Off the Path (Acromantula) Team Exploration



Hello everyone. Here is a guide for the “Off the Path” Forbidden Forest Team Explorations, where the final boss is the giant Acromantula. In this mode of Forbidden Forest, you can farm Gems and Keys.

off the path spider start

Rewards can be collected only once per level. You can earn some additional rewards only if you clear the Forest within 6 minutes. If you team up with other players, you can earn Thank-You Notes. These notes can be exchanged in the shop for various useful items.

off the path spider rewards
off the path spider end

Each week when “Off the Path” is refreshed, 2 cards will be boosted, meaning that these two cards will have their current level from the spell book and +5. This can further be boosted with your Echo for +1 or +2 levels. If some new card comes out in the game, that card will usually be one of the boosted ones.

off the path boosted cards

You can play with NPCs instead of other players, but you won’t get any Thank-You Notes. Each NPC character has 3 unique abilities. Each of the characters has 3 decks they can use in the Forbidden Forest but you need to pick one for each NPC.

npc companions off the path

Between the stages, the exploration leader will be able to select the path the team will take. The path is indicated by different icons that represent what the team will encounter during that stage.

Yellow crossed wands represent the combat encounter. Red crossed wands indicate the difficult combat encounter. The red hourglass represents a very difficult combat encounter. The white leaves indicate that you can find some potion ingredients without a fight. White bonfire represents the resting spot, where you and your teammates can replenish your HPs by 40%.

If the combat lasts more than 60 seconds during the combat encounters, Acromantulas will create Acromantula Nests that will spawn venomous green spiders. These spiders will drop the pond of venom once killed.

off the path spider choices

Off the Path team exploration has six stages. After each stage, you can choose one buff. This buff will be active until the end of your FF run. Each player will choose their bonuses and you can view which buffs they’ve chosen. NPCs won’t choose any buff or new ability, but they will have three unique abilities from the start.

Stage 1

During Stage 1, you can choose between an easy combat encounter on the left path and a hard combat encounter on the right path. If you choose to fight an easy combat, you will face venomous spiders.

The only real danger in this encounter is when giant green spiders spit Acromantula Venom on the ground. You will see a red circle where venom will land, so try to avoid it by simply walking away. If you find yourself standing in the Acromantula Venom, move as soon as possible (or use any spell for Apparition) because the longer you stay in the venom, the damage you receive will increase over time. Giant green spiders also have a special attack with venom where they spread poisonous gas in front of them.

You will also encounter a group of tiny spiders. Individual spider is very weak but they are dangerous in group. You can easily defeat them with any AoE spell such as Incendio, or you can cast Confrigo.

Lastly, Acromantula’s Nests will appear. Eliminate them as fast as you can, because they spawn small venomous green spiders over time. When these venomous spiders are defeated, they will leave the pool of Acromantula Venom on the ground.

off the path spider otrovni paukovi

When you defeat this encounter, you can pick only one reward buff “Emergency Care” which is not a very useful buff.

stage 1 green spiders reward

If you choose the right path, instead of left, you will have a hard combat encounter against a group of Erumpents. Just like the regular Erumpents from Summoning Cards, these will try to stun you with a powerful charge. Try to control them with Inflatus or Incarcerous.

off the path spider nosorozi

Once you finish this encounter you may choose between 3 buffs. It is recommended to choose Pronto to significantly boost your basic attack damage. This is even more powerful if your Echo is Snape.

off the path spider pick ability

Stage 2

During stage 2, you can choose between two hard combat encounters. On the left path, you will face more venomous spiders.

off the path spider tezi otrovni pauci

On the right path, you will face either Cornish Pixies or Ashwinders. They are not difficult enemies and they can be easily defeated with spells that hit multiple targets such as Confrigo. Don’t forget that Ashwinders can summon smaller fire snakes that will rush towards you.

off the path spider ashwinders
off the path spider cornish pixies

Below are the possible rewards for stage 2. If you are focusing on dealing with basic damage, for example with Snape Echo, you can choose the “Power Rush” to increase your damage by 10%. If your deck is focusing a lot on spells, you can choose the “Focused” or the “Rage” buff.

stage 2 spiders reward
stage 2 ashwinders reward
stage 2 cornish pixies reward

Stage 3

For stage 3, you can choose between another combat encounter (the path will have a question mark icon) or rest. Choose to rest only if you are very low on HP because you will have another resting spot before the boss fight.

If you choose the combat encounter you’ll need to save a Unicorn from venomous spiders. This fight is similar to previous encounters with venomous spiders.

stage 3 green spiders

If you are focusing on your basic attacks, choose the “Curse Mark” buff. For spell oriented deck, choose the “Dexterous”.

stage 3 green spiders rewards

If you choose the right path where a resting spot is, you and your team members will replenish 40% of your HP. If you have above 50% HP, you don’t have to rest now, because you will have another resting spot in Stage 5.

off the path spider rest

Stage 4

In stage 4, you will only have one path. It will lead you to the hard combat encounter against werewolves. Some werewolves will be larger, with more HP and damage. Their special attack is to jump on an area to deal massive damage. You will have a lot of time to avoid it. When you see that you are standing in the red circle, move to the safety. You’ll have enough time to dodge even with a simple Movement Card.

It is a good tactic to stun the werewolves when there are too many of them, for example, with Inflatus. This will buy some time to deal them damage. You can also use spells with AoE like Incendio, and spell that is perfect against multiple targets such as Confrigo.

off the path spider werewolfs
stage 4 werewolves rewards

Stage 5

Stage 5 only has a resting spot. You and your team members will replenish 40% of your HP, right before the boss fight.

Stage 6 – Boss Fight

The boss for this version of the Off the Path is the giant Acromantula spider. The fight has two stages.

spider boss intro

During the first stage, you need to destroy two large Acromantula nests. These nests will spawn venomous green spiders that will spill venom on the ground when you kill them.

spider boss first phase

Once you destroy the Acromantula nests, the mother Acromantula won’t be happy about it. The second phase of the fight will begin.

spider boss second phase

Acromantula’s special attacks are spitting venom in front of her for high damage.

spider boss venom attack

Her other more dangerous attack is a complete stun by tangling one player in a spider web. Attack the spider web to free your friend.

spider boss web stun

Acromantula can also spin the web on the ground, which will slow down your team members and summons.

spider boss web slow

Lastly, another attack is to stomp on her target with two legs.

spider boss stomping attack

During the fight, Acromantula will have additional mobs. These additional enemies can be Acromantula Nests which will summon giant versions of venomous green spiders and white-striped red spiders. white-striped red spiders are very dangerous because, after some time, they will release venomous gas that will cover the entire field of combat, easily killing all team members. You need to defeat these spiders as soon as you see them!

spider boss dangerous spider mob
spider boss dangerous spider mob 2

The key to victory is that all three players do as much dps to the boss as possible while avoiding spider webs. High-damage spells against a single target are useful, such as Crucio. The longer you wait, the more white-striped red spiders will appear and they are the downfall of any team. If they appear, stop attacking the boss and immediately attack the red spiders, because if they release their venom, it’s game over. Their venom covers the entire field. so there is no escape from their attack. You could try Obscurus or Broomsticks spells, but the Venom will still be active when you return to the field.