Dobby Meta Decks



Hello everyone. This guide will cover some meta decks that utilize the Echo of Dobby. These decks are not the best ones for the Solo Dueling Club, but they can shine in Duo. Echo of Dobby will significantly boost your mobility, which makes it particularly handy for Duo, where there are a lot of dangerous spells you need to avoid.

Because of that, meta decks featured in this guide will focus on the Duo aspect of the Dueling Club.

Best Cards for Dobby Decks

Dobby decks are generally focused on mobility and avoiding enemy attacks and spells. Because of that, they fit quite well in Duo Dueling Club.

Some of the cards that fit well into Dobby Decks are: Protego Totalum, Piertotum Locomotor, Nebulus, Thunderstorm, and Acromantula Venom.

While playing, you want to try your best to bait the opponents into casting spells on you, and quickly use the Echo power to apparate away. This way, you can avoid most of the spells targetted at you.

You can and should use Protego Totalum to shield your teammate and their companions if needed. Also, you can take advantage of your Echo ability to kite the enemy summons around the puddle of Acromantula Venom, which will slow them and deal significant damage to them.

Companion Cards that work well with Dobby are Hagrid, Malfoy Gang, and Daniel Page. Hagrid will provide you with even more movement cards, which synergizes great with Dobby.

Malfoy Gang will put pressure on your enemies, and Daniel Page is great for Duo since he can heal both you and your teammate.

Dobby Meta Decks

Deck 1

Cards: Piertotum Locomotor, Thunderstorm, Troll, Protego Totalum, Acromantula Venom, Bombtastic Bomb Box, Nebulus, Stack of Monster Book of Monsters.

Companion Cards: Malfoy Gang, Daniel Page, Hagrid.

This deck has a good mix of summon and spell cards. You have a solid front line with Piertotum Locomotor and Troll, and you also have the Stack of Monster Book of Monsters, which are amazing for delivering Bombtastic Bombs.

You can use Protego Totalum to guard your teammate, their summons, as well as your summons and companions. You can also hide them with Nebulus when needed.

Deck 2

Cards: Acromantula’s Nest, Nebulus, Incendio, Acromantula Venom, Thunderstorm, Atmospheric Charm, Protego Totalum, Essence of Dittany.

Companion Cards: Hermione Granger, Daniel Page, Hagrid.

This deck focuses more on spellcasting. Your Acromantula’s Nest and Acromantula Venom are great for keeping enemy summons at bay. You also have Essence of Dittany and Daniel Page to heal your Acromantula’s Nests as well as your teammate.

This deck also contains Protego Totalum, which is pretty good in Duo. Lastly, with Thunderstorm + Hermione Granger combo, you can do some decent damage to your opponents.


While Dobby decks aren’t the most popular for the Dueling Club, they can be immensely fun to play, if executed correctly.

Hopefully, you found this guide helpful. Thank you for reading and see you soon with more guides for Harry Potter Magic Awakened.