Hogwarts Mystery Year 4



Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Year 4 of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. During the previous year, you continued investigating the cursed vaults, and your search eventually led you to your brother’s secret room.

You befriended a Ravenclaw student named Tulip Karasu who helped you unlock Jacob’s room. Inside, you found clues that one of the cursed vaults might be located in the restricted section of the library, so you decided to investigate it.

You also became friends with a clumsy, but incredibly talented Hufflepuff, Nymphadora Tonks. Another student you were able to befriend was a Slytherin called Barnaby Lee, who is one of the strongest wizards in your year.

Together, you and your friends found the cursed vault inside the restricted section of the library, and there, you encountered several Boggarts who took the form of the Dark Lord, Voldemort. Thanks to your quick thinking and magical knowledge, you managed to defeat Boggarts and break the curse.

Inside the vault, you found the broken arrow and a map of the Forbidden Forest. There is a good chance that the vault is somewhere within the forest, so you’ll have to figure out the way to go there unnoticed and search for the vault.

Year 4 will introduce another new subject, Care of Magical Creatures, taught by Professor Silvanus Kettleburn. In this class, you will learn about various Magical Creatures, which will definitely come in handy.

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Side Quests

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