Five curious Harry Potter fan theories that will make your coffee boil, and here’s why

We hope the mud’s good…

The Pottermania has lasted for over 25 years now. J.K. Rowling surely struck gold when she started coming up with fairy tales for her child. I wish I was rich…

As a result of her whimsical moment, die-hard fans today are re-reading the series countless times and new theories are being presented to the fandom on Reddit and other platforms. These are some we liked reading as the coffee kick started the colon.

Neville’s Wand

The progression of Neville Longbottom into an able wizard throughout the series is slow and oftentimes hilarious. A fan theory suggests that it is not due to his incompetence, Neville’s wand belonged to his dad, an Auror Frank Longbottom? Can this be the reason he was struggling with spell casting?

It actually is possible.

The first wand Neville used was broken in the Department of Mysteries battle in the Order of the Phoenix.

We know that the wands choose the Wizzard, which this theory suggests was not the case with Neville’s first wand.

Antonin Dolohov broke Neville’s wand. He acquired a new one, possibly from Olivander’s. The new wand chose Neville, it explains his sudden improvement. Let’s not forget that Neville destroyed Nagini, the last Horcrux, and grew into one of the most popular Harry Potter characters.

What do you think about this theory?

J.K. Rowling is Rita Skeeter

A wild fan theory suggests that the despised Daily Prophet’s journalist, Rita Skitter, is our bellowed Harry Potter creator. An unregistered beetle Animagus was famous for her sensationalist and dishonest writing that infuriated HP fans.

In this theory, Rita Skeeter was banished after the Battle Of Hogwarts and found herself in the Muggle World. She relied on her writing skills and brought us an amazingly detailed story we all love.

J.K. Rowling is known to share her opinion on fan theories. She did not comment on this one. Interesting…

Maybe our Hogwarts Invitation Letters are actually stuck?

Snape wanted to be defense against the dark arts professor to help Harry

The Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is one of the most important positions at Hogwarts. We all trembled at the thought of Snape being the head of the department. The Deatheater would have the means to hurt our trio in despicable ways.

This theory suggests that Snape wanted to help Harry prepare for the upcoming fight against Voldemort.

After learning about Snape’s background and his love for Lilly, many fans consider this theory not only a theory but a fact. Snape kept an eye on Harry and put obstacles in front of him to make the Chosen Boy ready for the final fight.

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman, the actor who portrayed the character Snape in the movies, did an outstanding job with the role. He will be sorely missed.

Crookshanks Belonged to Lily Potter

In the last book, Harry finds the letter written by his mother. Lilly mentions that the Potter family used to have a cat, citing Harry asking himself if the cat survived. A popular theory supports the idea that Potter’s pet did survive and found himself in the Magical Menagerie.

Hermione Granger purchased Crookshanks, her pet cat, from Magical Menagerie in 1993. The shop worker said that nobody wanted Crookshanks and that he had been in the shop for a long time. The timestamps coincide.

Another reason to believe that this theory is right is that Crookshanks couldn’t stand Scabbers, Ron’s pet. Scabbers was Peter Pettigrew, who betrayed Harry’s family, hiding in his Animagus form.

The Death let Harry survive in Deathly Hallows

One Potterhead has an interesting theory on how Harry survived the Battle Of Hogwarts.

This theory leans on another already popular one that Dumbledore is death himself. We all remember the scene with Harry and Dumbledore talking at King’s Cross station. J.K. Rowling addressed it saying it is beautiful and fitting.

To understand this theory, we must take a look at the Deathly Hallows children’s story. The death felt cheated by the brother’s magic and set out to deal with the three of them. This time, the death felt cheated because of Voldemort’s Horcruxes. In the guise of Dumbledore, death helped Harry come back to life to destroy Voldemort.

It’s a great and fitting theory.

The Iron Lady

Yes, we have promised you five theories, but we had to include the theory below as well once we stumbled upon it.

Cornelius Fudge reveals in the Half-Blood Prince that the previous Prime Minister tried to throw him out a window. The events of Half-Blood Prince took place in 1996 and at that time the British Prime Minister was John Major. Before him, the Prime Minister was Margaret Thatcher.

The people did not call her the Iron Lady for no reason.

Did Margaret Thatcher try to throw Cornelius Fudge out of the window? What if she succeeded? Cornelius would have teleported to safety for sure, though the shock on his face would make some fans amused.