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How to Defeat Armored Troll Boss Fight on Hard Difficulty


Hello everyone. Here is a guide on how to defeat the Armored Troll boss fight in Hogwarts Legacy on hard difficulty. This is the first boss fight you’ll encounter in the game, and its goal is to introduce the players to the Ancient Magic throw and the Troll-type enemy they will occasionally face throughout the game.

You will encounter this boss fight during “Welcome to Hogsmeade” quest, which is fairly early in the game. After visiting all the shops, you’ll be tasked with meeting the companion you chose at Hogsmeade Square.

Shortly after initiating the conversation, the village will be attacked by two Armored Trolls, and it will be up to you and your friend to deal with one of the creatures. The fight will start with a Quick-Time-Event where you’ll be prompted to dodge away from the Troll’s charge attack.

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Moments later, the fight will begin. You’ll quickly learn that your basic attacks do very little damage to the Troll, so you’ll need to take a different approach to defeat it. The Troll has several attacks at his disposal. He can charge at you, and once he does, you’ll notice a glowing red circle appearing around your character’s head. In other words, you will need to quickly dodge this attack to avoid taking damage.

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If your character is standing near a wall, the Troll will slam into it, which will cause him to kneel for a few seconds and take increased damage from all sources, so use that to your advantage.

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Other than that, the Troll can also swing his club horizontally two times, and both times, you’ll be prompted to evade it by pressing the dodge button, which is once again indicated by the glowing red circle around your character’s head. Simply press the dodge button each time you see it.

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Another one of Troll’s attacks is the double slam attack which will be indicated by the yellow circle appearing around your character’s head. This attack can be dodged or shielded against. In this instance, using Protego is the better option since it will allow you to counter-attack with Stupefy. However, if you are playing on Hard difficulty, the timers to shield against the attacks are quite short, so dodging this attack is also a viable option.

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Lastly, the Troll can also use the overhead smash attack, which will be indicated by him grabbing the club with both hands and preparing to smash you with it. Once this happens, a yellow circle will appear around your character’s head.

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This attack can be dealt with in three ways. You can use Protego to shield yourself against it.

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Another option is to dodge away, but you’ll need to be precise with your timing (tap dodge once the Troll leaps and is midway through the air), otherwise, you’ll get hit.

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The third way to avoid this attack is to hit the Troll with Ancient Magic Throw. If you take a look around, you’ll notice quite a few objects, such as barrels lying on the ground. By using the Ancient Magic Throw, you can slam these objects into the Troll, which will interrupt his attack animation.

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It is also worth mentioning that locking-onto the Troll will make the fight easier since there are no other enemies you need to worry about. This will allow you to keep track of the creature and react to its attacks.

As a general rule, stay calm and prioritize avoiding the Troll’s attacks. Whenever you get an opening, use it to fire a few basic attacks or an Ancient Magic Throw, and you’ll have no problems defeating the creature.

Once you deplete all of the Troll’s health, you’ll be prompted to invoke Ancient Magic to finish him off.

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Hopefully, this guide will help you defeat the Armored Troll. Thank you for reading and see you soon with more guides for Hogwarts Legacy.