Slughorn Vs McGonnagal – Who supports their House better?

It is fun comparing the characters to see who is more powerful. But comparing some wizards or witches to other things than just power is something more. This goes double for characters who would otherwise never cross wands.

Minerva McGonagall VS Horace Slughorn

While McGonnagal and Slughorn would never fight, we can compare them in different ways. They both do much to support the students of their respective houses. So, let’s take a look at who is doing it better!

Horace Slughorn and the famed Slug Club

The Slug Club is a well-known lobby in the entire Wizarding World. What started at Hogwarts School has ended up being one of the most prestigious circles in the magic society. Professor Slughorn held this social and dining club after school hours.

There, he gathered promising and talented students, but also students who were already well connected had famous parents or were famous themselves. He hosted parties and would then continue to weed out the less promising members, so he could get the very best of the best.

Enjoying personal gain from his students

Such students have always made great success after graduating from Hogwarts and Slughorn’s influence slowly spread. The Slug Club enabled him to stay connected to the wizards and witches well after they left school. He would then have access to high circles of the magic society, professional sports, figures of authority, and similar lobbies.

Professor Slughorn has certainly ensured the progress of his favorite well throughout the magic world. He has also thought gifted students various potion recipes and spells well over their grade level. Both he and his students benefited from the after-school activities.

What was his mistake?

However, lobbying to get free quidditch tickets is not Slughorn’s sin. Taken in by his vanity, he allowed Tom Riddle to extract valuable information about the Horcrux spell. By revealing the workings of that spell to a student who would one day become Voldemort, Slughorn was responsible for making him nearly immortal.

What has Professor McGonnagal done for House Gryffindor and its students?

Prof. Minerva is one of the best professors at Hogwarts, no question about it. She is a true Gryffindor, but few people know that it took the sorting hat over five minutes to sort her. It was perhaps the longest sorting in the history of the school.

The Longest Sorting in History

The Sorting Hat couldn’t decide if she was a Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, and McGonnagal does display the qualities of both houses. She is brave and true like a Gryffindor should be, but Minerva is also intelligent, wise, and dedicated to knowledge like Ravenclaw.

Minerva’s Achievements

She worked at the Ministry of Magic for a short while. Minerva fought Voldemort and the Death Eaters as a member of the Order of the Phoenix in the First Wizarding War. Of course, in the second war, she also stood her ground at the Battle of Hogwarts, protecting the students.

During that battle, she fought Voldemort alongside Slughorn. But, what sets Minerva aside is how she always found clever ways to help her students and beat the system that was faulty at the time. For instance, when Dolores Umbridge was assigned as Headmistress of Hogwarts, Minerva opposed her greatly, both openly and covertly.

The Time Turner

An example of how she supported the students of House Gryffindor includes Hermione. Lucious Malfoy attempted to sabotage Hermione’s education, because of the rumors that she is the brightest witch of her age.

He used his influence at the ministry to impose rules about the limitations on how many classes a Hogwarts student can attend for one year. To counter this, professor McGonnagal did not openly oppose the will of the ministry, but she gave Hermione the Time Turner and taught her how to use it.

What did she do wrong?

Unlike Horace Slughorn, who supported his students but also hoped to benefit from it himself, Minerva did not seek personal gain. As a result, she never made a mistake, or at least not a mistake as serious as Horace did when he revealed the method of becoming immortal to the darkest wizard of them all.

Winner – Minerva McGonnagal!

Minerva has shown true wisdom in educating and supporting her students, but also the students of other houses. Professor Slughorn is equally a powerful wizard, no doubt, but the Slug Club became more a way to divide the students than to teach them unity.

Horace allowed vanity and pride to hinder his ability to educate students and truly enrich their time at Hogwarts. Mcgonnagal knew exactly when and what to teach, and when not to interfere. She is the winner here!