How to Get Legendary Cards



Hello everyone. Here is a guide on how to get Legendary Cards. Legendary Cards are some of the best cards in the game and are the most difficult ones to obtain. Luckily, there are a few ways to increase your chances of getting some of these cards.


Completing the final chapter of each year of the story will reward you with a guaranteed Legendary Card. This way, new players can get two Legendary Cards relatively easily by completing the first two years of the story.

The cards that you gain will be random, so there is some luck involved. However, getting a guaranteed Legendary Card is definitely going to help you.

legendary card story reward

New Student Sign-In

As a new student, you will receive special sign-in bonuses that differ from the regular ones. The final reward for these bonuses is a random Legendary Card. This is another easy way of obtaining a guaranteed Legendary Card as a new player.

new student sign in

It will take you several days to earn this reward, but as long as you log into the game every day, you’ll get the legendary card.

Golden Keys

Golden Keys are another way of obtaining legendary cards. These keys can be obtained by doing various in-game activities. One way of obtaining them is by completing certain story chapters.

Golden Keys can also be obtained from daily and seasonal tasks. Keep an eye on these tasks and be sure to complete them on a regular basis.

golden keys seasonal tasks

Other than that, you can earn Golden Keys during certain events. For example, the Delightful Drops event that is sometimes active during dueling seasons will grant you Silver or Golden Keys each day while dueling. Whenever you see an event that rewards keys, be sure to take part in it.

dueling club delightful drops

It is also worth mentioning that for every 30 Golden Keys you use, you are guaranteed to get at least one Legendary Card.

Curious Card Packs

Another way to obtain Legendary Cards is by opening Curious Card packs. These are much rarer than the Golden Keys, but each time you open one of them, your chance to get a Legendary Card will increase until you receive one.

Curious Card packs can be obtained by completing some of the story chapters, reaching a certain ranking in the Dueling Club, completing specific stages in Gather Explorations, and from daily sign-in rewards.

curious card pack

Other than that, you can buy Curious Card packs in the shop for Gems or Thank-You Notes.

Card Draw Events

During certain card draw events, there is an increased chance to obtain some Legendary Cards. These draws usually cost fewer Gems than the regular card draws (Advanced Study) from the shop.

It is worth noting that during these events, there is a specific list of Legendary Cards that can be obtained, and if the card that you need is on that list, it is worth using some gems to try to obtain it.

resource tips gems

Gemnio Event

During the Geminio event, after winning a number of Dueling Club matches, you will get to copy one of the cards from your opponent’s deck. You’ll get two copy attempts per day, and if you are lucky, there is even a chance to copy a Legendary Card.

geminio event

Card Trade

You can also get Legendary Cards by using the Card Trade feature. This will allow you to trade Legendary Cards with your teammates, but you will need to obtain Legendary Team Trade Tokens to do so.

This will allow you to trade some of your Legendary Card duplicates you don’t need for some other Legendary Card of your choosing.


You can also purchase certain Legendary Cards directly from the shop. Every day, shop will contain one Legendary Card priced 20,000 Gold (or 30,000 Gold in case of certain cards).

legendary card shop 2

Unfortunately, purchasing Legendary Cards for this amount of gold is going to set you back significantly, especially if you are a F2P or a new player.

Because of that, it is not recommended to do so, unless you really need that certain Legendary Card to enable your deck, or if you don’t mind spending.


There are lots of ways to obtain Legendary Cards in the game. The most important thing is to play the game consistently, and eventually, you will be able to unlock all of the Legendary Cards.

Hopefully, you will find this guide helpful. Thank you for reading and see you soon with more guides for Harry Potter Magic Awakened.