Head Boys and Girls Adventure



Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough section for the Head Boys and Girls adventure of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. Students of Year 6 will be able to unlock it after completing Year 6 Chapter 26 of the main story. During this adventure, you will be informed by Professor Dumbledore that he plans to pick the new Head Boy and Head Girl soon, and so far, you are one of the most promising candidates for the position. You will instantly remember that Rowan wanted to become Head Boy/Girl, and during this adventure, you will recall many joyful memories you had together. You will also get to prove you have what it takes to be Head Boy/Girl. 

Once you start this adventure, you will have 3 days and 23 hours to complete it. Similar to most other adventures, it consists of four parts. Our Walkthrough will aim to help you optimize your energy usage and will also point out all the important choices throughout the adventure. Are you ready for this journey filled with emotions and memories of the nice moments you had with Rowan? Are you prepared to show that you are worthy of being Head Boy/Girl? Then wait no further, jump in, and see what this amazing adventure has to offer. Below are the links for each individual part of the Walkthrough.


Like many of the previous ones, this adventure consists of four different parts. Each of those will be covered in detail in our Walkthrough, and links for the individual parts can be found below.

Good luck and have fun students!