Flying Solo Part 2



Hello everyone, welcome to Part 2 of our Walkthrough for Flying Solo Adventure of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. In the previous part, Penny told you that something’s wrong with Talbott Winger and asked if you could find him and see what’s the matter.

Eventually, you located him in the Courtyard, where you talked for a while. However, Merula overheard your conversation and found out that Talbott is an unregistered Animagus. You tried to reason with her and convince her to keep quiet about it, but she didn’t want to promise anything.

This is why Talbott suggested using a Memory Charm to fix things. Hopefully, Professor Flitwick will be willing to teach it to you. Proceed to the Charms Classroom when you are ready.


Part 2 Summary:

  • Task 1: Learn Obliviate
    • Location: Charms Classroom
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 5/5 stars
    • Choice 1: Convince Flitwick to teach you Obliviate
      • We’re considering becoming Obliviators.: +5 Courage
      • We want to get ahead of our studies (17 Knowledge): +10 Knowledge
      • We’ll learn it either way.: +5 Empathy
    • Choice 2: Choose a secret to tell Talbott
      • I fancy you. (18 Empathy): +10 Courage
      • I worry I’m putting Hogwarts in danger: +5 Empathy
      • I suspect someone I trust is R: +5 Knowledge
  • Task 2: Deal With Merula
    • Location: Clocktower Courtyard
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 5/5 stars
    • Choice: Decide if you want to use Obliviate on Merula
      • Use Obliviate on Merula: +5 Courage
      • Don’t use Obliviate on Merula: +5 Empathy
  • Task 3: Check in with Penny
    • Location: The Great Hall
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 5/5 stars
    • Choice: Tell Penny why you are interested in befriending Talbott
      • I can tell he’s a good guy: +5 Knowledge
      • I fancy him (18 Empathy): +10 Empathy
      • I like the challenge: +5 Courage
  • Task 4: Consult with McGonagall
    • Location: Transfiguration Classroom
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 5/5 stars
  • Part 2 Rewards: 5 Gems, 1 Chocolate Frog
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[Disclaimer: This walkthrough will feature the gameplay from the perspective of a Year 3 student. Since the adventure is available for students of Year 3 and above, the star and attribute requirements for certain tasks might be different for you, depending on your current progress of the main story.]

Professor Flitwick will be quite surprised to hear that you want to learn the Memory Charm and he’ll want to know why you are interested in learning it.

You have three options to reply with. Each of those will lead to the same outcome, so you can pick whichever one you prefer. It’s worth noting that the following dialogue will be quite different, depending on your choice.

flying solo part 2 1030

In the end, Professor Flitwick will agree to teach you. Learning Obliviate requires obtaining five stars within three hours. Since all of the stars are needed to pass, avoid starting this task with an empty energy bar.

flying solo part 2 1040

There is a bonus progress action tied to your character, so do it whenever you can to save some energy.

flying solo part 2 1050

Once you are done, Talbott will suggest you try and cast the spell. Professor Flitwick will tell you to give Talbott some new piece of information and then try to erase it with Obliviate.

You can choose between three different options. If you fancy Talbott, it is recommended to pick the first option. Otherwise, you can select whichever option you want.

flying solo part 2 1080

After that, you’ll need to cast the Memory Charm to see if it works. Trace the wand movement on the screen to do so.

flying solo part 2 1090

Thankfully, the spell will work as intended. Talbott won’t remember anything you just told him.

Now is the time to deal with Merula. Proceed to the Clocktower Courtyard when you are ready.

Once you get there, Talbott will tell you his plan. His lines will differ slightly, depending on your current progress of the main story.

flying solo part 2 1120

The two of you will get ready and wait for Merula to arrive. To complete this task, you need to earn five stars within three hours. All five stars are required to pass.

flying solo part 2 1140

There are some interesting dialogue lines while doing this task, so be sure to check them out. It is also worth noting there are actions with bonus progress tied to Talbott and your character.

flying solo part 2 1150

Shortly after you finish the task, Merula will arrive at the Courtyard. She’ll be quite surprised to see Talbott and you.

Talbott will tell you to use the Memory Charm on her. You can choose to do so or not. This is perhaps the most important choice in the adventure. 

If you care about Merula and consider her your friend, it is highly recommended NOT to use Obliviate on her. If you don’t really care much about her, feel free to pick either option. The next scene will play out quite differently, depending on this choice, but don’t worry, the overall outcome of the adventure will still be the same.

flying solo part 2 1180

If you decide to use the Memory Charm on Merula, you’ll be tasked with casting it. Otherwise, Talbott will attempt to do it, so you have to use the Disarming Charm to stop him. In each case, the terrified look on Merula’s face will be quite an unusual sight.

flying solo part 2 1190

The next scene will be completely different, depending on your choice. If you Obliviated Merula, she won’t remember anything and she’ll leave the Courtyard. Talbott will be quite happy with this outcome.

If, however, you decided not to use the Memory Charm, you’ll reason with Talbott, and Merula will admit she never intended to reveal his secret to anyone.

flying solo part 2 1200
flying solo part 2 1210

Eventually, Talbott will thank you, and soon after that, you’ll part ways. Sadly, he still won’t be ready to tell you what’s bothering him.

Next, you should head to the Great Hall to meet Penny. Once you arrive, you will notice the speech bubbles above some of the characters. Tap on those if you are curious to see what they have to say.

You’ll tell Penny that sadly, you were unable to find out what’s wrong with Talbott. She’ll say that he is probably afraid of getting hurt. You’ll be surprised that she knows so much about Talbott. Penny will offer to tell you more about him.

flying solo part 2 1290

To complete this task, you need to earn five stars within three hours. All five stars are needed to pass.

flying solo part 2 1300

There is a bonus progress action tied to Penny, so focus on that one if you are looking to save some energy.

flying solo part 2 1310

When you are done, she’ll ask why you are so interested in befriending Talbott. You have three options to reply with. Each will lead to the same outcome, but if you fancy him, you might want to select the second option.

flying solo part 2 1320

Penny will suggest you talk to Professor McGonagall. Apparently, Talbott often talks to her, so she might be able to help.

Proceed to the Transfiguration classroom when you are ready to continue. When you arrive, you’ll tell Professor McGonagall that Talbott has been behaving strangely lately.

flying solo part 2 1350

She’ll tell you some interesting information. Among other things, she’ll mention that Talbott is aiming to become an Auror.

She’ll agree to tell you more, but you’ll have to help her prepare the classroom for the upcoming class. This requires earning five stars within three hours. All of the stars are needed to pass, so it is kind of recommended to have full energy before starting.

flying solo part 2 1370

There are bonus progress actions tied to Professor McGonagall and one of the cats. Prioritize those actions to save energy.

flying solo part 2 1380

Once you are done, you’ll find out that Talbott lost a necklace just before he stopped attending classes.

flying solo part 2 1400

You’ll decide to help Talbott find the necklace. Hopefully, he will open up after that. Professor McGonagall will tell you to remind Talbott that he should return to class soon.

You will thank the Professor before leaving the classroom.

And that will conclude Part 2 of Flying Solo Adventure. Hit the Collect button to claim your rewards. You will receive 5 Gems and 1 Chocolate Frog.

flying solo part 2 1430

Is that necklace really a reason Talbott was so upset? Perhaps there’s more to it. Will he talk to you about it? Find out in the next part of this amazing adventure!

Thank you for reading.