Chapter 1 – Your journey begins



Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Chapter One of Year One of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. In this chapter, you will create your protagonist and make the first steps in your long adventure filled with mystery, excitement, and magic. So, let’s get right to it.


Chapter Summary:

  • Task 1: Character Creation
    • Location: None
    • Requirements: None
  • Task 2: Collect Books
    • Location: Flourish and Blotts
    • Requirements: None
  • Task 3: Talk to Rowan
    • Location: Diagon Alley
    • Requirements: None
    • Choice: Give Rowan a fashion advice
      • A smart scarf
      • A serious sweater
      • A cool hat
  • Task 4: Get Your Wand
    • Location: Ollivanders
    • Requirements: None
    • Choice: Tell Ollivander how you felt about your brother getting expelled
      • I felt bad for him – you’ll get Acacia wand
      • I was angry – you’ll get Blackthorn wand
      • I was determined – you’ll get Hornbeam wand
  • Task 5: Return to Rowan
    • Location: Diagon Alley
    • Requirements: None
    • Choice: Tell Rowan what to do if someone gives you trouble over your brother
      • Keep quiet
      • Follow my lead
  • Chapter Rewards: 50 Coins and 50 Experience Points
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Video guide for this chapter is available at our YouTube channel. Use the button below.

Once you start the game, you will get to choose between a witch and a wizard.

year 1 chapter 1 2010

Once you do that, you’ll get a wide variety of customization options you can choose from, so feel free to explore the options and customize the avatar to your liking.

You can customize your hairstyle, the color of your hair, size of your chin and jaw. You can also customize in more detail your nose, eyes, eyebrows, and month.

year 1 chapter 1 2020

When you are done, hit the Complete Avatar button to begin your adventure.

Moments later, you will find yourself in Diagon Alley, near Ollivanders wand store. You’ll meet your first Hogwarts friend here – Rowan Khanna. Interact with Rowan and after a short introduction, you’ll be directed to Flourish and Blotts.

year 1 chapter 1 2030

Once you get there, you’ll receive your first task – gathering required books for the first year. Tap on the glowing objects and you will complete this task in no time.

year 1 chapter 1 2040

Next, go back to Rowan. This is when you’ll get to pick a name for your character. Feel free to give your character any name you like.

year 1 chapter 1 2050

Both you and Rowan will be excited about being accepted to Hogwarts. Rowan will ask to see your acceptance letter. You will show the letter you received, signed by Minerva McGonagall.

After that, Rowan will ask you for fashion advice. There are three options to choose from. This choice will be referenced multiple times throughout the story, but it won’t have any major impact on it, so feel free to go with the option you prefer.

year 1 chapter 1 2060

Afterward, visit Ollivanders to get your first wand.

You’ll meet Garrick Ollivander and introduce yourself. He’ll tell you he knew your brother Jacob, who was expelled from Hogwarts for breaking several school rules and has been missing ever since.

He will then ask how you felt about the whole situation. You have three ways to answer. This answer will determine the wand you’ll receive. 

If you pick the first option, you’ll get the Acacia wand. The second option will grant you the Blackthorn wand. If you choose the third option, you’ll receive the Hornbeam wand. 

year 1 chapter 1 2080

After that, Mr. Ollivander will give you a suitable wand and ask you to give it a twirl. Trace the path on the screen to complete this action.

year 1 chapter 1 2090

When you are done with that, go back to Rowan. You will find your friend wearing the accessory you suggested earlier. Rowan will recognize the type of wood of your wand just by looking at it. It is because the Khanna family has a tree farm that supplies wood for wands and brooms, but instead of farming, Rowan liked to stay inside and read. You’ll learn that Rowan’s other reason for staying inside at home is the lack of friends.

When you suggest that you can be friends, Rowan will be insecure because of being weird. You will say that people mostly think of you as being weird because of your brother. Rowan will recognize his name because the Daily Prophet wrote about him. Jacob was expelled from Hogwarts for breaking school rules while he was searching for the Cursed Vaults.

After that, Rowan will ask what to do if someone gives you trouble over your brother. You have two options to choose from.

This choice will impact some of the dialogue lines in the next chapter, but it won’t significantly change the story, so feel free to go with the option you prefer.

year 1 chapter 1 2100

This will conclude Chapter 1 of Year 1. Hit the Collect button to claim your rewards. You will earn 50 coins and 50 experience points.

Now you have everything you need to start your Hogwarts studies. Still, there is a long road ahead of you. What house will you be sorted in? And how will your first classes go? Find out in the next chapter of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery!

Thank you for reading.