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Andromeda’s Hogwarts Homecoming Adventure



Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough section for Andromeda’s Hogwarts Homecoming Adventure of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery! This adventure is available for witches and wizards who reached Year 3 Chapter 4.

As anticipation builds for the Hogwarts Anniversary Feast, you and Tonks find yourselves drawn into a captivating mystery from her family’s past. With the arrival of Tonks’s mother, Andromeda, at Hogwarts, the intrigue deepens. Together, you embark on a quest to uncover the secrets of the enigmatic Black sisters and retrieve their most cherished treasures.

Will you unravel the mysteries of the past and unlock the hidden heirlooms of the House of Black? Prepare for an adventure filled with magic, mystery, and the bonds of family.

Once you start this adventure, you have 3 days and 23 hours to complete it. Our Walkthrough will aim to help you optimize energy usage and point out all the important choices and their consequences. Each of the parts will be extensively covered in our Walkthrough. You can find the links for each individual part of the Walkthrough below.


This adventure is done in four parts. Use the links below to go through this awesome adventure.

Video guides are available on our YouTube channel. Use the button below.

Good luck and have fun!