Potions and Potion Brewing – students, prepare your cauldrons!

You will unlock the Potion feature in the 14th Mission of Admission Season event (in the open beta of the game). You will have an objective to successfully brew two potions.

Open your inventory, and you will find the option “Potions” (an icon of a cauldron, next to the Camera icon – in the open beta of the game).

You will enter your Cabinet inventory where you can see all your Potions and the Items at the center of your screen. On the left, you have filters “Potions” – if you wish to see only your Potions, and “Items” – if you wish Items only. On the left side, below the Items filter, you will see the huge black cauldron with the word “Brew” on it. Click that and you will be in the Brewing section.

On the left side, you will have categories of potions in the shape of icons. The category “All” will be active by default when you enter. To the right side of that sidebar, you will have an additional sidebar, with the list of options, from top to bottom. You can scroll down to see the rest of the Potions.

Select the potion you want and in the middle of the screen, where your character and cauldron are, you will see Item slots. You need different items and their exact quantities to brew that potion. On the right side of the screen, you will see the potion description: what that potion does. Also, below the description, you will have the option to set the number of potions (e.g., you can make two same potions immediately, instead of one by one), and a button “Brew” to brew it.

Types of Potions

Wit-Sharpening Potion

Used in the Dueling Club to increase your Card Copy Attempts by 1: Get 3 wins to copy 1 random Card from your opponent’s deck. The Potion’s effect ends at 5:00 AM daily.

Blood-Replenishing Potion

Used in the Forbidden Forest. Instantly restores a small amount of Health to the entire party. Blood-Replenishing Potion can only be used once during a single Explore.

Healing Potion

Used in battles. Throws a vial of Healing Potion, restoring a small amount of Health to all friendly units within range.

Hair-Raising Potion

Make the drinker’s hair stand on end for 30 minutes.

Potion of Invisibility

Renders the user invisible for 30 minutes, allowing one to sneak into the Common Rooms of other Houses. Also grants 10 seconds of Invisibility at the start of any battle when exploring the Forbidden Forest.

Draught of Peace

After drinking, you will not have points deducted or your Tier rank lowered if you lose your next Duelling Club match. Protection lasts for 30 minutes.

Befuddlement Draught

Used in battles. Throws a vial of Befuddlement Draught, causing all units on the battlefield to move towards it, except for some immovable units. It has short duration.

Scintillation Solution

Used in battles. Throws a vial of Scintillation Solution to slightly accelerate MP regeneration for you and your teammates.

Baruffio’s Brain Elixir

Used in History of Magic Class and House Team Quizzes. Eliminates one incorrect answer for all participants and lasts for one question.



Dittany is a powerful healing herb that is often used in Potion-making.

Obtained via: Forbidden Forest Purple Clue

Unicorn Tail Hair

Unicorn Hair is a powerful magical material used in Wand-making and Potion-making. However, the specific effect it has on Potions remains unknown.

Obtained via: Forbidden Forest


Wormwood is a very bitter herb that has been used in Potion-making since ancient times.

Obtained via: Forbidden Forest


An essential ingredient in many Potions, it is referred to as Standard Potioning Water in ‘Advanced Potion-Making’.

Obtained via: Forbidden Forest

Porcupine Quill

Porcupine Quills are the sharp spines that cover porcupines defending them from predators. Porcupine Quills are plentiful since the animals continually replenish them.

Obtained via: Forbidden Forest

Rat Tail

Rat Tail is a Common Potion Ingredient. It is used in the Hair-Raising Potion.


Castor Oil, Rose Oil, and Neem Oil are essential ingredients in many Potions. Wand Oil can be used in the care and upkeep of Wands.

Obtained via: Forbidden Forest

Powdered Unicorn Horn

The horn of a Unicorn has magical properties that make it a useful ingredient in Potions, such as the Antidote to Common Poisons.

Obtained via: Forbidden Forest