All Endings and How to Get Them

Hello everyone. Here is a guide on how to get all endings in Hogwarts Legacy. There are two regular endings, good and bad, as well as a secret “true” ending. Here is how you can get each one of those endings.

Good Ending

You can get this ending during the Final Repository quest. When you and Professor Fig reach the Repository, he’ll ask what you’re planning to do with it. If you want to get the good ending, select the first option and tell Fig you intend to keep it contained.

hogwarts legacy ending 0010

Shortly after, Professor Fig will ask how long you are planning to keep the Repository a secret. There are two options to choose from. Both of these choices will lead to a good ending, so feel free to pick whichever one you prefer.

hogwarts legacy ending 0020

Once you defeat Ranrok and start sealing the Ancient Magic, Professor Fig will show up to help you.

hogwarts legacy ending 0030

Thankfully, you will manage to contain the Ancient Magic, and Professor Fig will say that he has faith in you before passing away.

hogwarts legacy ending 0040

Bad Ending

If you want to get the bad ending, once you reach the Repository (during the Final Repository quest), you should tell Professor Fig that you want to open it.

hogwarts legacy ending 0050

He’ll try to convince you to change your mind, and you’ll be given the option to do so. Picking the first option will lead to the good ending. Selecting the second or the third option will result in the bad ending.

hogwarts legacy ending 0060

In the cutscene following Ranrok’s defeat, your character will be seen embracing the power contained in the Repository.

hogwarts legacy ending 0070

True Ending

You can get this ending after completing either of the two abovementioned endings. Continue playing the game, and you will receive a quest called “Weasley’s Watchful Eye”.

Head to the Transfiguration Classroom and talk to Professor Weasley. She’ll say that she is pleased with your progress and that your O.W.L.s are approaching.

hogwarts legacy ending 0080

Following the conversation, you’ll receive a quest called “The House Cup”. You’ll need to reach level 34 to start this quest and attend the end-of-year feast in the Great Hall.

hogwarts legacy ending 0090

Shortly after you enter the Great Hall, the Headmaster will start his speech. Just before he announces the House Cup winner, Professor Weasley will interrupt him and say a few words about your heroic deeds.

hogwarts legacy ending 0100

She will award 100 points to your house, which will result in your house winning the House Cup.

hogwarts legacy ending 0110

Some of your housemates will gather around you and start cheering happily.

hogwarts legacy ending 0120

Hopefully, you’ll find this guide helpful. Thank you for reading and see you soon with more guides for Hogwarts Legacy.