How to Solve the Clock Tower Door Puzzle


Hello everyone. Here is our guide on how to solve the Clock Tower puzzle and open the four doors that are locked in that area.

While exploring the Clock Tower area of Hogwarts, you will stumble upon four locked doors. In order to open them, you will need to have the Arresto Momentum spell.

clock tower door puzzle 0010

The way to open the locked doors is pretty straightforward. You’ll need to use Arresto Momentum on a giant pendulum once it is in the correct position. Each door has a different symbol, and the goal is to stop the pendulum when it gets close to that same symbol. This will unlock the door and allow you to access it.

clock tower door puzzle 0020

Each door has a different reward tied to it. Inside the first door (the one on the highest floor, you will find a legendary chest).

clock tower door puzzle 0030

Inside the second door, you will find two collection chests.

clock tower door puzzle 0040

Once you open the third door, you will find an Eyeball chest inside.

clock tower door puzzle 0050

Inside the fourth door (the one on the ground floor) you will find another collection chest. Also, once you open all four doors, you will complete a part of “Solve Hogwarts Secrets” challenge.

clock tower door puzzle 0060

Hopefully, this guide will help you solve the Clock Tower Door Puzzle and complete the challenge. Thank you for reading and see you soon with more guides for Hogwarts Legacy.