Echoes Tier List



Hello everyone. Here is our tier list of Echoes. In this tier list, we will rank all the Echoes in the game based on their overall usefulness in the Dueling Club. This list aims to provide a general understanding of Echoes’ power when played in the high-rank Dueling Club.

Tier List

Echoes in this list will be placed in five tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. Below you can find each tier and the cards placed in them.

S Tier

hermione granger echo

Hermione Granger Echo opens a lot of options when it comes to spell decks. Thanks to this Echo’s ability, you will get massive MP discount on your spells, which will open up some interesting combos. On top of that, there are many different Hermione decks that work exceptionally well at high-rank PvP, and that earns this Echo a spot in the S tier.

newt scamander echo

Newt Scamander Echo is great for overwhelming your opponent with many low-cost summons. It can constantly put a lot of pressure on the opponent, and the only Echo that hard-counters it is Neville. However, once you get high-enough rating, you will be able to ban Neville every single time, which makes this Echo even better at the highest ranks.

A Tier

bellatrix lestrange echo

Bellatrix Lestrange Echo is one of the most versatile Echoes in the game. It pretty much always consists of a well-balanced mix of spells and summons, which makes it capable of dealing with almost every situation. On top of that, Bella decks can pull up some amazing damage combos when the Death Eaters get summoned, which puts her high on this list.

rubeus hagrid echo

Rubeus Hagrid decks are fairly similar in playstyle to Newt Scamander decks. The main difference is that Hagrid’s decks almost always contain one powerful summon card. Thanks to Hagrid’s Echo ability, this deck can put a lot of pressure on the opponent, which makes it great for high-rank Dueling Club.

B Tier

image 2 copy

Dumbledore Echo is powerful in the late phase of the duel where you can spam powerful spells on your opponent. The flaw is that this echo is weak early and mid-game and you need to survive to the later stages of the duel to unleash full power and punish your opponent.

icon huixiang luna 004

Luna Lovegood has great potential because you can play powerful summons for only 2 MP and because of her very powerful Thestral attack. Her flaw is that you need to have some luck with what summons you get and if you want to use a Thestral attack or to use very powerful summons, you need to wait a lot, and cast only spells, while the opponent can overwhelm the arena with his minions.

harry potter echo

Harry Potter Echo will greatly enhance your low-cost spells, which will allow you to do a lot of damage to your opponent. Unfortunately, this deck mostly struggles against summon-heavy decks, which is why it got placed in the B tier.

neville longbottom echo

Neville Longbottom Echo is great for “turtle-ing up” on your side of the field and preventing enemy units from reaching you. It is amazing against summon-heavy decks, such as Newt Scamander or Rubeus Hagrid, and is often used as a counter to them. Unfortunately, this deck doesn’t work as well against other decks, which is why it didn’t make it higher on the tier list.

severus snape echo

Severus Snape Echo will greatly enhance the damage of your basic attacks, which creates great synergy with cards like Time-Turner or Swelling Solution. While this deck can do well against summon-heavy decks, it often struggles against spell-heavy decks, which is why it didn’t make it higher on this list.

C Tier

weasley twins echo

Weasley Twins Echo power will greatly enhance your companions and reduce their cooldowns. On top of that, you will be able to summon more companions than usual, which opens up some interesting combinations. Sadly, this Echo is often overshadowed by Newt Scamander or Hagrid when it comes to summons and is outperformed by Hermione Granger decks when it comes to spells, which is why it got placed in the C tier.

D Tier

dobby echo

Dobby Echo will grant you additional movement cards and will replace every second movement card with Apparition. This will allow you to easily avoid some dangerous spell combos, which can be great against spell-heavy decks. Unfortunately, the Echo of Dobby doesn’t have much synergy with most of the cards, and that is the reason why it got placed in the D tier.


This tier list is mainly aimed towards the high-rank Dueling Club (Diamond and above). Because of that, some Echoes that might work well for you at a lower rating might not be placed high on this list.

Hopefully, you found this tier list helpful. Thank you for reading and see you soon with more guides for Harry Potter Magic Awakened.