Spell Cards Tier List



Hello everyone. Here is our Spell Cards Tier List. In this tier list, we will rank all of the Spell Cards currently in the game. This tier list is mainly for the Dueling Club, and its goal is to sort the cards in tiers, based on their general usefulness in the PvP aspect of the game.

Tier List

The tier list will consist of five tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. Below you can find each of the tiers and cards placed in them.

S Tier

headless hunt

The Headless Hunt can be used in Newt’s decks because you can easily summon all four Horsemen very fast. Another good use for this card is with the Luna Echo, where you can combine both spells and summons (from your hand + summons from Luna’s passive). When all four Horsemen attack the opponents, and after them, the King of the Hunt himself attacks the marked targets, tremendous AoE damage is guaranteed.

atmospheric charm

Atmospheric Charm is a great spell for dealing damage and significantly reducing healing on the target at the same time. It fits into many high-rank decks, which is why it made its way to the S tier.


Confringo is one of the best area-of-effect spells in the game, especially against summon-heavy decks. It can quickly eliminate most of the low-cost summons, which makes it an invaluable part of almost every deck.


Expulso is a low-cost spell that can do decent damage and knock away opponents. It has many uses. It can be used to knock away annoying summons or companions (such as Cassandra). It can also be used to interrupt channeled spells, and it can be used to knock summons that you cannot reach closer to the middle of the field. You can also use it to knock opponents out of Nebulus fog.


Nebulus spell has many uses. It can be used to hide yourself or your back line summons/companions. It is also great for countering spells such as Atmospheric Charm or Thunderstorm. Lastly, it can be used to prevent summons from getting closer to you. On top of all that, it will also do a bit of healing to all hidden units.


Thunderstorm is an amazing spell. It is great for almost every situation. It synergizes extremely well with the Hermione Granger companion card, and it can do massive damage if used properly.

A Tier


Obscurus can be a useful card in any deck, but it’s very efficient with Snape Echo because it deals basic attack damage, which Snape Echo boosts. This can be more powerful if the Kevin companion card gives you an additional buff on basic attack damage. This spell can also be used to evade certain attacks. When you use this card, you will receive 40% more damage from the opponents for 5 seconds, so you can get punished easily after using this card.

acromantula venom

Acromantula Venom is a great spell for slowing down enemies and doing good damage to them. It can be used to counter slow-moving summons, like stone soldiers summoned by Piertotum Locomotor. It is also great against static companions and summons, such as Lotte Turner or Acromantula’s Nest.


Broomstick card has multiple uses. It can be used to harass your opponent with Oppugno, but it can also be used to escape dangerous combos, such as Incarcerous + Weasley’s Wildfire Whizbangs. Overall, it is a solid A-tier spell.


Incendio is great for doing a lot of area-of-effect damage to clumped-up enemies. It is great for countering Bombtastic Bomb Box, as well as other fragile summons. It can also reveal enemies hiding inside Nebulus fog, which is another reason why it is used in so many high-rank decks.


Inflatus is a great control spell that has multiple uses. It can be used to interrupt channeled spells, and it can also be used to set up powerful combos with Weasley’s Wildfire Whiz-Bangs or Glacius Maxima. On top of that, it has a fairly low cost, and it fits well in many decks.


Oppugno is another amazing low-cost spell. It deals decent damage for its cost, and when used together with Broomstick, it can be a powerful tool to harass your opponent with.

orb of water

Orb of Water is a great spell against summon-heavy decks. It allows you to gather many enemies and do massive damage to them. It can also be used to set up powerful combos, which makes it great for many spell decks.

priori incantato

Priori Incantato is a fantastic spell that can allow you to set up some interesting combos and catch your opponent off-guard. There are many ways to use this spell, which is why it is placed in the A tier.


Sectumsempra is a great spell for doing high damage to enemies that are close to one another. It will bounce several times between your opponents, dealing damage with each bounce. It is great for countering summons like Fwoopers, which are mainly used to counter other powerful summons.

B Tier


Accio is a useful high-damage spell that pulls and binds the first opponent it hits towards you. It is mostly used in Snape decks, and it allows you to drag your opponent closer in order to attack them. Since it will also bind the target, it has great synergy with Inflatus, which will keep the opponent controlled for an even longer period of time. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to land this spell, which is why it fits in the B tier.

glacius maxima

Glacius Maxima is a spell that can be used to do massive damage when set up properly. It synergizes great with your companions and control spells like Inflatus or Incarcerous. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of setup, which is why it got placed in the B tier.


Incarcerous is mainly used to bind your opponent and keep them in place so that you can land another powerful spell. Unfortunately, there are ways to escape the bind, the main one being Broomstick. That is why this spell isn’t ranked higher on the list.


Stupefy is another low-cost control spell that can be used to push the opponent away. It works well in certain decks, especially against slow-moving summons that you want to keep away. Unfortunately, it is overshadowed by Expulso, which puts it into the B tier.

swelling solution

Swelling Solution synergizes well with Snape and Hagrid decks. It will increase the movement and attack speed of affected units, and that works great with slow summons such as Piertotum Locomotor. Other than that, it doesn’t have much use, and that is the reason why it isn’t higher on the list.

time turner

Time-Turner works very well with Snape Echo. It will allow you to harass your opponent, and it also has synergy with Glacius Maxima and Protego Diabolica. Unfortunately, it is fairly easy to counter it with Expulso or Stupefy, so it isn’t very good for high-rank PvP.


Ventus is a spell that can be used to continuously push away enemy summons. It is extremely powerful against summon-heavy decks, but you need to be very precise with its placement. On top of that, standing on the far end of Ventus can open you up for enemy spells, which is why it is placed in the B tier.

wildfire whiz

Weasley’s Wildfire Whiz-Bangs is a great spell that can do massive damage to static opponents. You’ll often need to use a control spell, such as Incarcerous or Inflatus to prevent the opponent from moving away to fully utilize the power of this spell. That is why it wasn’t placed higher on the list.

C Tier


Aguamenti can do decent damage if it continuously hits the same target. However, it is a channeled spell, and it can be interrupted or simply moved away from.

bewitched snowballs

Bewitched Snowballs is another low-cost spell that is often used in Harry Potter decks. While it doesn’t do much damage, it can slow down the target, so it has its uses in certain situations.


Crucio is probably the highest single-target damage spell in the game. It can be used to do significant damage to your opponent, or as a counter to powerful summons. Unfortunately, it is a channeled spell, and it isn’t used much in high-rank PvP.


Episkey is a powerful single-target healing spell. It has synergy with cards like Norwegian Ridgeback and Unicorn, and you can also use it to heal yourself. Unfortunately, it is a channeled spell, and using it prevents you from using basic attacks, so it doesn’t have much use in Neville decks.


Expelliarmus is mainly used in Harry Potter decks. It deals decent single-target damage and disarms the opponent for a short period of time. Unfortunately, it requires careful aiming, and your opponent can counter it by simply hiding behind their summons.


Glacius is a spell that can be used to slow down your opponents and do damage to them. Unfortunately, it has a pretty high cost, which prevents it from being placed higher on this list.

protego diabolica

Protego Diabolica can be good against summon-heavy decks. Unfortunately, you need to stand inside its circle to fully utilize the card’s potential. This leaves you wide open for the opponent’s spells, and that’s why this card got placed in the C tier.

D Tier

avada kedavra

Avada Kedavra can be used in certain high-risk decks. If played properly, you can create a good opening to one-shot your opponent with this spell. Unfortunately, there are many ways to counter it, which is why it got placed in the D tier.


Bludger can in theory do a lot of damage. Unfortunately, it requires you to constantly move to a spot where it’s going to fly, and you will need to use a lot of movement cards to do so. On top of that, it can allow your opponent to land their spells on you while you are going to the Bludger spot, and that is another disadvantage of this spell.

essence of dittany

Essence of Dittany is a powerful healing card that can be used to heal static targets. Unfortunately, its healing circle is pretty small, and your opponent can use a spell such as Acromantula Venom or Incendio to prevent you from standing in it. It can also be countered by Expulso, which is why it doesn’t see much use in high-rank PvP.


Howler can be used to fear any opponent that it hits. Unfortunately, there is a long delay before it lands, which gives your opponent plenty of time to simply move away from it.


Portkey can be used in certain situations, but sadly, it almost never happens in high-rank PvP.

protego totalum

Protego Totalum spell creates a shield around yourself or one of your summons/companions. Unfortunately, it costs a lot of MP, and it is very rarely used in high-rank Dueling Club.

side along apparition

Side-Along Apparition can be used to avoid some dangerous combos, such as Incarcerous + Weasley’s Wildfire Whiz-Bangs. However, Broomstick is way better for that, which is why this spell is placed in the D tier.


Tebo is extremely useful as a 1 MP cost version you receive from Echo of Newt Scamander. Unfortunately, regular Tebo costs 4 MP, and given that it requires channeling, it simply gets overshadowed by many other damage spells.


This tier list is mainly aimed towards the high-rank Dueling Club (Diamond and above). Because of that, some cards that are good for low rank won’t be high on this list.

Hopefully, you found this tier list helpful. Thank you for reading and see you soon with more guides for Harry Potter Magic Awakened.