Harry Potter Meta Decks



Hello everyone. This guide will cover some of the meta decks utilizing Harry Potter Echo. These decks are pretty good for the Dueling Club, and players often use them, even on high ranks.

Best Cards for Harry Potter Decks

Decks centered around Harry Potter Echo use a lot of low-cost spell cards to gain the most benefit from the echo effect. There are several different decks that are meta.

In general, you want to use low-cost spells to gain the most out of your echo. Some of the best cards to use are: Oppugno, Broomstick, Expulso, Stupefy, Inflatus, Expelliarmus, and Nebulus.

You can also add Ashwinder and Three-Headed Puppy to your deck since they both synergize well with Harry.

One of the biggest downsides of Harry Potter decks is the ability to deal with enemy summons. There are a few ways you can deal with them. One way involves adding Confringo or Acromantula Venom to your deck. Another way to deal with summons is to have Cornish Pixies, Monster Book of Monsters, and Bombtastic Bomb in your deck.

Companion Cards that work well with Harry are Frey Twins, Malfoy Gang, Lotte Turner, Ivy Warrington, and Grawp. Frey Twins, Malfoy Gang, and Grawp will help you create pressure on your opponent, and Lotte will provide you with extra MP. Lastly, Ivy can be used to instantly counter any big summon or companion card.

Here are some examples of meta decks centered around Harry Potter Echo.

Deck 1

Cards: Oppugno, Broomstick, Expulso, Stupefy, Inflatus, Ashwinder, Nebulus, Acromantula Venom

Companion Cards: Frey Twins, Ivy Warrington, Grawp

This deck has many low-cost spells you can use to damage your opponent. It also has Acromantula Venom to help you deal with enemy creatures. Lastly, you can use Nebulus to hide from your enemy and catch them off guard with well-timed Stupefy or Inflatus.

Frey Twins and Grawp will help you put pressure on your opponent, and Ivy can be used to instantly counter any big enemy summon or Companion card (such as Hermione Granger).

Deck 2

Cards: Expulso, Monster Book of Monsters, Cornish Pixies, Bombtastic Bomb, Oppugno, Broomstick, Stupefy, Inflatus.

Companion Cards: Robyn Thistlethwaite, Frey Twins, Malfoy Gang.

This deck has several low-cost damage spells as well as some summons and Bombtastic Bomb to help you deal with enemy summons. Your companions will help you put pressure on your opponent, so you are well-equipped to deal with any situation.

Deck 3

Cards: Expulso, Expelliarmus, Oppugno, Broomstick, Stupefy, Nebulus, Confringo, Three-Headed Puppy.

Companion Cards: Cassandra Vole, Lotte Turner, Frey Twins.

This deck adds Confringo to help you deal with enemy summons. It also has the Three-Headed Puppy to put some extra pressure on your opponent while you blast them with your spells.

As for your companions, Cassandra will zone out enemy summons, Lotte will grant you some extra MP, and Frey Twins will put extra pressure on your opponent.


Harry Potter decks can be very fun to play and are pretty good in the Dueling Club. They don’t really need any legendary cards to be viable, which is great for F2P and new players.

The biggest downside of Harry Potter decks is that most of the spells used require precise aiming, which can make them more difficult to play.

Hopefully, you found this guide helpful. Thank you for reading and see you soon with more guides for Harry Potter Magic Awakened.