Summoning Cards overview – how to summon magical creatures to your aid

When you use a summoning card, a creature will appear on the field, attacking the enemy (or enemy player in PvP). Creatures have their own HP, attack strengths, and special abilities.



Cost: 3

Centaur attacks from the long-range, using arrows.

Centaurs are sentient beings with a human head, torso, and arms, but with the lower body of a horse. They have a long rich history, and they are talented in archery, healing magic, divination, and astronomy.

The Ministry of Magic classifies them as “Beasts” because of their request. Otherwise, with their human intelligence, they would be classified together with hags and vampires, and other dark creatures that they deeply hate.

Cornish Pixie

Cost: 3

Pixie dashes at the opponent when close enough.

Very mischievous creatures, Cornish Pixies like to steal things and pull people up by their ears and place them on very high places like roofs and at the top of trees. Nobody knows why they are like that.

They don’t communicate with humans, but they can communicate among themselves. The well-known case of Pixies terrorizing someone is from the 17th century when they abducted a witch Dymphna Furmage.


Cost: 3

When you use this card, you will summon 6 weak spiders.

Spiders in the wizarding world are mostly harmless. Yes, some of them are poisonous, but they usually avoid other creatures. Their poisons can be used for brewing potions.



Cost: 5

Summon a spider cocoon that spawns one spider. When that spider dies, the spider cocoon will spawn another spider.

It is widely believed that Acromantulas are wizard-bred species, designed to protect treasures. created before the Ban on Experimental Breeding in 1965. Acromantulas can eat humans. The first sighting of Acromantula occurred in 1794.

Blast-Ended Skrewt

Cost: 12

Blast-Ended Skrewt shoots long-range projectiles at the enemy. This card’s cost is reduced every time you use a move card.

Rubeus Hagrid bred this magical hybrid species by crossbreeding Manticores and Fire Crabs, in 1994. When they hatch, their bodies are armorless and pale, smelling like rotten fish. They are six inches long and they have many legs with unusual angles. They don’t have a clearly defined head. Repulsive males have stings while females have suckers to suck blood from the victims. When they mature, they grow shiny armor.


Cost: 5

The Erumpent will immediately charge at the enemy, then explode, causing the enemy to be stunned.

Fire Crab

Cost: 5

Fire Crab is immobile, but a very resilient creature. It causes a high amount of damage at very close range.


Cost: 5

Summon two birds that can confuse the opponent when dealing damage.


Cost: 4

Summon a cat that can become stronger when damaged. The effect can happen up to two times.

Monster Book of Monsters

Cost: 3

Summon a fast-moving book.


Cost: 5

Summon a troll. The troll is moving very slowly but he has a lot of HP.

Whomping Willow

Cost: 5

Whomping Willow can’t move and uses area attacks. It can taunt enemies.



Cost: 3

Summon an explosive fire snake Ashwinder

Bombastic Bomb

Cost: 3

Send bombs to your summons and companions. Bombs will detonate on their death.


Cost: 2

Niffler will give you 1 Mana Point periodically.


Cost: 4

Summon a teapot that will attack a random opponent periodically.

Stack of monster books monsters

Cost: 7

Summon three very fast books that attack anything in range. They have high DPS.

Swooping Evil

Cost: 4

Swooping evil is a very fast-moving creature.

Three-headed Dog

Cost: 14

The cost of this card is reduced each time you cast a spell. The Three-headed dog has a lot of HP.


Cost: 4

Thunderbird will periodically cast a shield on three random allies. The shield will damage opponents after its destruction.


Cost: 5

Summon a unicorn with only 50% of his HP. It will gradually regenerate HP, and once it gets full health, will charge the opponents.

Whiz-bangs Firework Box

Cost: 3

The box is immobile and can attack its opponent with firework projectiles.


Baby Antipodean Opaleye

Cost: 6
Health: 362
Damage: 55
Attack Interval: 3
DPS: 18.3
Attack Distance: 55
Speed: Fast
Target: Ground & Air

Summons a Baby Antipodean Opaleye that sprays fire, dealing AoE damage to enemy units.


Cost: 7
Health: 566
Damage: 34
Attack Interval: 3
DPS: 11.3
Attack Distance: 30
Speed: Medium

Summons Fiendfyre. The Fiendfyre increases in size and Attack power with every unit destroyed while it’s on the field. After 12 units have been destroyed, Fiendfyre will evolve and attack 3 enemies at once.

Golden Snitch

Cost: 5
Health: 516

Summons a high-speed Golden Snitch that moves about the battlefield. Its Health is reduced every time it moves, but it provides the player with 1 Movement Card and 1 Magic Point.

The Golden Snitch can be caught when it has less than 50% Health. Catching it grants 3 Movement Cards and 1 Magic Point.

Norwegian Ridgeback

Cost: 7

Summons a Norwegian Ridgeback egg. The Dragon Egg starts with only 40% of its Maximum Health and regenerates 3% of its Maximum Health every second. If the Dragon Egg takes damage equal to 80% of its Maximum Health, it stops automatically regaining Health. When the Dragon Egg is restored to 100% Health, a Baby Norvegian Ridgeback will burst out of the shell, spewing fire at random enemy units 3 times and dealing AoE damage.


Cost: 7

Summon a phoenix at the target location. The phoenix consumes its own health and uses tears to continuously heal friendly units within the range.

After the phoenix is defeated, you can tap the ashes left by the phoenix to transfer magic power to rebirth from Nirvana; after three rebirths, the ashes disappear, and the phoenix will return to your hand again. Every time the phoenix respawns, its health will be reduced by 10%.

Piertotum Locomotor

Cost: 6
Health: 583
Damage: 68
Attack Interval: 3
DPS: 22.7

Summons a petrified suit of armor. After 7 seconds, the armor will be freed from petrification and begin to move or attack. After that, the armor will be petrified again after every 4 attacks. While petrified, the armor cannot move or attack, but any damage received will be reduced by 70%.