Professor Trelawney’s obscure class – Divination

Disclaimer: This guide was written for the Taiwanese version of the game. We are currently working on updating all our guides for the Global Release.

Divination in lore

Divination is an elective course in Hogwarts and most Wizards and Witches consider it very inaccurate and obscure, even Dumbledore once decided that this subject should not be thought in school. But Dumbledore gave a chance to Sybill Trelawney who is a great-great-granddaughter of the famous seer Cassandra Trelawney, to hold the post for this subject.

Officially, it is said that Sybill’s prophecy made quite an impression on Dumbledore, so he gave her the post, but the true reason was to protect her from Lord Voldemort, who was desperate to hear the rest of the prophecy.

Harry, Hermione, and Ron had a very hard time in Divination class. Hermione even dropped the class, while Harry failed the O.W.L. test for Divination. Maybe you will be better?

Divination in the game

You can play this Class with 2 other Players or with 2 AI if you can’t connect with other players.

You will see an image of an object (for example, a book), and you will have 25 seconds to draw that object. You can erase the drawing and start again if you make a mistake. I know that my drawing skills will prove how this Class can be inaccurate and obscure.

After 25 seconds you will see a drawing of your teammate, from another player or AI. If it’s from AI, the illustration will be almost perfect. You need to guess which object is drawn by your teammate. You will have 4 answers to choose from (like in quiz-type classes), and 8 seconds to choose your answer. After this, you will see an illustration from another teammate, with the same rules.

Divination has a Divination Gallery where you can see all the Illustrations that appeared so far. Each Divination Class difficulty has its own set of Illustrations.

In the next phase, you will see all the drawings. You may give a Like or Dislike to another teammate. You can also report to them if they draw something inappropriate.

Elementary Difficulty

Bonus objectives:

  • Everyone gets a grade of Good or beyond
  • Everyone gets a grade of Great or beyond
  • Everyone gets a grade of Perfect
  • Everyone Guesses the Pictures Correctly