Is HL MMO and can you play with other people?

Hogwarts Legacy’s release date is on February 10, 2023. Everyone is waiting for the game, and people are already looking for HL guides, spells overview, and other info. This time, however, WB opted for an intensely personal player experience as the game is single player only, so the answer is:

Unfortunately, not! HL is not an MMO and has only a Single-Player mode.

We are already preparing for the day the game comes out. There isn’t much info available, but we’ve scoured the web to learn what we can. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has recently pushed the release date to February 10, 2023, and here are some of the features coming.

Advantages of Single Player

We all love the re-playability of MMO games, but the individual experience and story suffer from it greatly. Firstly, everything needs perfect balancing, to the point of removing all juice out of the game.

Any method a player develops, any secret power discovered, and it all gets nerfed fast. As opposed to this, a single player in Hogwarts Legacy will allow the player to have a much more savory experience of the story and all the gameplay aspects.

The story is set in the 1800s, around 100 years before Harry Potter was born, so it is a whole different era. The player will be a Hogwarts School freshman and an entire story is there just for you. We will attend the familiar classes though, and similarly, learn about magic, so the spirit of the books is always there.

But the story will include a goblin rebellion and a dark wizard, and who knows what more dark dealings. Hogwarts Legacy feels like an adventure experience that will take us on a ride into a life of a Hogwarts student, witch, or wizard, alongside various other HL characters. And they will be aplenty.

HL Characters

As mentioned, the game will be single player only, so the player will embark on a campaign. But we will have various NPC companions that will help us on our quest and other characters we will meet along the way. Here are some known so far:

  • Nearly Headless Nick
  • The Fat Lady
  • Peeves
  • Cuthbert Binns
  • Natsai Onai
  • Poppy Sweeting
  • Sebastian Sallow
  • Professor Eleazar Fig
  • Deek
  • Ranrok
  • Victor Rookwood

Yes, these familiar characters from the Harry Potter movies and books were present when the story happened, some 100 years before. These are the ghosts of Nearly Headless Nick, Cuthbert Binns, and Peeves. Also, The Fat Lady will be making an appearance.

Nick lived in the 15th century, and during the events in the Hogwarts Legacy story, he’s already been haunting Hogwarts for centuries. Peeves died even before Nick, haunting the school since 993. Of course, Peeves is slightly different than a regular ghost, so we shall see what role he plays.

Cuthbert Binns is also a familiar ghost from HP books and is among the revealed HL characters. He died sometime in the 1800s when the story is set, so it is unknown if we will perhaps learn more about his death. The Fat Lady also died around that time, so possibly we explore these characters and their lives before.

Natsai Onai, Poppy Sweeting, and Sebastian Sallow are all pupils attending graduates like the player, who creates its custom character and enrolls at Hogwarts from year one. They are from Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin, respectively.

There is also Professor Eleazar Fig among HL characters already announced, but everybody is eager to learn of more memorable professors that teach at Hogwarts. Deek is a house elf situated at the school, but we know little about him.

Ranrok is the leader of the Goblin Revolution, upon which the story of HL revolves around. This has caused some controversy as people accused WB of producing anti-Semitic messages showing up in their content often. Ranrok is a goblin and is likely to be the game’s antagonist.

Victor Rookwood is a dark wizard, one of the first ominous characters revealed and likely to be the player’s enemy in the game.

Adventure for One

So, Hogwarts Legacy is not an MMO, and that’s a good thing. The single-player mode will take the player on a vicarious experience through the life of a Hogwarts student in the 1800s. It is an Action RPG, and this is the way to do it, as many great games like The Elder Scrolls and The Witcher have proven.