HL and wizarding world – is Hogwarts Legacy canon?

How much is Hogwarts Legacy connected to the Wizarding World canon? Before Warner Bros. Entertainment took over, it was J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. It is a fictional universe created by her that includes all Harry Potter books, movies, video games, and all other associated media.

While Hogwarts Legacy might be a late addition to the franchise, nearly 25 years since J.K. Rowling published her first HP book, it is every bit as canon as the books. In fact, the game centers on historical events in the 1800s that the writer and creator of the franchise invented herself.

Hogwarts Legacy is 100% canon.

Avalanche Studio got the idea for the story directly from the books. Professor Cuthbert Binns lectured about the Goblin Rebellions when Harry and the gang were in their fifth year. That same professor is also an HL character, and several others we know from books and movies.

Since HL and the Wizarding Worlds are tight, the game will feature anything from the HP movies and books the developers require. Many signature spells will indeed be found in-game, along with places, classes, etc.

How does Hogwarts Legacy Story Fit in the Wizarding World?

Hogwarts Legacy takes us back to the 1800s. A reminder, Harry Potter was born in 1980, so this happens 100 years before the events in the books and movies. Since it’s one century before, we can’t get many familiar characters, but Nearly Headless Nick, Peeves, The Fat Lady, and Cuthbert Binns are among HL characters.

The player will create a new character and start as a Hogwarts first year. So, we will follow a path similar to what Harry goes through. We will meet HL characters, new to the Wizarding World, but the story will establish their names for sequels.

The History of Goblin Rebellions

Hogwarts Legacy’s story centers on Goblin Rebellions and Ranrok, its leader. However, we must go further into Wizarding World history to try and understand his motivations. Several rebellions were happening over several centuries.


The first Goblin rebellion took place in 1612, near Hogsmeade Village and wizards used the Three Broomsticks Inn as their headquarters during that conflict. The reason for rebelling was that goblins did not receive enough Wizengamot representation., Wizengamot being the wizarding court of law for GB.


In the 18th century, several Goblin Rebellions broke out in Great Britain, with more documented consequences. The conflicts culminated in 1752 when goblins persuaded werewolves to help them, and things got hectic in the Ministry of Magic.

Namely, the minister at the time, Albert Boot, resigned after being quoted as mismanagement of rebellion. His successor, Basil Flack, lasted only two months and was replaced with Hespheastus Gore. Gore managed to put down the rebellion.


This is the rebellion Hogwarts Legacy centers on, which happened 90 years before Harry Potter was born. As mentioned, the leader is the game’s main villain, a goblin named Ranrok.

As with previous conflicts, the reasons for rebelling were racism, classism, and discrimination in this fictional universe. These are often themes throughout the entire lore. Discrimination is present between the magic and non-magic people, purebloods and half-bloods, pure-bloods and muggle-borns, etc.

Also, we see many minorities treated with discrimination, like house elves who are treated almost as slaves. Few documented details about this particular rebellion exist, which is why we think Avalanche Software chose this time in Hp history because they had more creative freedom.

Goblins have an inert ability to use magic, but they are forbidden to wield wands by the ministry law. In fact, the Ministry of Magic surveys the entire Goblin race closely, allegedly to keep them in a submissive position in magic society.

This was and is the reason for the Goblin Rebellions. The ministry reportedly uses its full might, propaganda, and organizations to portray Goblins as savage villains and proclaim them as dangerous to the Wizarding World.

This rebellion in Hogwarts Legacy is the last documented Goblin uprising in HP history. Judging by what we know, it may be the most dangerous one. Goblins have a dark wizard Victor Rookwood and his followers as their allies.

Discrimination in the Wizarding World

J.K. Rowling and the entire Wizarding World were targets of criticism several times on account of discrimination and some characters and factions resembling real-life minorities and nations.

Mainly, after the first Hogwarts Legacy trailer came out in 2022, many people made the relation between Goblins and Judaism, pointing out anti-Semitic canards and tropes hidden in the story. The point was that Goblins are discriminated against and do not have equal rights but often get pinned as villains for fighting against it.

Where can the story go?

We do not yet know why they picked this period and events. Maybe the player will find a bridge between two races. Our role in the game might be to fight against discrimination and prejudice. Or the Goblins may be hiding behind the equal rights shield and are true villains.

Since Ranrok is allied with the dark wizards, who are inherently evil and only use ideals to justify doing terrible things, maybe it was wrong for people to connect it to any minority group in the real world.

From creating the character, the player will start their education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We will attend classes, learn available HL spells, make friends, and meet other HL characters.

However, ancient magic also plays a part in the game, and the player will learn to use it. We do not know which spells will be available to us, but ancient magic is what Lily Potter used to protect baby Harry, and it is what rebounded Voldemort’s Avada Kedavra curse back, so it is canon.

We will likely progress through the years at school while at the same time having a story arc that takes us away from Hogwarts or several. Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, and similar locations are a part of the game, and we might be going away often.

Goblins and dark wizards will cause problems for the ministry, and Hogwarts may become their target, or the player gets mixed up in the rebellion accidentally, along with some friends. Hogwarts Legacy releases on February 10, 2023, and all we have to do is wait and see how the story unfolds. The fans are most excited about ancient magic and HL crafting because crafting spells might be a thing in the game, so hopes are up.