Everything Wrong with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone movie Vol. 1

The most powerful evil wizard gets killed by a baby and then again by a teenager

Firstly, the story opens with an attempt to kill a baby. But then, that baby kills the most powerful dark wizard of his time. To take things further, Harry killed Voldemort again when he was eighteen. So, the most dangerous villain is killed by a baby and a teenager.

Baby Harry was left on a doorstep when it would be much better for Dumbledore to explain things himself

Dumbledore and Hagrid leave Harry on the doorstep of the Dursley’s residence, with a note that doesn’t begin to explain things. It would be so much better and secure for them to hear the whole story by Dumbledore himself.

Dumbledore leaves Harry in an abusive family to live for a decade

Harry lived worse than a slave throughout his entire early childhood. By the time he is 10 years old, he is sleeping under the stairs and is constantly bullied by all other family members. He does not display any psychological damage from this.

Furthermore, when he is just a boy of 10, tormented during his first decade of life more than most other men for a lifetime, they spring the truth on him. They tell him everything about magic, his parents dying, and all.

The Dursleys hate Harry, but they don’t want him to leave

The Dursleys all hate Harry being in their house. They bully him continuously. When the letters from Hogwarts start arriving, they should know this would mean that he is finally going away. Instead of being happy and relieved, they hide the letters, actively working on keeping Harry with them for longer.

The Dursleys won’t let Harry read any of the letters coming in

When Hogwarts invitation letters start flooding the house, the Dursleys do all they can to prevent Harry from catching one. But, even when he catches it, they stop him before he can read it. Things would be so much easier if they just sent one howler.

Harry goes away with an enormous man he just met who tells him he is special

In a children’s book and movie, a huge, ominously looking man comes in the middle of the night to Harry’s home. He tells Harry he is special and a wizard. And he tells him to pack and go away with him.

A middle-aged man disguised as a rat is going everywhere with a 10-year-old

Scabbers is Peter Pettigrew in animal form. He is a middle-aged man, of dubious look. Yet, Ron, another 10-year-old, is taking him everywhere. He sits on Ron’s lap, sleeps in his bedroom, and maybe even sleeps in his bed.

Harry is rich so he buys all the sweets on the trolley, not leaving any for the other kids on the train

When the sweets trolley comes along, Ron can’t afford any sweets, so Harry buys the lot for them. He buys everything to cure his friend’s sadness for not having money to buy sweets and prevents all other kids from getting the opportunity to buy some.

Why not just remove House Slytherin?

Every wizard who turned to evil later and who attended Hogwarts was sorted into House Slytherin. Why not suspend it and just not instill those morally questionable ideas of Salazar Slytherin in young minds?