Resource Tips for New Players



Hello everyone. Here is our guide on managing resources as a new player. There are many resources you can obtain while playing, and spending them wisely is the key to optimizing your progression.


Gold is a resource that is mainly obtained by playing the game. Many of the game’s activities will reward gold to players, and there are plenty of ways to spend your gold.

As a new player, you will get a lot of gold initially by completing chapters of the story and finishing seasonal tasks. However, it is immensely important to save your gold and use it wisely.

By far, the best way to spend gold is to use it to level up your cards. As you increase their level, you will need more and more gold to level them up, and it can quickly add up.

As you probably know, leveling up your cards will grant you Spellbook experience. Since the Spellbook level is directly giving you bonuses to your Health and Damage, leveling up cards should be your top priority when it comes to spending Gold.

resource tips leveling cards

Also, it is worth mentioning that you should not spend gold to fully level up the Echoes you receive. Initially, it is recommended to pick one Echo, and stick to it until you get the Echo of Epic quality (or above) that you want to use.

It is recommended to level up your Echoes a few levels at a time. That way, you can reveal some of the card bonuses they provide, and in case you don’t get the cards you want, you should stop leveling that Echo and wait until you get the next one. This will help you save Gold.

resource tips echo leveling


Gems are the rare currency that can be obtained by completing various in-game activities. Unlike Gold, Gems are far rarer, and you won’t be able to earn a lot of them from gameplay alone.

On top of that, Gems can be used for many different things in the game, and one of the best ways to spend them is to wait for a card drawing event. These events have a limited card draw pool, so you can check which cards are possible to draw, and if there are some cards you need, you can spend gems on these draws.

resource tips gems

Other than that, there is also an option to convert Gems into Gold at a 1 to 10 rate. However, it is only recommended to do so if you really need to level up an important card. Otherwise, it is better to wait until you earn Gold elsewhere.

Echo Crystals

This currency is mainly obtained from Forbidden Forest Explorations and is used to level up your Echoes. As mentioned before, it is not recommended to level up your Echoes to max level in one go.

You should level up Echoes a few levels at a time, and see the initial few cards they provide bonuses for. If you don’t end up getting the cards you want after a few level ups, it is recommended to stop leveling up that Echo and wait until you have another one.

Thank-You Notes

You can earn Thank-You Notes by doing Forbidden Forest Team Explorations. You can earn a fair number of them, but you will need to invest some time in order to do so.

These notes can be spent in the shop, and the recommended items to use them on are the Gold, Legendary Team Trade Tokens, and Curious Card Packs.

resource tips thank you notes

You can get 1000 Gold for 10 Thank-You Notes once a week. It is highly recommended to do this every week since Gold is pretty much always needed to level up your cards.

You can get 1 Legendary Team Trade Token for 50 Thank-You Notes once a month. You will need Legendary Team Trade Tokens to exchange legendary cards with your teammates, so it is recommended to get one of these tokens each month via Thank-You Notes.

By opening Curious Card Packs, you have a chance to earn Legendary cards, so spending some Thank-You Notes on them each month is a good option.

Wild Cards

Wild Cards can be used as a substitute for any card of similar rarity to level it up. You can use them to level up the cards you use the most, which makes them very powerful.

However, you won’t be able to get many of these cards through gameplay. Because of that, it is incredibly important to only use them on cards you are playing the most.


Managing your in-game resources is the key to optimizing your progression. Hopefully, you will find this guide helpful.

Thank you for reading and see you soon with more guides for Harry Potter Magic Awakened.