Yet another five best Harry Potter book to movie changes. Let’s go.

Harry dancing with Hermione in the tent

This is the scene where we see our gang hitting bottom. Under the influence of the locket, Ron became overwhelmingly jealous, and, after an argument, he leaves. Harry and Hermione stay alone, 1 man down, facing impossible odds.

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 1, in this moment of sadness, they start dancing. This was such a good thing, coming at such an unlikely moment. It was just happiness and joy, which contrasted with everything else in the movie. They dance to Nick Cave’s O’ Children, a song from the album titled Lyre of Orpheus.

The way Ginny is looking at Harry

This is also something not pointed out in the books specifically. Although we do know Ginny fancies Harry, it is only in the movies, in those moments she glances at him, that we see just how much. Bonnie Wright portrayed this to perfection.

Those looks and glances speak volumes, and they prophesize the love that is yet to come. In the first couple of movies, Ginny just runs away when she sees Harry. But, later, as the kids get older, she gives him that look of assurance and warmth, that makes us feel that Harry is safer for it. 

Destroying the Elder Wand

Many people just assumed that Harry destroyed the Elder Wand in the book, as he did in the movie. This is such a satisfying ending to the whole fuss about it, that even many of the people who read the books forgot that it doesn’t happen like that.

Originally, Harry returns the wand to Dumbledore’s tomb, which is also a poetic end. But, snapping it in two and throwing it off the Hogwarts bridge is also quite empowering. It is a mini demonstration of why Harry triumphed over Voldemort. He never wanted power and he always relied on himself and his friends.

The home of the Weasleys getting destroyed

The home of the Weasley family, called the Burrow, is such an interesting place. It is equally impressive in the books and the movies. However, in the Half-Blood Prince movie, the Death Eaters attack at Christmas.

Many of the fans didn’t like this. The books explain that the Burrow has magical defenses and is nearly impregnable. However, this is a place Harry loved so much and this symbolizes his world crashing around him.

Cutting Ludo Bagman and Winky out

Ludo Bagman works at the Ministry and he oversees the sports department. This is because he was a professional quidditch player before. He appears heavily in the fourth book, the Goblet of Fire, especially in the first couple of chapters when they watch the world cup.

At that same game, Harry meets Winky, an alcoholic house-elf. Scenes with Bagman and Winky are certainly cool, but they are not overly interesting or crucial for the plot. By cutting them out, the producers undoubtedly sped up the pace of the movie and saved on CGI.