How to Learn Imperio


Hello everyone. Here is a guide on how to learn the Imperius Curse, aka Imperio, in Hogwarts Legacy. You’ll get the opportunity to learn this Unforgivable Curse during the quest called “In the Shadow of Time”. This is one of Sebastian’s relationship quests.

During this quest, you will meet Sebastian outside of Feldcroft Catacomb. He’ll tell you about the relic that is inside the catacomb. According to Sebastian, it has the power to reverse the effects of Dark Magic curses.

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While exploring the catacomb, you’ll occasionally have to fight spiders.

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Once you reach a certain point, Sebastian will offer to teach you the Imperius Curse. You’ll get to choose whether or not you want to learn it. If you are interested in learning Imperio, be sure to select the second option.

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If you accept Sebastian’s offer, you will get to learn Imperio. From now on, you’ll be able to use this spell against your opponents. It will cause the opponent you cursed to fight other enemies, which can significantly reduce the difficulty of some encounters.

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Hopefully, you’ll find this guide helpful. Thank you for reading and see you soon with more guides for Hogwarts Legacy.