Chapter 2 – Welcome to Hogwarts



Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Chapter Two of Year One of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. In the previous Chapter, you created your protagonist and got some essential items for your first year in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You also befriended a cheerful individual named Rowan Khanna, who is also accepted into Hogwarts as a first-year student.

When this chapter begins, you’ll find yourself in the Hogwarts Express, heading to school.


Chapter Summary:

  • Task 1: Gather in the Great Hall
    • Location: The Great Hall
    • Requirements: None
    • Choice: Get sorted into one of four Hogwarts houses
      • Gryffindor
      • Ravenclaw
      • Hufflepuff
      • Slytherin
  • Task 2: Visit your Common Room
    • Location: Your house’s Common Room
    • Requirements: None
    • Choice: Tell Rowan what you are most looking forward to
      • Charms Class
      • Potions Class
      • Finding my brother
  • Lesson 1: Lumos
    • Location: Charms Classroom
    • Requirements: 1 hour – 2/2 stars
    • Choice: Tell Flitwick if you are going to follow the rules
      • I’ll follow the rules
      • I’m a rebel too
      • I haven’t decided
  • Lesson 2: Cure for Boils
    • Location: Potions Classroom
    • Requirements: 1 hour – 2/2 stars
    • Choice 1: Decide how to help Rowan
      • Stand up to her: +5 Courage
      • Distract her: +5 Knowledge
    • Choice 2: Deal with Merula
      • Taunt her: +5 Knowledge
      • Threaten her: +5 Courage
      • Reason with her: +5 Empathy
    • Choice 3: Explain yourself to Snape
      • Merula sabotaged me (1 Knowledge): +10 Knowledge -10 House Points
      • I’m sorry: +5 Empathy – 10 House Points
      • It’s your fault (2 Courage) – It is impossible to pick this choice due to attribute requirement
  • Chapter Rewards: 50 Coins and 170 Experience Points
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Video guide for this chapter is available at our YouTube channel. Use the button below.

Your first task is to attend the Sorting Ceremony in the Great Hall. Once you get there, Professor McGonagall will give a speech and tell you a bit about the four Houses of Hogwarts. You’ll then get called out to be sorted.

Tap on whichever House you would want to end up in. However, be warned that this is a permanent choice, and it will impact several aspects of the game and some of the side quests as well.

year 1 chapter 2 2030

Whichever one you choose, you’ll notice that Rowan is also sorted into the same House. This is a nice thing since you’ll need a friend to help you with your future adventures.

After the sorting ceremony is over, Professor Dumbledore will hold a speech to welcome all students to another year at Hogwarts. He’ll also mention that Harry Potter is safe and will explain how the House Points work.

Your next task is to visit your Common Room. Tapping on the GO button will instantly send you right outside of it. This will also work for most of the quests/tasks, so it can be of great use when traveling around Hogwarts.

year 1 chapter 2 2070

Once you are there, you’ll see Rowan and several other students, relaxing in the friendly environment.

After a short conversation, a third-year student will approach and confront you about your brother Jacob.

year 1 chapter 2 2080

Luckily, Rowan will immediately come to your defense, and the third-year student will walk away. This is when the choice you made near the end of the previous chapter will take effect.

year 1 chapter 2 2090

You’ll be quite sure this won’t be the only time someone will bring up your brother. You’ll ask your friend about the timetable and Rowan will mention that you will have Herbology with Professor Sprout and Transfiguration with Professor McGonagall.

Shortly after, Rowan will ask what you are most looking forward to. You have three options to respond with. This choice won’t significantly impact the story, so feel free to pick the option you prefer.

year 1 chapter 2 2100

After that, it’s time to attend your first class of the year. Tap on the GO button and proceed to the Charms Classroom. You’ll be greeted by Professor Flitwick – Charms Professor and Head of Ravenclaw House.

You’ll find out that he knew your brother well and that Jacob was one of the most gifted students he had, but also one of the most troublesome ones.

He’ll want to know if you plan on following the rules, so you have three options to respond with.

year 1 chapter 2 2110

Shortly after, the class will start. To complete it, you need to earn two stars within an hour. Both stars are required to pass.

year 1 chapter 2 2120

Professor Flitwick will explain several important things about the lesson – the Wand-Lighting Charm, also known as Lumos. Now you’ll get to know how the lessons system works. Each one you attend will have a duration during which you need to complete it.

You will need to earn a certain number of stars to pass and in order to do so, you need to complete the actions to fill up the Star Meter. You can do it by tapping on the glowing objects and spending energy in the process.

year 1 chapter 2 2130

For this particular lesson, you need to earn two stars within one hour. Just complete the actions by tapping on glowing objects and you will be done in no time. During the lesson, Professor Flitwick will ask you a question about the Wand-Lighting Charm.

year 1 chapter 2 2140

When you earn two stars, you’ll be tasked with casting the spell. You can do so by tracing the wand movement on the screen.

year 1 chapter 2 2150

With this, you’ll pass the lesson. Professor Flitwick will praise your performance and award you with ten House Points!

You’ll also receive a reward for completing the lesson. You can claim 5 Gems it in the Charms section of your Hogwarts Record.

Next is the Potions lesson. After collecting your reward, tap on the GO button again to proceed to the Potions classroom. Once you get there, you’ll see Rowan having an argument with another first-year student in front of the classroom.

The one in question is Merula Snyde, a first year Slytherin student with a very grumpy attitude. Merula will tell Rowan to admit she is the most powerful witch, but Rowan will say that’s impossible. Rowan will start listing all the witches that are more powerful than her, based on multiple factors. Merula will not be satisfied with your friend’s answer.

After that, you can choose how to react – you can either Stand up to her or Distract her.

year 1 chapter 2 2180

Depending on your choice, you will gain some attribute points. There are three Attributes in the game: Courage, Empathy, and Knowledge. Raising any of those can open up some additional dialogue options later in the game.

year 1 chapter 2 2190

After some discussion about your brother, you’ll have another set of options to respond with. Each of the options will award you with some attribute points, so pick the one you find the most suitable for your protagonist.

year 1 chapter 2 2200

After a short while, Professor Snape will show up and he’ll send everyone to the classroom. Proceed to the class and tap on the exclamation mark to start the lesson.

Completing this one will require you to earn two stars within one hour. Both stars are needed to pass. After a brief introduction, the lesson will begin.

year 1 chapter 2 2210

Same as before during Charms class, complete actions by tapping on various glowing objects to fill up the Star Meter. After earning each star, you’ll be given a mini-task. If you successfully complete it, you’ll be rewarded with some attribute points.

year 1 chapter 2 2220

Once you earn the second star, you’ll be tasked with waving your wand over the cauldron to finish your potion. Trace the path on the screen to do so.

year 1 chapter 2 2230

When you are done, hit the Collect button to claim your rewards.

year 1 chapter 2 2240

It all seemed fine at the start, but you’ll realize that something is wrong and suddenly, your cauldron will explode. This will anger Professor Snape and he’ll take ten points from your House. He’ll ask if you have anything to say to your defense and you’ll be given three different options.

You’ll notice that one of these options requires level two in the Courage attribute. Each of the options will reward you with some attribute points, so go with the one you find the most suitable for the situation.

year 1 chapter 2 2250

After a bit more talking, you’ll find out it was Merula who sabotaged your cauldron, so you should be mindful of her in the future.

This will mark the end of Chapter 2 of Year 1. Hit the Collect button to claim your rewards. You will receive 50 Coins and 170 Experience Points.

Your Hogwarts journey has finally begun! While there are many things you should look forward to, you’ll definitely need to keep an eye on Merula. Will she try to trick you again? And what will you do about the House Points you lost? Find out in the next chapter of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery!

Thank you for reading and see you soon in the Wizarding World!