Which Characters Can You Meet In Hogwarts Legacy?

Warner Bros. has set Hogwarts Legacy release date for February 10, 2023, after the latest update. WB has delayed it yet again, but only a couple of months this time, so we hope this is the last time. The game’s story takes us to the 1800s, some 100 years before the events of Harry Potter books and movies, but there are still some overlapping characters we will meet!

Old characters coming:

  • Nearly Headless Nick
  • The Fat Lady
  • Peeves
  • Cuthbert Binns

New Characters that are confirmed so far:

  • Natsai Onai
  • Poppy Sweeting
  • Sebastian Sallow
  • Professor Eleazar Fig
  • Deek
  • Ranrok
  • Victor Rookwood

Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington – Nearly Headless Nick

Nicholas lived in the 15th century. It is unknown when he was born, but we know that he died in 1492, on October 31, Halloween, by nearly being decapitated. He was a wizard, and finished his studies at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (as a Gryffindor).

Nearly Headless Nick worked as a wizard in the court of King Henry VII, where he met Lady Grieve. After failing to straighten Lady Grieve’s teeth with a spell that mistakenly made her grow tusks, he was sentenced to death by decapitation.

The Fat Lady

We know next to nothing about The Fat Lady. We only know that she wasn’t always a portrait but a person who lived in the 19th century and died around 1890 or earlier. Since the Hogwarts Legacy story happens in the 1800s, it is currently unknown if the game will explore her life before becoming a portrait.


Commonly referred to as the most troublesome poltergeist in British history, Peeves is known to haunt Hogwarts school since c. 993, which means he had some 800-900 years to practice before the events of the Hogwarts Legacy game transpire.

Peeves is an amortal, meaning he was never alive and can never die. He can have a solid body or be invisible, which gives him more abilities than an average ghost. This helped significantly during the Battle of Hogwarts, as Peeves played a significant role in defending the school from Voldemort’s forces.

Cuthbert Binns

Cuthbert Binns, the professor of History of Magic at Hogwarts, is known among students as one of the most boring lecturers in the school. He was a professor even when he was alive, during the 1800s. The exact moment of his death is unknown, so he may appear alive or as a poltergeist in the game.

Prof. Binns drools about various things in history students rarely have the strength to pay attention to, and the books do mention he knows a great deal about the Goblin Rebellions, which is perhaps how the developers got the idea to choose this period in the Wizarding World history.

Natsai Onai

One of the main allies for the player will be this Gryffindor student, Natsai Onai, who will accompany the player often. Natsai is described as just and brave, suitable for a true Gryffindor.

Sebastian Sallow

Sebastian is another character the player is likely to journey alongside often. He is a mischievous troublemaker from House Slytherin who loves sneaking around doing things scorned by the school staff, and there are rumors about a family secret.

Poppy Sweeting

Described as a kind girl, Poopy loves for magical beasts of all kinds and likely knows a lot about them. She might be the player’s source of encyclopedia help and knowledge. Poopy is a Ravenclaw student.


So far, this house elf Deek is only known to introduce the room of requirement to the player and maybe appear on special occasions throughout the game. Probably just things likely connected to school stuff.


Ranrok is a goblin that is described as ominous as he looks. Tougher than a coffin nail, Ranrok is the leader of the Goblin Rebellion, the main point of the Hogwarts Legacy story. Goblins are rebelling against wizard oppression, which is a historical event that JK. Rowling did inscribe into the books.

Professor Eleazar Fig

Eleazar Fig was a professor at Hogwarts who online sources say was born in 1890. However, it is unlikely the game will take his official date of birth from community lore since the game is said to happen in the 1800s, which would make Fig too young.

Fig was the first to investigate signs of a rebellion amongst Goblins, even before it started. But his findings were dismissed by the Ministry of Magic until it was too late. Described as enigmatic and accomplished, Professor Fig may play a big part in the game.

Victor Rookwood

Another new character exclusive for the game, Victor Rookwood is the first Dark Wizard rumored to appear. It is known that Victor is an ally of Ranrok, the leader of the Goblin Rebellion and that he too has his followers.

The exact strength and size of Victor’s faction are unknown, neither is it known if more dark wizards have rallied to his cause.

Warner Bros. may reveal more HL characters as we approach the launch, but these seem to be the main ones that the player will meet on their journey. The campaign looks promising, and we hope there are no more release date delays!