Weasley Twins Meta Decks



Hello everyone. In this guide, we will go over some meta decks that utilize the Echo of Weasley Twins. Weasley Twins offer a fast-paced playstyle, and they are incredibly fun to play.

Best Cards for Weasley Twins Decks

Decks using Weasley Twins Echo revolve around using Companion Cards to pressure their opponents and set up powerful combos.

Some of the cards that work well with Weasley Twins are: Glacius Maxima, Thunderstorm, Incarcerous, Inflatus, Cornish Pixies, Matagot, Monster Book of Monsters, and Bombtastic Bomb Box.

Companion Cards that work well with Weasley Twins Echo are: Malfoy Gang, Frey Twins, Hermione Granger, Grawp, and Robyn Thistlethwaite.

Malfoy Gang and Frey Twins are excellent if you are using Glacius Maxima. Hermione works wonderfully with high-damage spells, such as Thunderstorm. As for Robyn and Grawp, they are great companions for applying pressure to your opponent.

Weasley Twins Meta Decks

Deck 1

Cards: Sectumsempra, Thunderstorm, Stupefy, Atmospheric Charm, Incendio, Cornish Pixies, Matagot, Bombtastic Bomb Box.

Companion Cards: Grawp, Frey Twins, Robyn Thistlethwaite.

This deck has a healthy mix of spells and summons. Cornish Pixies and Matagot are excellent summons to deliver Bombtastic Bombs, and the spells in your deck will make it easier to deal with enemy summons.

All three of your Companion Cards should help you put more pressure on your opponent, so they synergize well with Weasley Twins Echo.

Overall, this deck is quite fun to play, and given that not many people use Weasley Twins in the Dueling Club, you can use it to catch your opponent off guard.

Deck 2

Cards: Glacius Maxima, Inflatus, Incarcerous, Atmospheric Charm, Monster Book of Monsters, Cornish Pixies, Matagot, Bombtastic Bomb Box.

Companion Cards: Malfoy Gang, Frey Twins, Hermione Granger

The goal of this deck is to set up big combos with Glacius Maxima. You want to wait until you have at least 8-9 MP and then summon one of your companions, quickly control the enemy player with Incarcerous or Inflatus, and follow that up with Glacius Maxima. This will cause your companions to also cast Glacius Maxima on your opponent.

If you execute this correctly, you can deal massive damage to your enemy with every Glacius Maxima combo. Do this a few times, and you should be able to win the duel.

The biggest downside of this deck is that it requires two Legendary Companion Cards.


While Weasley Twins decks aren’t the best ones for the Dueling Club, not many people are using them, and that can allow you to catch your opponents off guard. Playing Glacius Maxima deck can be quite fun, and pulling off big damage combos can feel very satisfying.

Hopefully, you found this guide helpful. Thank you for reading and see you soon with more guides for Harry Potter Magic Awakened.