Summon Cards Tier List



Hello everyone. Here is our Summon Card Tier List. In this tier list, we will rank all of the Summon Cards that are currently in the game. This tier list is mainly for the Dueling Club, and its goal is to create a general idea of which cards are the best for the PvP aspect of the game.

Tier List

This tier list will consist of five tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. Below you can find each of the tiers and the cards placed in them.

S Tier

boomtastic bomb box

Bombtastic Bomb Box is simply amazing. If you are playing a deck that has summons, it will synergize extremely well with it. The bombs thrown by the box will do a lot of damage, and if left unchecked, it is by far the highest damage per MP card in the game.

cornish pixies

Cornish Pixies are a relatively cheap summon, and they synergize extremely well with Bombtastic Bomb Box. They also fit well in any summon deck, which is why they are in the S tier.

monster book of monsters

Monster Book of Monsters is a relatively cheap summon card that can be instantly thrown anywhere on the field. Because of that, it can deliver Bombtastic Bombs super quickly, and it can also be used to reveal enemies hiding inside Nebulus Fog.


Niffler is a cheap summon that generates MP for you over time. You should pretty much always place it in the back side of the field, as far as possible from the opponent’s reach. If your opponent decides to eliminate it, in pretty much all cases, they will need to use more MP than the cost of the Niffler, which puts them at a disadvantage MP-wise. And if they decide to ignore the Niffler, you will receive the MP from it, which is a win-win situation.

A Tier

baby chinese fireball

Baby Chinese Fireball is great support if you use spells with damage over time or if you pressure your opponent with basic attacks (for example, with Time-Turner). Its special attack is very powerful, but unfortunately for our baby dragon, it can be easily dodged by some spells, such as Obscurus and Portkey. It can also be blocked with shielding charms such as Protego Totalum. The opponent can evade the dragon’s special attack with Nebulus as well, but only if they cast it before the dragon’s fifth basic attack.


Ashwinder is another cheap summon that fits well into summon decks. It will spawn a small fire snake whenever you use any other card. Because of that, it fits well into decks that utilize many summon cards as well as decks that use a lot of cheap cards.

baby antipodean opaleye

Antipodean Opaleye is another summon that is quite powerful. It synergizes very well with Echo of Hagrid, and it can do a lot of area-of-effect damage. It also fits quite well into the high-rank meta, which is why it got placed in the A tier.


Matagot is a summon that is used in many decks. It multiplies after taking a certain amount of damage, which makes it more difficult to take down. It synergizes well with Bombtastic Bombs and is relatively cheap, which is why it is in the A tier.

piertotum locomotor

Piertotum Locomotor is an immensely powerful summon, especially in Hagrid decks. The soldiers summoned by this card are very difficult to take down, and in most cases, your opponent will need more than 6 MP to do so. However, there are some clever ways to deal with them, such as Ventus or Acromantula Venom, which is why they are not higher on this list.

B Tier

acromantula's nest

Acromantula’s Nest can be used in several decks, and it is often used with Echo of Neville Longbottom. It is pretty good against summon-heavy decks, and it can make it harder for the opponent’s summons to reach you. However, dealing with the nest isn’t too difficult, which is why it is placed in the B tier.

norwegian ridgeback egg

Norwegian Ridgeback Egg can be quite powerful, especially in the right decks. It is most often used in Neville Longbottom decks since it synergizes well with Neville Echo. However, there are some relatively easy ways to counter it, such as Atmospheric Charm or Weasley’s Wildfire Whiz-Bangs. That is why this card is in the B tier.


Centaur can be quite powerful if left unchecked. It deals pretty good damage and is great for delivering Bombtastic Bombs with its arrows. Unfortunately, it has a very low HP, and eliminating it is fairly easy, which is why it got placed here.

fire crab

Fire Crab is often used in Neville decks to create solid protection against enemy summons. Unfortunately, it isn’t very useful against spell decks, which is why it got placed in the B tier.

baby manticores

Baby Manticore can be used in some Newt decks or Hagrid decks that revolve around Fiendfyre. This card will allow you to move without spending movement cards while the effect is active, which makes it great for saving movement cards. Unfortunately, it is easily countered by Expulso, which is used in many meta decks, and that places it in the B tier.


Spiders are a fairly cheap card that summons six spiders. While they can be useful in some decks, they have very low HP and are quite easy to take down. It is worth mentioning that Spiders can be quite useful in Fiendfyre decks, and are mainly used to quickly boost it up.

stack of monster book of monsters

Stack of Monster Book of Monsters is quite useful in Bellatrix decks. It is great for filling up the fallen bar and for disrupting the opponent’s back line. Unfortunately, a single cast of Confringo in most cases is enough to deal with these books, which puts them in the B tier.

three headed puppy

Three-Headed Puppy is mainly used in spell-heavy decks such as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. It has great value if you summon it when its cost reaches 0 MP, which can allow you to put a lot of pressure on your opponent. Unfortunately, you cannot do this very often, which is the reason why this card isn’t higher on the list.

whomping willow

Whomping Willow has a similar use as the Fire Crab. Its goal is to prevent the enemy summons from reaching you. Unfortunately, it isn’t too difficult to deal with, which puts it in the B tier.

C Tier


Fiendfyre can be very powerful in some decks, and if left unchecked, it can do devastating damage. However, it is not too difficult to deal with, and most of the time, a single Crucio is enough to completely eliminate it.


Fwoopers are mainly used to counter powerful summons. Unfortunately, compared to most other summons, they have very low HP, and a single Sectumsempra or Incendio is often enough to take them down.


Occamy is mainly used in Neville decks. It can do decent damage, but its attacks are heavily telegraphed and easy to avoid. On top of that, it doesn’t have much HP and can easily be taken down with a single powerful spell.


Phoenix has a niche use in some decks. Whenever you use it, it won’t return to your hand until it revives three times, so you will essentially be left with seven cards while it is in the field. This means that you can rotate through the cards in your deck quicker and use your other cards more often. Unfortunately, as a summon, Phoenix isn’t that powerful, which is why it belongs in the C tier.


Thunderbird can be used in some of the summon-heavy decks to shield your units. Unfortunately, it has relatively low HP, and a single cast of Incendio is often enough to take it down.


Troll can be used in certain summon decks, but is heavily overshadowed by other powerful summons, such as Piertotum Locomotor or Baby Antipodean Opaleye. Because of that, it is mostly used in Hagrid decks by players that don’t have any other powerful summons.


Unicorn is mainly used in Neville decks. Unfortunately, it is relatively easy to counter with Atmospheric Charm or Weasley’s Wildfire Whiz-Bangs, which puts it in the C tier.

D Tier

blast ended skrewt

Blast-Ended Skrewt has some synergy with Dobby decks, and it can be used there. Unfortunately, you need to use at least 12 movement cards to make it worth using, so you won’t be able to summon it more than 2-3 times per duel, and that puts it in the D tier.


Erumpent is another summon that costs too much MP and is easy to deal with. It moves very slowly, and spells such as Ventus or Stupefy are easy ways to counter it.

weasley's firework box

Weasley’s Fireworks Box is another static summon that is mainly used to deal with enemy summons. Unfortunately, this box is quite underwhelming and doesn’t even do much damage, which puts it in the D tier.


It is worth noting that this tier list is mainly for the high-rank Dueling Club. Because of that, some cards that can be used with great success at low rank are placed in lower tiers in this list.

Hopefully, you found this tier list helpful. Thank you for reading and see you soon with more guides for Harry Potter Magic Awakened.