Chapter 11 – End-of-Term feast



Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Chapter Eleven of Year Two of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. In the previous one, you attended the final Potions lesson of the year and learned how to brew the Swelling Solution.

After that, you gathered your friends and went on a curse-breaking adventure. Together, you managed to blast the ice door open. You then defeated the Ice knight who was guarding the entrance to the cursed vault.

Afterward, you went inside, and there you found the book and a broken wand. You also heard Jacob’s voice telling you to look for his room and the remaining four vaults. After that, you went to report to Professor McGonagall.

After a lengthy conversation, you stepped into the Headmaster’s office. There you met a surprise. Instead of getting punished for meddling with the cursed vault, you got awarded fifty house points for saving all of Hogwarts.


Chapter Summary:

  • Task: Gather in the Great Hall
    • Location: The Great Hall
    • Requirements: None
  • Chapter Rewards: 300 Coins and 600 Experience Points
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Video guide for this chapter is available at our YouTube channel. Use the button below.

Now is the time to continue the story. This chapter has only one task and that is the End-of-Term Feast. Hit the GO button and proceed to the Great Hall.

The decorations in the hall will look magnificently stunning. They might hint at the winner of this year’s house cup.

year 2 chapter 11 1050

Professor Dumbledore will hold a traditional end-of-term speech.

Dumbledore will be grateful because students showed great courage and resilience in this difficult school year. He will be hopeful that the next year won’t be filled with dangers.

And now for the main event – announcing the house cup winner!

year 2 chapter 11 1080

The Headmaster will start by announcing the houses and the points they earned. He’ll start with the house in fourth place. He will then announce the houses in third and second place.

And finally, Professor Dumbledore will announce the winner of the House Cup and their points!

year 2 chapter 11 1120

If your house was the one to win the house cup, your housemates will be incredibly happy about it.

year 2 chapter 11 1130

You’ll be able to check all of the standings for this year’s House Cup.

year 2 chapter 11 1160

If your house won the cup, you will get 100 gems!

year 2 chapter 11 1170

The Headmaster will send his best regards to all the students, and then the feast will begin.

year 2 chapter 11 1180

With this, Year Two will be complete.

year 2 chapter 11 1190

Hit the Collect button to claim your rewards and finalize this chapter. You will receive 250 Coins and 600 Experience points.

Another year has ended. You learned a lot of useful lessons that will undoubtedly help you during your curse-breaking adventures. You’ve made a new friend, and you also saved all of Hogwarts by breaking the curse. On top of that, you are one step closer to finding Jacob. 

Thank you for reading and see you soon with another year of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery!