The Weird Sisters Part 2



Hello everyone, welcome to Part 2 of our Walkthrough for The Weird Sisters Adventure of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. In the previous part, you met the members of the Weird Sisters band and found out that they want your help with organizing the greatest concert that Hogwarts has ever seen.

And not just that, they also want you to join them on stage. You went with them and talked to various people in order to understand everything about the band. Now that you’re done with that, you can proceed to the Artefact Room to meet Myron.


Part 2 Summary:

  • Task 1: Meet Myron
    • Location: Artefact Room
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 1/5 stars
  • Task 2: Meet Myron
    • Location: Artefact Room
    • Requirements: 3 hours – 5/5 stars
    • Choice 1: Decide if you want to help Myron destroy the Artefact Room
      • Absolutely not!
      • This is brilliant!
      • Why not Potions instead?
    • Choice 2: Explain yourself to Professor Flitwick
      • Peeves did it: +5 Courage
      • It was Myron’s idea (11 Knowledge): +5 Knowledge
      • We were just practising: +5 Empathy, -10 House Points
  • Task 3: Meet the Weird Sisters
    • Location: Potions Classroom
    • Requirements:
      • Year 2-4: 1 hour – 1/5 stars
      • Year 5+: 1 hour – 5/5 stars
    • Choice 1: Decide if you want Myron to cast the Cheering Charm on you
      • Yes! (11 Empathy): +10 Empathy
      • No: +5 Knowledge
    • Choice 2: Tell Myron who you fancy
      • Bill Weasley (Bill level 4): +10 Courage
      • Penny Haywood (Penny level 4): +10 Empathy
      • I can’t say: +5 Knowledge
  • Part 2 Rewards: 3 Gems, 1 Chocolate Frog


[Disclaimer: This walkthrough will feature the gameplay from the perspective of a Year 3 student. Since the adventure is available for students of Year 2 and above, the star and attribute requirements for certain tasks might be different for you, depending on your current progress of the main story.]

The reason why he wanted to meet with you is fairly simple. He wants you to help him find some suitable decorations for the concert.

the weird sisters part 2 1050

To complete this task, you need to earn five stars within three hours. Only one star is needed to pass, which should easily be achievable within the time limit.

the weird sisters part 2 1060

There is a bonus progress action tied to the nearby cabinet. Prioritize it if you want to save some energy.

the weird sisters part 2 1070

When you’re done searching, you’ll find out that Myron stumbled upon something very interesting – another Black Quill.

Thankfully, he’ll promise to give it to you right after the performance, so that alone should be the reason enough for you to help the band. He’s apparently planning to write a song using the quill.

the weird sisters part 2 1100

For the next task, you should head back to the Artefact room.

Upon arriving, Myron will tell you that he wants you to destroy the Artefact Room. You have three options to reply with. Even if you refuse this, he’ll tell you that you can use Reparo afterward to repair all the damage, so eventually, you’ll agree to his proposition.

the weird sisters part 2 1130

Destroying the Artefact Room is a three-hour task that requires you to obtain five stars to pass. Because of this, you should avoid starting the task with an empty energy bar.

the weird sisters part 2 1140

This is fairly similar to the other story tasks, but there is a slight change. First, do the actions, as usual, focusing on the ones with bonus progress.

the weird sisters part 2 1150

Second, every time you fill one-third of the entire star meter, you’ll be tasked with casting the Exploding Charm.

the weird sisters part 2 1160

Repeat this three times and you’ll be done without much trouble. Once you are done, Peeves will show up, attracted by all the destruction you’ve caused.

Apparently, this was Myron’s plan all along. He wanted to get Peeves to appear in order to ask him a favor.

the weird sisters part 2 1190

Peeves won’t like the idea of having to deal with Filch, so he’ll initially decline the proposition.

However, dealing with the teachers, on the other hand, is something else entirely, so he’ll be fine with that as long as you can avoid detention for causing the mess.

the weird sisters part 2 1200

Shortly after, Professor Flitwick will enter the Artefact Room and he’ll be shocked to see the chaos and mayhem you and Myron have caused. He’ll ask you to explain yourself.

You have three response options. All of those will eventually lead to the same outcome, but if you select the third choice, you’ll lose ten House Points, so keep that in mind.

the weird sisters part 2 1210

In any case, Flitwick will ask you to use the Reparo Spell and mend all the damage. Trace the wand movement on the screen to cast the Mending Charm.

the weird sisters part 2 1220

Your next task involves meeting the Weird Sisters in the Potions classroom. Hit the GO button and proceed there once you’re ready.

When you arrive, Myron will thank you for helping him back in the Artefact Room. Thanks to all that chaos, you’ll have Peeves to distract the teachers when the performance starts.

the weird sisters part 2 1250

You will then learn that before each performance, The Weird Sisters have some sort of bonding ritual.

This may sound pretty strange, so they will decide to explain it in detail to you. You need to earn five stars within one hour to complete this task. One star is required to pass for Year 2-4 students. All five stars are needed to pass for Year 5+ students.

the weird sisters part 2 1270

Whenever you get the chance, do the bonus progress actions in order to optimize energy usage. There is one such action linked to Myron.

the weird sisters part 2 1280

When you are done, you’ll understand that the three of them cast the Cheering Charm on each other before every show to improve their mood.

Myron will offer to cast it on you, so you can choose to accept this or not. If you want to partake in their tradition, it is recommended to pick the first option.

the weird sisters part 2 1300

Afterward, he will cast the Cheering Charm on all of the band members, and if you agreed, he’ll also cast it on you.

If you agreed to let Myron cast the Cheering Charm on you, you’ll admit that you might fancy one of your friends. Either way, Myron will ask you to tell him who you fancy. You have three options to choose from.

You’ll be able to select Bill, Penny, or tell him that you can’t say who it is. If your character really fancies either Penny or Bill, you should pick that option. Otherwise, you should select the third choice.

the weird sisters part 2 1320

Selecting the third option will lead to some hilarious lines of dialogue, so be sure to check them out if you decide to pick that option.

the weird sisters part 2 1330

Shortly after, Part 2 of the Weird Sisters adventure will come to an end. Hit the Collect button to claim your rewards. You will receive 3 Gems and 1 Chocolate Frog.

Wow, that was intense! Blasting the stuff in the Artefact Room sure felt great. And luckily, Peeves agreed to take care of the Professors for you. But what of Filch? How will you deal with him? Find out in the next part of this exciting adventure.

Thank you for reading.