Meet The Malfoys Part 4



Hello everyone, welcome to Part 4 of our Walkthrough for Meet the Malfoys Adventure of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. During the previous part, you learned that Lucius Malfoy’s wand got stolen, and he suspects his house-elf Dobby was the one who took it.

Professor Dumbledore tasked you with locating the missing wand, so you decided to look for Dobby. You found him in the Courtyard, and you found out he wasn’t the one responsible for the wand’s disappearance.

Ben helped you look for the wand in the Artefact Room, but you were unable to find it. Lastly, while babysitting Draco with Merula, you realized that Draco was the one who most likely took it.

Unfortunately, Draco went missing while you were talking to Merula, so it is up to you to find him and solve this mystery. Proceed to the Clocktower Courtyard when you are ready to continue.


Part 4 Summary:

  • Task 1: Find Draco
    • Location: Clocktower Courtyard
    • Requirements:
      • Year 2-3: 3 hours – 5/5 stars
      • Year 4+: 8 hours – 5/5 stars
    • Choice: Reply to Draco
      • It’s your responsibility: +5 Knowledge
      • Dobby is innocent: +5 Empathy
  • Task 2: Return Mr. Malfoy’s Wand
    • Location: Dumbledore’s Office
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 5/5 stars
    • Choice: Decide if you want to tell Malfoy the truth
      • Tell the truth: +5 Courage
      • Keep Draco’s secret (Your Empathy level – 1): +10 Empathy
  • Part 4 Rewards: 150 Empathy, 1000 Experience points, 3 Chocolate Frogs, Dobby added to your list of friends
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Video guide for this chapter is available at our YouTube channel. Use the button below.

Disclaimer: This walkthrough will feature the gameplay from the perspective of a Year 2 student. Since the adventure is available for students of Year 2 and above, the star and attribute requirements for certain tasks might be different for you, depending on your current progress of the main story.

Upon arriving, you will be able to interact with some of the characters and check out what they have to say to you.

You’ll find Draco sitting at the fountain, reading Merula’s Charms textbook. Needless to say, she won’t be happy seeing the state of it.

meet the malfoys part 4 1020

You will be surprised to see him wanting to read about Charms at such a young age. However, he’ll seem quite determined to learn.

You’ll ask if he was the one who stole Mr. Malfoy’s wand. Eventually, he will admit it. You will then ask him to tell you the whole story.

Listening to Draco is your next task. To complete it, you need to earn five stars within three hours (eight hours for Year 4+ students). All five stars are required to pass.

meet the malfoys part 4 1030

There are bonus progress actions linked to Draco and your character. Prioritize these if you want to save some energy.

meet the malfoys part 4 1040

By the looks of it, Draco only wanted to stay a bit longer at Hogwarts, and taking his father’s wand was the way to make that happen. You will tell him that Lucius is blaming Dobby for his wand’s disappearance.

Apparently, Draco doesn’t care much about Dobby. There are two options to reply with. This choice won’t significantly impact the story, so feel free to take your pick.

meet the malfoys part 4 1050

Both Merula and you will try to convince Draco to tell his father the truth.

You’ll notice that he is afraid of his father, so he’ll tell you where he hid the wand. He’ll ask you not to tell Lucius about it.

meet the malfoys part 4 1060

You will notice a shiny object behind the pillar he pointed at. Merula will go to see if that is indeed Mr. Malfoy’s wand. In the meantime, Draco will beg you to keep it a secret from his father.

Moments later, Merula will return, carrying the missing wand. You will decide to find Lucius Malfoy and return the wand to him.

meet the malfoys part 4 1070

Proceed to the Headmaster’s office when you are ready.

When you arrive, you will see Lucius speaking to Professor Dumbledore. He will instantly notice you carrying his wand. Apparently, he still believes that Dobby was the one who stole it.

Poor house-elf will quickly try to defend himself.

meet the malfoys part 4 1080

Thankfully, Professor Dumbledore will calm Mr. Malfoy down. You will tell him that Dobby is innocent of this crime.

The Headmaster will suggest letting you tell them what happened. Lucius will agree to hear the whole story from you.

Revealing the truth requires earning five stars within three hours. Since all of the stars are needed to pass, it is not recommended to start this task with an empty energy bar.

meet the malfoys part 4 1090

Be sure to slide the screen left and right to see all the available actions. There are actions with bonus progress tied to Draco and your character. Focus on those if you want to save a bit of energy.

meet the malfoys part 4 1100

When you are done, Lucius will inspect his wand, to make sure it’s not damaged.

He will then ask you who stole his wand. This is the most important choice of this adventure. You can either choose to tell the truth, or to keep Draco’s secret. This choice will be referenced in the future, so keep that in mind. If you like Draco, it is somewhat recommended to keep his secret. That way, he will look up to you, and he will be happy you didn’t reveal his secret. If you choose to tell the truth, Draco will be very angry at you.

meet the malfoys part 4 1110

If you keep Draco’s secret, you will tell Mr. Malfoy you found the wand in the courtyard. Lucius will wonder if he simply misplaced his wand.

Still, he will be unsure if Dobby was the one who stole the wand. Poor house-elf will say that he never stole his master’s wand. Once again, you will step in to defend Dobby.

meet the malfoys part 4 1120

Shortly after, Lucius will decide to leave Hogwarts and return to his manor. Professor Dumbledore will commend you for solving this mystery.

And he will also thank Merula for looking after Draco. Draco will say a few more words to you before he leaves. These will differ, depending on your previous choice.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Walkthrough Meet the Malfoys Part 4

If you kept his secret, you will even see him smile.

meet the malfoys part 4 1140

As for Dobby, he will thank you for everything. However, he will be sorry for putting you through all of the trouble, and once again, he will punish himself for it.

You will quickly tell him it wasn’t his fault, and you’ll ask him to stop punishing himself.

meet the malfoys part 4 1150

Dobby will stand up and say a few nice words before leaving the Headmaster’s office.

This will conclude Part 4 of Meet the Malfoys adventure. Hit the Collect button to claim your reward. You will receive 150 Empathy, 1000 Experience points, and 3 Chocolate Frogs.

This will also add Dobby to your list of friends. From now on, you will be able to have a meal together with him.

meet the malfoys part 4 1160

That was an interesting adventure. You got to meet the Malfoys, solve the mystery of a missing wand, and make a new friend while doing so! Thank you for reading and see you soon with more exciting adventures.