You’ll break your bones! Quidditch Practice Match (Flying Class)

This Class is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Quidditch in lore

In quidditch, two teams compete against each other. Each team has 7 players. Players have distinct roles, and each team consists of 3 Chasers, 2 Beaters, 1 Keeper, and 1 Seeker. Balls in quidditch are 1 Quaffle, 2 Bludgers, and 1 Golden Snitch. Each team has 3 goalposts.

The chaser’s job is to score a goal with a Quaffle by tossing it into one of the opposing team’s goalposts. Each goal is worth 10 points. Bludgers will fly on their own. Beaters need to catch them, and they can use them to hit the opponent players. The Keeper protects the goalposts from Chasers, blocking or catching the Quaffle in front of the goalposts.

The Seeker is trying to catch the Golden Snitch. Catching the Golden Snitch (which is very difficult to see and is very fast) is worth 150 points which gives an almost unbeatable lead to the team who catches it. That’s why catching the Golden Snitch often decides the outcome of the match. The match ends once the Golden Snitch is caught.

Quidditch in the game

Quidditch Harry Potter: Magic Awakened has six players, three players for each team. This is different compared to the seven players in original Harry Potter lore, Also, there are no quidditch roles in Magic Awakened, such as Chasers, Beaters, Keepers, and Seekers. Every player is playing similarly to Chasers in the Normal mode. In the Pitch Mode, players additionally have a role of a Beater (well, partially).

You will fly on a track similar to the racetrack. You may see the edges of that track. You have 3 distinct positions where you can move inside the track: left, center, and right. You move by tapping the left or right side of the screen.

At the end of each lap, you need to tap one of the 3 goalposts. You will then automatically score a goal with a Quaffle ball (you don’t need to acquire it, you always have it in the game), scoring 10 points for your team.


During the flight, you will encounter opponent players. You need to dodge them. If you hit them, you will lose Stamina. When your Stamina falls to 0, you will lose balance on your Broomstick, and you’ll need to wait for a short while before you can continue. You will also miss a chance to score more goals. Each of the players has Stamina Bar. Stamina Bars are displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. The color of your teammates’ Stamina Bars is green, and the color of the opponents’ Stamina Bars is red.

Sometimes you will see a green line on the track. If you fly over that line for a few seconds, the entire team will refill their Stamina Bars.


If you dodge the opponents when you are very close to them, you will earn additional points for Team Dash activation. When your team accumulates enough points, Team Dash will be activated. During Team Dash, you and all your team members will have a massive speed boost (like you are flying on rockets instead of broomsticks) and will be immune to opponents’ attempts to drain your Stamina.

You can see the Team Dash progress at the bottom of the screen, it is a golden bar that fills up after Perfect Dodge, and it drains after Dash is activated. Once fully drained, the Team Dash is over and you fly normally again.

You will occasionally see colored lanes with chevrons. Yellow lanes with chevron-ups will speed you up, so you can score more points faster than your opponents. But beware, it will be harder to dodge the opponents. Red tracks with chevron-downs will slow you down.

When the time runs out, the Match is over and the team with the higher score wins. You will see the individual scores of each teammate and how many “Perfect Dodges” they had.

Watch out! The opponent can ram at your side trying to push you away. The button on the left side of your screen will appear. You need to tap very fast several times to push away the aggressive opponent.

At the end of the match, you can see your Class Grade. Currently, it’s unknown what variables are for better grading.

Pitch Mode

The Pitch mode is slightly tougher than the Normal mode. During the flight, you will encounter Golden Bubbles with a question mark on them. If you fly through them, you will randomly get a special ability. For example, you can get immunity to opponents’ attacks for 8 seconds, so opponents can’t drain your Stamina in any way. Another effect is to have a “Bludger” ball where you can hit the opponent player with a Bludger, just like the Beater in the quidditch lore. The player who is hit by a Bludger will lose a significant amount of Stamina.

Another interesting effect is throwing snowballs at the opponent. The player who is hit by a snowball will have a hard time seeing anything on the Quidditch Pitch with their eyes full of snow.

The effects you can get in a Pitch Mode are:

  • Slightly increases the speed of 1 teammate and automatically dodges all opponents for 5 seconds
  • Recovers Stamina for all teammates
  • Recovers Stamina for a teammate
  • Sends a Bludger towards an opponent, causing them to lose Stamina
  • Sends Bludgers toward all opponents, causing them to lose Stamina
  • Throws a snowball at an opponent, blinding them for 5 seconds
  • Throws snowballs at all opponents, blinding them for 5 seconds
  • Launches orbs of water at all opponents, immobilizing them for 3 seconds each
  • Grants immunity to one teammate for 60 seconds, or until the next incoming opponent action is nullified
  • Oversee the movement controls for an opponent for 8 seconds