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Chapter 3 – The black quill



Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Chapter Three of Year Two of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. In the previous Chapter, you finished all the preparation for entering the Slytherin (or Gryffindor) Common Room in order to find the Black Quill that could lead you to Ben’s whereabouts.

Hopefully, nothing bad has happened to him. Now that you are prepared, there is an eight-hour waiting period before the Gryffindor versus Slytherin Quidditch match starts, so in the meantime, it is best to focus on the lessons.


Chapter Summary:

  • Lesson: Fast Laps
    • Location: Training Grounds
    • Unlock: 7 Flying stars
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 5/5 stars
  • Task 1: Sneak into another house’s Common Room
    • Waiting Time: 8 hours
    • Location: Gryffindor/Slytherin Common Room
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 5/5 stars
    • Choice: Tell Rowan if you are ready
      • I’m ready: +5 Knowledge
      • I’m excited: +5 Courage
      • How could I be?: +5 Empathy
  • Task 2a: Meet Rowan
    • Waiting Time: 3 hours
    • Location: Gryffindor/Slytherin Common Room
    • Requirements: None
    • Choice (McGonagall): Explain yourself to McGonagall
      • I’m helping a friend (9 Empathy): +10 Empathy
      • I’m sorry: +5 Empathy, -40 House Points
    • Choice (Snape): Explain yourself to Snape
      • Tell the truth (9 Courage): +10 Courage
      • Lie: +5 Empathy, -40 House Points
  • Task 2b: Meet Rowan
    • Location: Your house’s Common Room
    • Requirements: None
    • Choice: Choose a friend to explore the corridor with you
      • We should go: +5 Empathy (Rowan goes with you)
      • I’ll ask Penny to go (Penny level 4): +5 Knowledge (Penny goes with you)
  • Task 3: Search the Corridor
    • Waiting Time: 3 hours
    • Location: West Towers Corridor
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 1/5 stars
  • Chapter Rewards: 175 Coins and 350 Experience Points
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Video guide for this chapter is available at our YouTube channel. Use the button below.

Tap on the GO button and proceed to the Training Grounds when you are ready. Once you are there, tap on the exclamation mark to open the lesson window.

To unlock Fast Laps, you need to earn a total of seven stars from the flying classes. The fastest way to achieve this is by doing an eight-hour and a two-hour class, but if you want to get some additional attribute points, it is recommended to do two of the eight-hour classes. Hit the Start button when you are ready to start.

year 2 chapter 3 1050

Do this the same way as any other class – complete actions by tapping on the glowing objects in order to fill up the star meter.

Also, try your best to successfully complete the mini-tasks since each of those will award you with ten Courage points.

year 2 chapter 3 1070

After you complete these classes, hit the Collect button to continue. Once you’ve obtained all seven stars, Fast Laps lesson should be available. Tap on the GO button and proceed to the Training Grounds.

To complete this lesson, you need to earn five stars within three hours, so it is highly recommended to start with full energy.

year 2 chapter 3 1100

Like before, complete actions to fill up the star meter. And as usual, watch out for the mini-tasks. Completing each of them will earn you a nice amount of Courage points.

After obtaining all five stars, you’ll be tasked with demonstrating the Fast Sprint. Trace the path on the screen to perform this feat.

year 2 chapter 3 1130

Congratulations! Watching your character soar through the sky sure feels amazing! Completing Fast Laps lesson will permanently increase your maximum energy by one.

Now that you’re done with the lessons part of the chapter, you can continue with the story. Hit the GO button and proceed to the Slytherin (or Gryffindor) Common Room.

You will notice that Rowan is looking awfully nervous. Your friend will ask if you are really ready for this. You have three response options.

year 2 chapter 3 1170

Each of the choices will award you with five attribute points, but the outcome is the same – you will proceed with the plan. Shortly after, you will notice some of the Slytherin (or Gryffindor) students exiting their Common Room. Now is your chance to get in there. Trace the path on the screen to cast Reducio.

year 2 chapter 3 1180

The spell will work and you will be able to enter the Common Room. As expected, it is completely empty, so you can use the Engorgement Charm to get back to your normal size so that you can search the room.

year 2 chapter 3 1190

Finding the Black Quill will require you to earn five stars within three hours. It is recommended to have full energy when starting this, to make things much easier. Once you are ready, hit the Start button to begin.

year 2 chapter 3 1200

There is not much of a difference between this one and any other task. Simply complete actions and you will fill up the star meter in no time.

After earning all five stars, you will find the Black Quill. Your next task is to get out of there and meet with Rowan outside of the Common Room. However, you will need to wait three hours before you can continue. Since you will likely be low on energy at this point, it is recommended to wait and let your energy recharge in the meantime.

year 2 chapter 3 1220

Once you are there, you will be greeted by Professor Snape (or Professor McGonagall if you entered Gryffindor Common Room) and you’ll be asked to explain yourself. You have two options – you can either tell the truth or lie.

Keep in mind that this is one of the important decisions you will have to make. It is highly recommended to tell the truth because not only will it award you with ten attribute points (compared to five you get for lying), but will also prevent you from losing house points (which would happen if you decide to lie).

year 2 chapter 3 1230

After explaining yourself, you’ll be left off the hook and your next task will be to go to your Common Room and untransfigure the Black Quill.

Once you are there, hit the exclamation mark to start the conversation with Rowan. Rowan will be worried about what these secret instructions might say and if they forced Ben to do something horrible. You will mention that the only way to find out more information is to Untransfigure the black quill. After that, trace the path on the screen to cast Reparifarge.

year 2 chapter 3 1250

The spell will work and the Black Quill will turn into another note. After reading it, you will find out that it points to a corridor at the east end of the fifth floor. And this note, like the previous one, was signed by the same person.

Is that the corridor where Ben went? What is in there? Not even Rowan knows. Rowan will wonder why Ben was supposed to return the quill back where he found it. You’ll think that maybe he isn’t the only one receiving these instructions.

You’ll then get to decide who to bring to explore the corridor with you. You can go with Rowan or take Penny along if your friendship level with her is four or higher.

year 2 chapter 3 1270

Regardless of the choice, there will be a three-hour waiting period before you can search the corridor. Head to the corridor once the waiting time is over.

When you get there, you’ll meet with Penny or Rowan – depending on which one you chose to bring along. You will also notice that the cursed ice is spread all around the corridor. Also, you will see Professors McGonagall and Snape standing near Ben, who is apparently encased in ice. Tap on the exclamation mark to continue.

After listening to them for a bit, you will get a new task. To complete it, you need to earn five stars within three hours. Passing will, however, requires only one star. When you are ready, hit the Start button to begin.

year 2 chapter 3 1310

While completing the actions, you can read some of the interesting lines of dialogue.

After completing this task, Professor McGonagall will attempt to free Ben with the Knockback Jinx. Sadly, it won’t work, and Professor Snape will suggest using Incendio to melt the ice away. McGonagall will be worried that the Incedio is going to melt Ben’s flesh as well.

In the end, she and Professor Snape will agree to cast Incendio together, targeting the ice farthest from Ben’s body. Minerva will conclude that someone has been clearly tampering with the Cursed Vaults because cursed ice continues to spread throughout Hogwarts.

year 2 chapter 3 1330

Your friend and you will agree that the best course of action would be to leave this place and visit Ben in the Hospital Wing once he recovers.

This will conclude Chapter 3 of Year 2. Hit the Collect button to claim your rewards. You will earn 175 Coins and 350 Experience points.

Thank you for reading and see you soon with another Chapter of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery!