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The Owl Collection – it’s a hoot to have these fluffy pets

Disclaimer: This guide was written for the Taiwanese version of the game. We are currently working on updating all our guides for the Global Release.

Dear Witches and Wizards, here you can find the information about the owls you can acquire in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. The owls are mainly obtained in the Owl Post Office (also known as Eeylops Owl Emporium) in Diagon Alley. Also, some owls can be obtained from certain in-game events.

Scops Owl

Collection progress: +88

Scops Owls are small in size and known for their agility. They also have strong, raptor-like claws and curved beaks to catch prey and deter potential letter thieves.

Brown Fish Owl

Collection progress: +88

Brown Fish Owls like their privacy and often live alone near a water source. Although they appear to struggle whilst flying, they are actually powerful and fast fliers capable of silently stalking their prey.

Barred Owl

Collection progress: +88

The curious Barred Owl is easily distinguishable from other owls thanks to the extensive horizontal and vertical bars on its plumage and an unusual, trilled hoot.

Tawny Owl

Collection progress: +88

Very similar to the Brown Owls, the Tawny Owl distinguishes itself with its slightly more red plumage. Also, they prefer to prey on doxies more than pixies.

Screech Owl

Collection progress: +88

The agile Screech Owl is a short, stocky specimen, with a large head and raised, pointy ear tufts that give the owl its distinctive silhouette.

Barn Owl

Collection progress: +107

The faithful Barn Owl is found throughout Europe, and it is known for its heart-shaped face, an acute sense of hearing, and a birdcall that sounds less like a hoot but more like an eerie wail.

Brown Owl

Collection progress: +107

The sturdy Brown Owl is known for its superb directional hearing, making it an excellent hunter of small rodents, Pixies, and other pests, in addition to being an excellent post owl, of course.

Snowy Owlet

Collection progress: +147

In contrast to the majesty of its elders, the young Snowy Owl is like a cute little snowball. Gaining its trust is not easy, but once it has decided that you are its master, it will become your most loyal companion.

Eagle Owl

Collection progress: +147

Eagle owls are remarkable in size, with a large chest, distinctive long ear feathers, and bright orange eyes.