Hogwarts Mystery Year 3



Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough section for Year 3 of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. In the previous year, you continued investigating the cursed vaults and eventually discovered a hidden staircase in one of the castle corridors.

The staircase led you to one of the cursed vaults, but before you had the chance to investigate it, its door started shooting icy blasts. Unfortunately, Rowan got hit, and you had to retreat to safety.

Later on, you returned to the cursed vault accompanied by Bill Weasley, who eagerly agreed to help you investigate the vaults. Together, you were able to open the vault, defeat the Ice Knight that was guarding it, and break the curse.

Inside the vault, you found the book and a broken wand. Hopefully, these clues will help you figure out where the next vault is, and with the help of your friends, you might be able to locate the vault, break its curse, and find out what happened to Jacob.

During Year 3, you will be introduced to another subject, Herbology, taught by Professor Pomona Sprout. You’ll get to learn about many interesting plants and their uses. You will also get the opportunity to make some new friends and go on many interesting adventures. Also, students of Year 3 can visit Hogsmeade, which will open a whole new area for you to explore.

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This is a list of all chapters available for Year 3. The name of the chapter is linked to the page. Have fun, student!


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Side Quests

All side quests for year 3 will be done soon. We are replaying all of them and preparing updated content. Stay tuned!