Into the Woods Guide for Forbidden Forest Team Explorations



Hello everyone. Here is a guide for the “Into the Woods” Forbidden Forest Team Explorations. There are two different types of exploration in “Into the Woods”.

Into the Woods: Gold

Into the Woods: Gold are PvE explorations into the Forbidden Forest where you can farm Gold. If you’ve already collected the Legendary Echoes of your choice, these explorations will help you farm Gold to level up your Echoes.

into the woods gold selection

It has only one boss stage. During it, you first need to defeat four Redcaps that protect the Treasure Goblin. Once they are dealt with, you can attack the Goblin, but he will try to run across the map. Still, this is a very easy fight, since he will not attack you, so this FF mode is easy for farming Gold.

into the woods gold fight

It has eight different levels. To unlock a harder difficulty level, you need to complete the previous level by using the “Lantern” and you need to reach a certain level of your Spellbook.

Into the Woods (Echo)

Into the Woods (Echo) are PvE explorations into the Forbidden Forest where you can farm more Echoes and ingredients for Potions. If you don’t have all the Legendary Echoes, or if you don’t have all the materials to upgrade them, these explorations will be useful for you. It has eight different levels. To unlock a level of a specific section, you need to complete the previous level and to have a certain level of your Spellbook.

into the woods echoe selection

Into the Woods has four different versions of rewards. You can switch which echos you want to farm before starting your expedition. Enemies are always random for each expedition. It consists of four stages. Stage 4 is always a boss fight with a random boss.

into the woods echoe types
into the woods echoe rewards


To acquire rewards from your FF runs, you need to use one Lantern. You can play FF without a Lantern, but you won’t receive any reward except for a Thank-You Note if you’ve grouped with other players. You will receive two Lanterns each day at 5 AM server time. You can have a maximum of 10 Lanterns. If you are below this cap, you can buy up to six additional Lanterns with Gems, but this is not a wise way to spend this precious resource.

use lantern

As previously mentioned, If you decide not to use any Lanterns, you will still receive a Thank-You Note after completing the exploration with other players. These can be exchanged in the shop for various useful items.


Into the Woods (Echo) exploration has four stages. After each stage, you can choose one buff. This buff will be active until the end of your FF run. Each player will choose their bonuses and you can view which buffs they’ve chosen.

buffs between stages

Between the stages, the exploration leader will be able to select the path the team will take. The path is indicated by different icons that represent what the team will encounter during that stage.


Yellow crossed wands represent the combat encounter. Red crossed wands indicate the difficult combat encounter. The red hourglass represents a very difficult combat encounter. The white leaves indicate that you can find some potion ingredients without a fight. Lastly, once you clear the third stage, you will be able to choose between the combat encounter or the resting spot.

If you pick the resting spot, you and your teammates will recover some of your HP. The resting spot is always in the Stage 3.



Dark Wizard

dark wizard intro

His special attack is to summon a whirlwind that will draw you closer to him. During this attack, you will receive damage over time. You can try to teleport outside of the whirlwind’s range with Side-Along Apparition. You can teleport your fellow teammates with this spell as well.

It is worth noting that the Wizard can be controlled with spells like Inflatus, so using that spell is highly recommended except during this special Whirlwind attack because he will be immune to any type of stun.

dark wizard attack 1

His second ability is to cast multiple Nebulus. This way he will run from one fog area to another fog area and your summons will stop chasing him. You can see him briefly when he runs from one cloud of fog to another. If you know where he’s hiding, you can cast some AoE spell like Incendio and he’ll become visible to all your summons and spells again.

dark wizard attack 2


During the fight, there will be two clouds that do damage to the players like Atmosphere Charm. You need to move away from them. Thunderbird’s special attack is to summon lighting. You can see where the lighting will strike, by the blue circles on the ground.

thunderbird attack



Demiguise’s most powerful ability is to summon multiple electric orbs across the entire field. These orbs will explode, causing AoE damage around them. You should destroy one of them as fast as you can to ensure one part of the field is safe for you, then go there quickly. They have very low HP.

demiguise special attack

Try to go behind Demiguise, because he will occasionally use his cleave attack in front of him.

demiguise melee attack


dragon intro

Dragon will occasionally breathe fire in one direction for several seconds. Make sure to move immediately once he starts unleashing its fury.

dragon fire

Another of Dragon’s special attacks is the spin attack. It will first fold its wings and you will see a red circle around it, before the attack. Try to dodge, as soon as you see the circle and the folding animation.

dragon spin attack

If the circle is across the entire field once the Dragon folds its wings, he’ll have a chance to stun you.

dragon stun attack