Easiest Decks to Play in Dueling Club



Hello everyone. In this guide, we will go over some of the easiest decks to play in Dueling Club. These decks generally don’t have many cards that require precise aiming and are relatively easy to play. However, some of them do require certain legendary cards, so not all of these decks are F2P or new player friendly.

Rubeus Hagrid Deck

This deck focuses mostly on summons while still having some spells to make it easier to deal with certain situations.

Cards: Piertotum Locomotor, Cornish Pixies, Swelling Solution, Thunderbird, Bombtastic Bomb, Confringo, Monster Book of Monsters, Niffler.

Companion Cards: Malfoy Gang, Ron Weasley, Frey Twins.

With this deck, you want to use summons to overwhelm your opponent. Your main summon is Piertotum Locomotor. The deck contains Swelling Solution and Bombtastic Bomb Box to speed up the stone soldiers and make up for their slow movement speed.

You also have Confringo to help you deal with enemy summons, and you can use the Monster Book of Monsters to reveal enemies hiding in Nebulus fog.

Overall, this deck is fun to play, and it doesn’t require too much effort to shine in the Dueling Club.

Newt Scamander Deck

This deck focuses on overwhelming your opponent with summons while also having a few spells for some specific situations.

Cards: Niffler, Centaur, Bombtastic Bomb, Ashwinder, Cornish Pixies, Matagot, Monster Book of Monsters, Incendio.

Companion Cards: Malfoy Gang, Ron Weasley, Frey Twins.

While playing this deck, your goal is to overwhelm your opponent with summons. You should always keep one Tebo card you receive from Echo of Newt Scamander and use it to quickly eliminate any Bombtastic Bomb your opponent summons.

You can use Ron Weasley to counter Cassandra or a group of summons. Malfoy Gang and Frey Twins will allow you to put even more pressure on your opponent.

All things considered, this is one of the best and easiest decks to play in the Dueling Club.

Hermione Granger Deck

This deck focuses on using a lot of simple, but powerful spells to defeat the opponent.

Cards: Thunderstorm, Priori Incantatem, Incendio, Confringo, Oppugno, Broomstick, Nebulus, Three-Headed Puppy.

Companion Cards: Malfoy Gang, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley.

This deck contains several powerful spells that don’t require precise aiming. You can deal devastating damage to your opponent with Thunderstorm, especially when combined with Hermione Granger companion card.

There is also a combo where you wait for your Hermione Granger Echo to reduce your Thunderstorm to 3 MP. When that happens, wait until you have close to 10 MP and then use Thunderstorm followed by Priori Incantatem Thunderstorm.

If you use that together with Hermione Granger companion card, you will deal massive damage to your opponent.

Keep in mind that the enemy can hide inside Nebulus fog when you cast Thunderstorm. If that happens, you can use Incendio on top of the Nebulus fog to reveal them. Another way to reveal them is to use Broomstick to fly over the fog.

All things considered, this deck is pretty fun to play and it doesn’t require precise aiming like some other Hermione Granger decks.


These were some of the easiest decks to play in the Dueling Club. Hopefully, you found this guide helpful. Thank you for reading and see you soon with more guides for Harry Potter Magic Awakened.