Holidays At Hogwarts Part 4



Hello everyone, welcome to Part 4 of our Walkthrough for Holidays at Hogwarts Adventure of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. During the previous part, you and Merula went back to the Sphinx clubhouse after getting some gifts from the caretaker’s office.

You played the game of White Hippogriff with Ben, Merula, and Penny. Ben was the first one to open his gift and he found the Exploding Snap inside. He was pretty happy about it. Unfortunately for him, Merula decided to steal his gift during her turn, which resulted in Ben getting upset.

Penny tried convincing Merula to give back Exploding Snap to Ben, but the Most Powerful Witch at Hogwarts didn’t want to do it since she was playing by the rules of the game. Penny called her a bully, which angered Merula, and she ruined the party decorations with the Fire-Making Spell. Penny was very upset by that, so you decided to talk to both Ben and Merula and fix things.

After talking to Ben, you learned that he used to play Exploding Snap a lot, and it helped him overcome his fears. You also talked to Merula and persuaded her to help you save the Winter Wonderland party. She agreed to help, and she even returned the Exploding Snap to Ben.

The three of you went back to the clubhouse, where you convinced Penny that the party can still be saved. Once you start this part, you will be met with a waiting period of four hours. Since you will likely be low on energy at this point, it is recommended to wait and let your energy recharge in the meantime.


Part 4 Summary:

  • Task 1: Meet in the Ballroom
    • Waiting Time: 4 hours
    • Location: Ballroom
    • Requirements: 8 hours – 5/5 stars
  • Task 2: Meet the Teachers
    • Location: West Towers Corridor
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 5/5 stars
  • Task 3: Reveal the Winter Wonderland
    • Location: Ballroom
    • Requirements: 8 hours – 5/5 stars
  • Part 4 Rewards: 4 Gems, 1000 Experience points, 3 Chocolate Frogs, Animated Christmas Sweater
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[Disclaimer: This walkthrough will feature the gameplay from the perspective of a Year 7 student. Since the adventure is available for students of Year 2 and above, the star and attribute requirements for certain tasks might be different for you, depending on your current progress of the main story.]

Head to the ballroom once the waiting time is over. Penny will thank you for convincing everyone to help save the Winter Wonderland party.

Together, the four of you should be able to fix things. The party may not end up being perfect, but it will still be special.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 017

You and your friends will need to work hard to prepare everything in time. You will go over the plan one more time.

With the help of Reparo spell, you should be able to fix the branches of the trees. By using Glacius, you can freeze the water to create a frozen lake. Lastly, the Engorgement Charm can be used to enlarge all of the treats.

Hopefully, the teachers will enjoy the surprise party. Shortly after, you and your friends will get to work.

Fixing the Winter Wonderland requires earning five stars within eight hours. All five stars are needed to pass.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 031

There are bonus progress actions tied to Merula, Ben, and your character. Focus on those if you want to save some energy.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 039

You will prepare to cast Reparo to fix the tree branches. Trace the wand movement on the screen to cast the Mending Charm.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 072

Luckily, the spell will work as intended. At the same time, Merula will use the Engorgement Charm on the food.

Penny will be pleased with the way everything turned out.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 080

Thanks to everyone’s effort, the Winter Wonderland party is ready to start. All that’s left is to find the teachers and tell them about the party.

Penny will look incredibly excited. She will look forward to seeing the teachers’ reactions.

You’ll remember that you still need to find a gift for Professor Dumbledore.

Since you haven’t finished the game of White Hippogriff, you will consider giving him the Self-Supporting Socks you found in the caretaker’s office.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 091

Merula won’t think it is a good present for the Headmaster. Penny will suggest looking for a different gift for Professor Dumbledore.

Suddenly, you will hear a familiar voice. You will turn around and see Mr. Filch standing nearby.

He’ll grin and say that the teachers are right outside of the ballroom. He will ask you to come along and accept your punishment.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 101

Needless to say, your friends won’t be too happy with this turn of events. Penny will apologize to everyone and say that she didn’t want anyone to get into trouble. She will suggest exiting the ballroom and meeting the teachers.

Perhaps you can tell them your side of the story… After all, the caretaker undoubtedly told them you’re doing something mischievous. If you could get the teachers to see all you’ve done for them, maybe you can avoid getting punished…

holidays at hogwarts part 4 110

Proceed to meet the teachers when you are ready. You will notice the speech bubbles above some of the characters. Tap on those if you want to see what they have to say.

Filch will say that he caught you and your friends hiding in the ballroom. Professor Dumbledore will be surprised to hear that, especially since you helped him hang the stockings in the Great Hall.

You will ask him to give you a chance to explain everything.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 125

Thankfully, Professor Dumbledore will be willing to hear you out.

Explaining everything requires earning five stars within three hours. Since all five stars are needed to pass, avoid starting this task if you are low on energy.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 131

There is a bonus progress action linked to your character. Prioritize it if you want to save a bit of energy.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 139

After hearing you out, Professor Dumbledore will decide to wait with his judgment. Penny will thank him for his patience and understanding.

Mr. Filch will try to convince the Headmaster to punish you and your friends. However, Professor Dumbledore will decide to see the results of your work before making any final decisions.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 160

You will tell him that things didn’t really end up exactly as you have planned. Still, you will be eager to show him the results of everyone’s hard work.

Proceed to the ballroom once you are ready to continue. Upon taking a good look around, the teachers will be pretty surprised.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 174

You will wish them happy holidays. You’ll also say that you wanted to do something special for them.

You will then explain some parts of your plan.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 183

You’ll say that the glittering ice is for Professor Dumbledore.

You will explain that you planned to have some sculptures, but sadly, the ice melted, so you decided to do something different.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 187

Ben will point at the trees and say that you used the Mending Charm to restore them.

Merula will say that she used the Engorgement Charm to enlarge the cakes and treats for Professor Flitwick.

Ben will mention the candles Penny lit to make the ice glitter. He’ll say that the whole party was her idea. She’ll also say a few words.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 193

While everything didn’t turn out exactly as you expected, all of you worked together to prepare something special for the teachers. Professor Flitwick will be lost for words.

You’ll then tell them about the gifts you prepared. The Professors will be surprised to hear that. Apparently, they didn’t expect any gifts.

You will then start handing out gifts. This requires earning five stars within eight hours. All five stars are needed to pass.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 206

Be sure to slide the screen left and right to see all the available actions. There is a 5-cost action tied to Penny. Focus on her actions if you want to save a bit of energy.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 211

Professor Flitwick will be impressed with the bottle of Gillywater he got as a gift. He’ll admit that it was one of the finest he tasted in years.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 244

As for Madam Hooch, she will love her gift, too.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 246

You and Penny will explain that you were sneaking around the castle in order to find suitable gifts for the teachers.

Professor Dumbledore will be impressed with everything you and your friends did.

He will explain that things sometimes don’t go according to plan. However, when it comes to holidays, it is important to enjoy them with those close to your heart.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 253

You will thank the Headmaster for his kind words. Penny will apologize for not finding a suitable gift for him.

You’ll tell Professor Dumbledore that you do, in fact, have something. You will go on and say that it might not be the perfect gift, but it is something you have to give.

You’ll then give him a pair of Merlin’s Self-Supporting Socks you found in the caretaker’s office.

The Headmaster will thank you for the gift.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 264

The choice you made after talking to him in the Great Hall will take effect here.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 267

Professor Dumbledore will thank you and your friends for the party. He’ll be very glad knowing that all of you used your school lessons to make it happen.

Merula will ask if that means none of you will get punished. Professor Dumbledore will say that the four of you broke several school rules.

However, after taking everything into account, he’ll decide not to issue any punishments.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 276

You will be happy to hear that. Penny and Merula will wish they could’ve done something more to make the party truly remarkable.

Perhaps there is something that can be done about that… The Headmaster will ask the other teachers to assist him.

They will take out their wands and start working their magic.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 287

Some remarkable ice statues will appear in the ballroom. The whole place will look much more festive.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 296

To top things off, Professor Dumbledore will do another incredible feat of magic.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 304

Your friends will be amazed by seeing that. You will thank the teachers for making the party perfect. Madam Hooch will say that they should be thanking you.

As a thank you for your efforts, the Headmaster placed a special sweater in your dorm room.

He will wish everyone happy holidays.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 314

This will mark the end of Part 4 of Holidays at Hogwarts adventure. Hit the Collect button to claim your rewards. You will receive 1000 Experience points, 4 Gems, and 3 Chocolate Frogs.

You will earn the achievement for completing the adventure.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 320

You’ll also receive a special, fully-animated sweater in your wardrobe.

holidays at hogwarts part 4 324

What a lovely adventure. You and your friends showed how much you appreciate the hard work of the teachers by throwing a special party for them, in a true holiday spirit.

Thank you for reading and see you soon with more amazing adventures. Happy holidays!