How to Defeat Ranrok Boss Fight on Hard Difficulty


Hello everyone. Here is a guide on how to defeat Ranrok boss fight on hard difficulty. This is a mandatory boss fight you will encounter during “The Final Repository” quest. All things considered, Ranrok is the hardest boss in the game, but thankfully, there are some things you can do to make this encounter more manageable.

ranrok boss fight 0010

There are some talents that are quite helpful during this boss fight. Here is the list of them:

  • Wiggenweld Potency I and II – On hard difficulty, most of Ranrok’s attacks will deplete a large portion of your health bar, so being able to fully heal with each Wiggenweld potion is extremely useful.
  • Maxima Potion Potency – This talent will significantly increase your damage output while Maxima Potion is in effect, so be sure to have it.
  • Swift – During this boss fight, you will often need to escape Area of Effect attacks that cover large parts of the arena, which makes this talent immensely helpful.

Ranrok is a three-phase fight. Each phase will last until you reduce a certain amount of his health, as indicated by the sections on his health bar. Also, each phase will introduce new mechanics and make the fight increasingly difficult.

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During Phase 1, Ranrok will be invulnerable to your attacks, and the only way to deal damage to him is to destroy the glowing orbs that occasionally appear nearby. You’ll need to use the spells with the same background color as the orbs to destroy them. During this phase, you only need to destroy one of these orbs to make the Boss vulnerable to damage.

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Other than that, Ranrok will occasionally shoot balls of energy at you. There are two types of these balls. Light-Red balls can be shielded against with Protego or dodged.

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Dark ones need to be dodged or quickly caught by Ancient Magic Throw and tossed back at Ranrok (this can only be done while the Boss is vulnerable to damage).

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Lastly, Ranrok can also use his Flaming Breath against you. As soon as you see it, be sure to use the Swift talent to quickly get away since this is one of his most damaging attacks, and on hard difficulty, it will deplete all of your health.

ranrok boss fight 0060

Here is how you can handle this phase. Avoid Ranrok’s attacks by rolling to the side until the first orb appears. Hit it with a spell of corresponding color and then drink Maxima Potion. As soon as Ranrok is targetable, hit him with Ancient Magic and then continue blasting him with your high-damage spells. If you execute this properly, you should be able to remove enough of his health to push him into Phase 2.

ranrok boss fight 0070

Once Phase 2 begins, Ranrok will fly to another area, and you’ll need to follow him. During this phase, he’ll gain some new abilities. Firstly, you will now need to destroy two of the orbs to make him vulnerable. Secondly, he’ll occasionally start glowing red, and a huge circle of energy will start spreading around him. Moments later, the circle will explode, and if you get caught up in the blast, you will take a massive amount of damage which will likely result in game over. He’ll also retain all of his previous abilities from Phase 1.

ranrok boss fight 0080

The way to deal with this phase is quite similar to the previous one. Avoid Ranrok’s attacks until the orbs appear. Then, quickly destroy them with the appropriate spells. As soon as you do that, drink Maxima Potion and use Ancient Magic on Ranrok. Follow it up with your high-damage spells and you’ll likely deal enough damage to push him into Phase 3. If that doesn’t happen, continue avoiding Ranrok’s attacks until another set of orbs appear and repeat the process (without using Ancient Magic the second time).

ranrok boss fight 0090

When you deal enough damage, Ranrok will move to the final area and you’ll need to follow him. This final phase is divided into two parts. Ranrok will start it in the air, and he’ll retain all the abilities from the previous phase. This time, you will need to destroy three orbs to make him vulnerable. Once you do, drink a Maxima Potion, use Ancient Magic, and then blast him with your high-damage spells. This should be enough to trigger the second part of this phase.

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During the second part of the last phase, Ranrok will be grounded. He’ll still have all the abilities from previous phases, but now you’ll need to destroy four orbs to make him vulnerable. On top of that, the orbs will appear for only a short period of time, so you’ll need to quickly take them down before they disappear.

ranrok boss fight 0110

During this final phase, Ranrok will occasionally try to attack you with his wings, and you will need to quickly dodge away to avoid his attacks. Once you destroy enough orbs to make him vulnerable, drink Maxima Potion, use Ancient Magic, and blast him with everything you got. Repeat this one more time, and the Boss will be defeated.

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There are some things you should pay attention to while fighting Ranrok:

  • Locking-on is not recommended while the Boss is invulnerable since you will need to hit the orbs once they appear. Because of that, pay extra attention to where Ranrok is, and do your best to avoid his attacks.
  • Even while vulnerable, Ranrok will still continue attacking you. Because of that, don’t stress it if you fail to deal enough damage to push him into the next phase. Focus on avoiding his attacks, even if it takes you more than one vulnerability to transition into the next phase.
  • Use Wiggenweld Potion each time you are hit by one of Ranrok’s attacks. On hard difficulty, the Breath Attack and the huge glowing circle will one-shot you unless your health bar is full.
  • Ranrok is completely immune to all three Unforgivable Curses, so don’t bother using them. However, he is not immune to the Cursed effect that makes enemies take increased damage, so using Expelliarmus with the Disarming Curse talent is an easy way to curse him each time you trigger a vulnerability phase.
  • Don’t panic and take some time to learn Ranrok’s attack patterns. There is a checkpoint when each phase start, so you won’t need to repeat the whole fight if you fail at any point.

Hopefully, this guide will help you defeat Ranrok on hard difficulty. Thank you for reading and see you soon with more guides for Hogwarts Legacy.