Five questionable details in Harry Potter that’ll make your coffee black and bitter.

Professor Lockhart attacking 11-year-old students

Professor Lockhard is a charlatan and has achieved all his success based on a lie! But he is not all that harmless, as he can produce strong Obliviate charm. Several professors seem to be aware of him being a fraud even before he is busted at the end of the first book.

But they do nothing to confront him. And, in the end, everyone is shocked that he even attempted to use his obliviate charms on eleven-year-old children. He was ready to let Hermione die and obliviate Harry and Ron to madness. 

A School for minors with a Forbidden Forrest nearby

Located near Hogwarts, a school for magic students ages eleven to seventeen, is the Forbidden Forrest. It is on the school grounds and begins at Hagrid’s Hut. This is just five to ten minutes’ walking distance from any other place in the school.

Underage students at Hogwarts have no barriers and need only several minutes to reach the forest. It is filled with various dangerous and lethal creatures and beasts. We only see some of them, like acromantulas (the giant spiders), centaurs, Hippogriffs, thestrals, and even werewolves.

Nobody guards the place and students have easy and free access to it.  There is an official ban on students going there, but we already know how well that is going.

Rita Skeeter, a grown woman reporter, ruthlessly slanders teenagers

Rita Skeeter is an aggressively nosy reporter and an unregistered animagus. She can transform into a beetle and has used this ability to spy on people, extracting confidential information. Rita also abuses all her power and position in the wizarding society to slender underage students.

And, nobody does anything about it. She is given all the journalistic freedom she wants, and she can write and print anything she wants. She is ruining children’s lives, and no law, adult, or anybody attempts to do anything about it.

Kids have easy access to Love Potions which are the movie’s equivalent of dating violence

The Love Potion recipe is restricted, but that has proven to be a minor inconvenience for underage students. However, even if they can’t get the recipe, they can easily purchase all kinds of products seen in Harry Potter books and movies.

In their fourth year at Hogwarts, kids are sending each other letters containing the love potion charm vapor. This is done so that they can enchant their prey/victim into going with them. Potential abuses of this are endless as if just falling in love with someone who you don’t like isn’t enough.

Facing the Boggart in front of everyone

One of the common practices at Hogwarts, at the DATDA class, is to use The Boggart. This was started by Professor R. J. Loopin and is common practice since then, according to Harry Potter canon lore. The Boggart is an amortal entity that has the ability to shift its shape into whatever the person observing it fears the most.

So, this class exercise has underage students face this Boggart in class in front of everybody there. It doesn’t just pit them against their worse inner fears, risking potentially traumatizing and scarring them for life. It also reveals their most private feelings and thoughts in front of everybody, even those the child itself possibly doesn’t yet know they have.