the MP cost of the highest-cost spell in your hand after you cast a certain number of spells. Because of that, Hermione decks work best when they are filled with a mix of low-cost and high-cost spells.

The high-cost spells that fit well into Hermione decks are Orb of Water, Thunderstorm, Weasleys’ Wildfire Whiz-Bangs, Confringo, and Glacius Maxima. Some of the low-cost spells that work well with Hermione are Broomstick, Oppungo, Nebulus, Incarcerous, Inflatus, and Expulso.

The Companion Cards that synergize well with Hermione Echo are Hermione Granger, Lotte Turner, and Cassandra Vole. Hermione will cast the same spell as you every 10 seconds. Lotte will provide you with additional MP to cast spells, and Cassandra will make it harder for enemy summons to reach you.

If you are using Glacius Maxima in your deck, it is recommended to use the Malfoy Gang and the Frey Twins since they synergize well with that spell.

Decks centered around the echo of Hermione Granger work incredibly well in the Dueling Club. The biggest downside of this deck is that you need several legendary cards to truly make it shine.

Neville Longbottom

The Echo of Neville Longbottom will cause your basic attacks to heal nearby allies when there are no enemies nearby. Because of that, it is recommended to stay back and support your summons and allies with additional healing.

Cards that synergize well with Neville are Unicorn, Norwegian Ridgeback Egg, Occamy, Fire Crab, Phoenix, and Essence of Dittany. Both Unicorn and Norwegian Ridgeback Egg require the player to heal them before they can join the fight, so Neville works very well with them. Fire Crab will make it harder for enemy summons to reach you, and Phoenix and Essence of Dittany will provide additional healing.

The Companion Cards that work well with Neville are Kevin Farrell, Daniel Page, and Lotte Turner. Kevin will boost the damage of your basic attacks, which works well with Neville. Daniel will provide additional healing for your summons, and Lotte will give you extra MP, which is always good.

Decks centered around the Echo of Neville Longbottom work very well in the Dueling Club. It is worth mentioning that this deck requires some legendary cards to truly shine, but it can also work well without them.

Bellatrix Lestrange

The Echo of Bellatrix Lestrange will grant you a fallen bar while you play. Every time you deal damage, the fallen bar will fill up. Once full, Death Eater(s) will be summoned and the bar will empty. The Death Eaters can deal quite a lot of damage, so the goal of Bellatrix-centered decks is to fill the fallen bar as soon as possible.

Cards that synergize well with Bellatrix are those that can deal multiple instances of damage quickly, such as the Stack of Monster Book of Monsters, Atmospheric Charm, Cornish Pixies, Oppungo, Crucio, and Thunderstorm.

Companion Cards that work well with Bellatrix are the Frey Twins and Lotte Turner. Frey Twins will help you build up pressure on your opponent, and Lotte will provide you with extra MP.

Bellatrix Lestrange decks can be used for most in-game activities, but they work fairly well in the Dueling Club, especially in Duo since it is much easier to fill up the fallen bar with extra targets.

Also, this deck can work without any legendary cards, but to reach its full potential, you’ll need cards like Crucio or Thunderstorm.


In conclusion, there are many viable decks that can be used for each in-game activity. What matters the most is your preferred playstyle and the cards you have in your Spellbook. Hopefully, this guide will help you build up the optimal deck.

Thank you for reading and see you soon with more guides for Magic Awakened.