Hogwarts Mystery Year 2



Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough section for Year 2 of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. During the previous year, you started your Hogwarts journey. You got sorted into one of four Hogwarts houses, and you met and befriended some other students.

The first person you befriended was Rowan Khanna, a cheerful individual who got sorted into the same house as you. You learned that Rowan is quite knowledgeable, and that helped you solve some mysteries.

You also met a Gryffindor student named Ben Copper, who was bullied by a Slytherin, Merula Snyde, for being a Muggle-born wizard. However, you stood up to her and defended Ben. Another student you met and befriended was a cheerful Hufflepuff, Penny Haywood. Penny is quite good when it comes to Potions and gossip, and that helped you immensely in your search for the cursed vaults.

Thanks to your dedication and the help of your friends, you found a mysterious room in an upstairs corridor. You learned that the room is somehow connected to the cursed vaults, and you found a coded message inside.

Year 2 will introduce a new subject, Transfiguration, taught by Professor Minerva McGonagall. During this year, you will continue your search for the cursed vaults, and hopefully learn what happened to your brother.

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This is a list of all chapters available for Year 2. The name of the chapter is linked to the page. Have fun, student!


This is a list of all adventures available for Year 2. The adventure title is linked to the page. Have fun, students!

Side Quests

All side quests for year 2 will be done soon. We are replaying all of them and preparing updated content. Stay tuned!