Become an Animagus Part 4



Hello everyone, welcome to Part 4 of our Walkthrough for Become an Animagus Adventure of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. Last time, with Talbott’s guidance, you learned the Animagus Spell.

You also had a lengthy discussion with Professor McGonagall about the advantages and disadvantages of becoming an Animagus. During it, you learned that Talbott is an Animagus himself, which explained a lot of things.

Afterward, the two of you played a game of Gobstones, and you were able to learn some things about his past. Your next task is meeting Penny in the Potions Classroom, so proceed there when you are ready.


Part 4 Summary:

  • Task 1: Meet Penny
    • Location: Potions Classroom
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 1/5 stars
    • Choice: Explain yourself to Snape
      • I was looking for something: -10 House Points
      • I was inspired by you (16 Empathy): No House Points
      • I was trying to be useful (18 Knowledge): +10 House Points
  • Task 2: Meet Penny
    • Location: Clocktower Courtyard
    • Requirements: 8 hours – 5/5 stars
    • Choice 1: Choose what animal you will become
      • Bird
      • Cat
      • Dog
    • Choice 2: Decide if you want to register with the Ministry
      • Yes, I want to follow the law: +5 Empathy
      • It’s better to keep it secret: +5 Courage
  • Task 3: Visit Hagrid and Fang
    • Location: Training Grounds
    • Requirements: None
  • Part 3 Rewards: 5 Gems, 3 Chocolate Frogs, You become an Animagus
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[Disclaimer: This walkthrough will feature the gameplay from the perspective of a Year 3 student. Since the adventure is available for students of Year 3 and above, the star and attribute requirements for certain tasks might be different for you, depending on your current progress of the main story.]

Once you get there, you’ll be able to interact with some of the students by tapping on their speech bubbles.

Penny will then inform you that there’s a massive electrical storm coming soon, so you should get the Animagus Potion before that happens.

become an animagus part 4 1050

Unfortunately, you cannot just grab the potion during the class. You’ll have to wait until it ends in order to retrieve it.

This is your next task. To complete it, you need to earn five stars within three hours. This is pretty much the only task where just one star is needed to pass. However, it is recommended to fully complete the task in order to earn some additional rewards.

become an animagus part 4 1060

This is pretty similar to most of the regular Potions classes, so you shouldn’t have any problems completing it.

become an animagus part 4 1070

Keep in mind that each of the mini-tasks will award you ten Knowledge points, so use this opportunity to gain some extra rewards.

become an animagus part 4 1080

Once you are done with the class, you’ll find the Animagus Potion. However, Professor Snape will notice that you are meddling with the ingredients and he will demand an explanation. You have three options to respond with.

If you select the first option, you will anger the Professor and he’ll take ten House Points away from you. Going with the second response, you’ll avoid getting punished, but this requires level sixteen Empathy. Lastly, if your Knowledge attribute is level eighteen or higher, it is recommended to pick the third option since this way you will actually gain ten House Points.

become an animagus part 4 1090

In any case, you should hurry to the Courtyard to meet Penny before the storm starts. Go there when you are ready to continue.

Once Penny arrives, you’ll tell her that you have the Animagus potion. She’ll say that the storm will be starting soon. Your next task will be to plan exactly what to do when the lightning strikes.

This task requires you to earn five stars within eight hours. When you are ready, hit the Start button to begin.

become an animagus part 4 1130

The only bonus progress action here is tied to Penny, so focus on her actions if you want to save some energy.

become an animagus part 4 1140

Once you are done, the lightning will strike nearby.

become an animagus part 4 1150

You’ll quickly cast the Animagus spell and drink the potion afterward.

After that, Penny will tell you to think of an animal you’d want to transform into. You have three different options. This is the most important choice of the adventure. Keep in mind that once you make this decision, you cannot alter it.

become an animagus part 4 1180

What follows is an adorable scene during which your character transforms into the animal you selected.

become an animagus part 4 1200

After that, Penny will ask if you are planning to register as an Animagus with the Ministry. You have two options to choose from. Bear in mind that this is also a permanent choice and it will affect some parts of the story in the future.

become an animagus part 4 1210

Your next and final task of the adventure is meeting Hagrid and Fang on the Training Grounds. This task doesn’t involve spending any energy, which is why it is recommended to proceed there immediately.

You’ll explain the situation to Hagrid. The following lines will differ, based on your previous choice.

become an animagus part 4 1240

What follows is an absolutely heartwarming scene during which your character plays with Fang.

become an animagus part 4 1260

This will mark the end of Become an Animagus adventure. Hit the Collect button to claim your rewards. You will receive 5 Gems and 3 Chocolate Frogs.

You will earn the achievement for completing the adventure.

become an animagus part 4 1280

Congratulations! You’ve become an Animagus! This ability will more than likely find its use in some of your future adventures. Hopefully, you found this adventure fun and exciting.

Thank you for reading and see you soon with more amazing adventures!