The Ball – Step into the ballroom of the Social Club for a dance

When Triwizard Tournament was revived in 1994., the Yule Ball was introduced in Hogwarts. The idea of the Ball is for students of Hogwarts and other Wizarding Schools who participate in the Triwizard Tournament to socialize with each other. Students who are participants in the Triwizard Tournament must attend the ball, the rest of the students can choose whether they will go or not, the only condition is that they are in fourth grade or higher. Younger students can only attend if senior students (fourth or higher grade) invite them.

Luckily, in the game, players can attend the Ball any time they wish, in the Social Club part of Hogwarts. When you finish your dance in the Social Club, you will get Pass Points. You can dance with another player or with NPC. When you are in the Social Club location, which is a ballroom, you can approach another player and ask them for a dance, which is really lovely. If they accept, you can dance with them.

How to play

First, you will select the difficulty. Difficulty levels are represented as musical compositions. Some compositions are slower (easier), and some are faster (harder).

A yellow circle will appear on the screen randomly. After it appears, it will gain an outer greater circle that will shrink in size. Ideally, you need to tap the inner circle when the outer and inner are the same size because you will earn the most points. If you tap sooner, you will get fewer points, and if you tap too late or not at all you will get zero points.

The number of circles that appear on the screen at the same time and the speed of their outer circles shrinking depends on the difficulty. On higher difficulty, blue circles can appear as well. You need to swipe through blue circles in a specific direction.

At the end of the dance session, you will receive:

  • Your Score
  • Your Partner’s Score
  • Total Score (score of your partner and you combined)
  • Your grade (for both you and your partner)
  • The overall percentage of Accuracy
  • and the number of hits per Accuracy.

Available Grades you can earn:

  • C
  • C+
  • B
  • B+
  • A
  • A+
  • S
  • S+
  • SS

Accuracy of hits can be:

  • Miss (when you click too late on a circle, or you don’t click at all)
  • Good
  • Great
  • Perfect (when you hit when the outer circle is of the same size as the inner, just on time)